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Company Name: Anping Konhta Razor Wire Factary.
Contact Person: Linda
City: Anping
Country: China China
Local Time:
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Introduction: Konhta razor wire factory is a leading factory working in the field of manufacture and installation of razor wire fence. We produce various kinds of razor wire, include razor wire concertina, razor wire flat wrap coils, welded razor wire, spiral razor wire, electrified concertina wire, and mobile razor wire safety barriers. Razor wire fence can be used to create effective barriers around the various objects of civil, military and special purpose. Our razor wire has high performance characteristics and high reliability. Our razor products meet the requirements of regulations and standards for quality.

Our factory has strong technical capabilities, combined with modern technology and highly skilled personnel. Among the largest factory manufactures high-quality razor wire fencing, we are a leading supplier and therefore can offer a quality razor wire at a lower price. Our customers include military organization, electricity, water, mining industry, gas stations, and so easily lead to prison property and safety of the units and organizations. You will not be disappointed by becoming our client.

Guaranteed quality of raw materials is for razor concertina production. A qualified team of managers will be able to advise you on selection and installation of fences, as soon as possible to prepare all documents for payment and shipping products. Now contact Konhta razor wire factory for a free quote on razor wire and concertina products or order razor wire concertina. You can Email us:
Business Type: Manufacturer
Areas of Interest: 1. Building & Construction/Construction

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[Sell] Twisted Razor Wire Profile, Specification and Uses, barbed tape, Materials View details for: Twisted Razor Wire Profile, Specification and Uses, barbed tape, Materials
Reinforced twisted barbed tape - this is a special profile, galvanized strip thickness of 0.55 mm, which has a double-edged profile, symmetrical spikes with cutting edges, which twists around galvanized wire diameter of 2.5 mm. Step teeth 36 mm. Steel wire which is reinforced with barbed tape is designed to ensure adequate strength of razor barbed wire and give it a spring properties.
Materials used for the manufacture of reinforced barbed tape:
Galvanized steel tape 0.5 - 0.55 mm;
Galvanized wire diameter of 2.5 mm.
Reinforced twisted barbed tape is used for the manufacture of razor wire concertina, flat safety barrier, mobile barrier fence, in the form of thread, as an alternative to the usual razor wire.
Building & Construction/Construction
[Sell] Spiral Razor Wire Security Barrier, Spiral Bruno, Diameter, Clamps, Staples View details for: Spiral Razor Wire Security Barrier, Spiral Bruno, Diameter, Clamps, Staples
Spiral razor wiresecurity barrier, also known as spiral Bruno, is a spiral razor barbed fence, where barbed wire concertina suite spiral coils which are interconnected at several points in a certain pattern. Spiral security barrier razor is much more efficient single-reinforced barbed tape concertina and barriers of conventional barbed wire, to overcome or destroy it is very difficult.
We produce a wide range of spiral razor obstacles barbed tape. In the fence barbed wire can be used in different types. In addition, spiral razor wire fence have different diameter coil, and differ in the number of clamps, fastening the coils.
In general, the larger the razor concertina cross section, the larger the diameter of the spiral coil, the greater the staples used to bond the turns of the spiral Bruno and the less the length of stretch of the bay, the more efficient running spiral razor security barrier .
Turns of the spiral binder fence staples used two types - galvanized wire and staples from galvanized sheet steel.
Building & Construction/Construction
[Sell] Mobile Razor Wire Security Barrier, Catalog and Profile, Advantage and Uses View details for: Mobile Razor Wire Security Barrier, Catalog and Profile, Advantage and Uses
Mobile razor wire security barrier is designed for rapid deployment of effective barriers during the police and other special operations. It is a serious obstacle to the entry of people and vehicles. Mobile razor wire security barrier is packed in a container. The container is made of wire with a diameter of 6 mm in the form of 2 baskets with 4 knobs and 3 locks to connect the circuit and baskets for transporting. It is a spiral security barrier concertina enclosed in a specially designed lightweight cassette that provides the ability to quickly deploy, collapse of the barrier, and its safe transportation. Mobile razor wire security barrier is designed for portability, expanding and collapsing the calculation of two people. Ease of assembly is ensured by special hooks. The ends of the coil fixed to the basket brackets. On handles attached rope with hooks to secure the baskets for the materials at hand when you install the mobile barrier.
Mobile razor wire security barrier main performance characteristics:
Dimensions folded: 700 × 1112 × 1232 mm
The length of the unfolded state: 10-80 m
Height: 1 m
Weight: 50-200 kg
Diameter of the helix: 900-1000 mm
Deployment time: 1-3 minutes
Clotting time: 5-10 minutes
Mobile razor wire concertina is produced in two versions: 900/10 and 900/20. Distinguished by its length in the unfolded state, which is 10 and 20 meters respectively. The unfolded length of both models is 900 meters.
Building & Construction/Construction
[Sell] Beautiful and Practical-Straight Razor Wire View details for: Beautiful and Practical-Straight Razor Wire
Our factory can serve different types razor wire according to the customers request. This type include concertina razor wire, spiral razor wire and the others. The straight type razor wire can be installed quickly. It can not only save expenditure but also reach the result of frightening and stopping.
Straight Razor Wire Standard Materials: Galvanized wire, stainless steel wire.
The blade of Specifications of Straight Razor Wire:
Barbed Tape Concertina (BTC); Barbed Tape Obstacle (BTO)
Reference Number Thickness Wire
diameter Barb
Length Barb
Width Barb
BTO-12 0.5±0.05 2.5±0.1 12 ± 1
13 ± 1 26 ± 1
BTO-18 0.5±0.05 2.5±0.1 18 ± 1 15 ± 1 33 ± 1
BTO-22 0.5±0.05 2.5±0.1 22 ± 1 15 ± 1 34 ± 1
CBT-65 0.5±0.05 2.5±0.1 65 ± 1 21 ± 1 100 ± 1
Standard products are shown in the tables above, special specifications available on request.
The Razor Wire Applications:
Straight razor wire can be used for fencing and protection of grassland and other sites,as fencing and protecting materials in national defense, railway, expressway, agriculture and animal feeding.
Packing term:
We can provide: Within in the brown paper, and woven bags, or carton package.
According to the customers' requirements.
Building & Construction/Construction
[Sell] Concertina Razor Wire, Materials, Diameters, shapes,Single Coil, Crossed View details for: Concertina Razor Wire, Materials, Diameters, shapes,Single Coil, Crossed
Concertina razor wire security barrier is by far one of the most perfect physical obstacles. Security barrier made of galvanized steel strip thickness of 0.55 mm, having a double-edged, symmetrically spaced, directed spines, and reinforced with high carbon galvanized wire diameter of 2.65 mm. This galvanized wire tape compresses the core, and adjacent turns of the cramp in five equidistant points on a circle. Total installed 3 or 5 rows of staples, so that it becomes formidable concertina, springy, spatial design. The use of galvanized materials can significantly extend the useful life of razor wire.
The materials used in the manufacture of concertina razor:
Quality spiral concertina fences, concertina barbed tape reinforced to a greater extent depends on the materials used in production.
For razor wire production we use the following materials:
1. Galvanized high carbon wire diameter of 2.65, 2.8, 3.0 mm.
2. Barbed Tape, manufactured by stamping galvanized steel coils with thickness of 0.55 mm.
3. Brackets for fastening adjacent pairs of spiral turns are made from galvanized sheet steel to 1.5 mm thickness or wire 2.65 mm in diameter.
Building & Construction/Construction
[Sell] Welded Razor Mesh Introduction, Specification and Uses, Materials, Welded Frame View details for: Welded Razor Mesh Introduction, Specification and Uses, Materials, Welded Frame
Welded razor barbed wire is flat, so it looks aesthetically and can be used in places where has more people. Welded razor wire mesh is a grid that has cells in the form of lozenges, made of razor barbed reinforced tape. Most welded razor barbed wire is a canvas, rolled up in rolls.
Welded razor mesh, available in a canvas 2000 mm high and has a diamond-shaped cells with a face of 242 mm, height of the diamond about 450 mm, width of the diamond 190 mm. At the vertices are connected by straps diamonds, similar bracket, used in the manufacture of concertina razor wire and flat barrier razor concertina. Its length can vary up to 50 meters, which also affects the price of the product and installation costs. As a rule, often welded razor mesh in length is from 4 to 15-meter, as this size is most convenient for the installation of barbed wire. Before installing the razor wire is necessary to prepare the frame. It is based on vertical racks made of galvanized pipes. They are connected by transverse bars, which will be attached to the upper part of the grid. Frequency setting poles shall be designed so that they could make installation of razor wire cloth desired length. The optimal distance between two adjacent columns should be no more than 2 meters. Fixing of razor barbed wire is carried to the posts and the upper cross-beams using special anchors or brackets. Mounting must be implemented so that the upper ends of the razor wire diamonds above the top crossbar and prevent the penetration of the fence. At the request of the customer welded razor fence bottom may bury in the ground to 500 mm. Razor wire is galvanized, so it does not spoil the action of moisture in the soil. After installing the razor barbed wire does not need additional treatment, as it is processed further corrosion composition at the factory.
Building & Construction/Construction
[Sell] Razor Wire, PVC Coated, Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Production Process, barbed tape, Uses View details for: Razor Wire, PVC Coated, Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Production Process, barbed tape, Uses
Konhta razor wire factory produces all kinds of high-quality razor wire mesh. It is used as an engineering construction of temporary or permanent nature of the installation on the ground or on already existing fence. Due to the substantial effect of cutting and springy properties of perimeter, fence spiral is a formidable physical barrier.
The razor wire according to different raw materials can be divided into: galvanized razor wire, PVC coated razor wire, stainless steel razor mesh.
The razor wire according to installation method can be divided into: concertina razor wire, razor wire flat wrap coil, spiral razor wire, twisted razor wire,welded razor mesh, electrified concertina wire, mobile razor wire security barrier, and mobile security barrier Prism.
Building & Construction/Construction
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