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Company Name: Tianjin Silverlion Intermational Trade Co.,Ltd
Contact Person: sherry li
City: Tianjin
Country: China China
Local Time:
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Introduction: Our company’s name is Tianjin Silverlion International Trade Co.,Ltd.We are manufacturer and exporter of some animal fodders,such as fishmeal ,shrimp meal ,corn gluten meal ,etc.Our products have been exported to many countries ,such as Italy,Latvia for it is excellent in quality and competitive in price.
Business Type: Exporter, Manufacturer
Areas of Interest: 1. Agriculture & Farm/Other

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[Sell] sell fishmeal(feed grade) View details for: sell fishmeal(feed grade)
1. commodity : fishmeal
2. specification :
physical properties :①color: yellow-brown ②smell: fishy smell ③particle size: powder
chemical properties :
① protein≥62%-65% ② fat≤8% ③ moisture≤10%
④ ash≤18% ⑤ sand &salt≤5% (sand≤2%)
microbiological properties : animality
3. quantity : minimum order qty 20MTS
4. packing options : 50kg/25kg PP/PE Export bags/big bags bulk in container
5. origin : China
6. transportation mode : vessel
Feed-grade fish meal produced from high-quality marine fish anchovy is refined through stewing, pressing, drying, smashing and other procedures with the most advanced production technology in the international. Each of quality indicators meets or exceeds national standards for premium fish meal.
Not only do the products have the characters of stable and reliable quality, good fresh, strong smell, high protein content, but also easy to decompose, digest and absorption. Feed-grade fish meal meets the state standards. The products redound to improve livestock disease-resistant function. Besides, they are rich in amino acids.
» Agriculture & Farm/Other
[Sell] sell corn gluten meal(feed grade) View details for: sell corn gluten meal(feed grade)
commodity : corn gluten meal
specification :
physical properties :①color: golden yellow②particle size: powder
chemical properties :
① protein≥60% ② fat≤2.5% ③ moisture≤12%
④ ash≤3% ⑤fiber≤2.5%

origin : China
transportation mode : vessel
microbiological properties : plant
quantity : minimum order qty 20MTS
packing options : 50kg/25kg PP/PE Export bags/big bags bulk in container Advantages of the products:
Corn gluten meal ,as the byproduct of maize satrch.,which has two kinds,one is Granule Corn Gluten Meal,the other is Powdery Corn Gluten Meal.It has the function for the poulty and cattle ’s growth and disease-resistant ability,it is a fine additive of fodder industry.
» Agriculture & Farm/Other
[Sell] sell kelp powder(feed grade) View details for: sell kelp powder(feed grade)
Commodity:kelp Powder (Feed Grade)
Country of Origin: China
Transport mode:vessel
Kelp are rich in iodide, minerals, vitamins and stimulate the growth of animals active ingredients. Add in the feed by 2 percent to 5 percent of the kelp powder, to improve livestock nutrition structure and quality of livestock and poultry breeding ability obvious role in promoting. Fish and shrimp feed in fish and shrimp bait into the plastic additives do kelp powder, have both nutritious and anti-condensation Collapsibility role. Particularly in the minerals and trace elements in the use of poor water quality, fish and shrimp on the growth and disease control are more significant results.
» Agriculture & Farm/Other
[Sell] sell shrimp meal(feed grade) View details for: sell shrimp meal(feed grade)
1. commodity:shrimp meal(feed grade)
2. particle size: powder
3. specifications:
4. crude proten≥35%,moisture≤15%,salt≤13%,ash≤35% fresh degree 80%—120%
5.package:25kg or 50kg bags /ton bag(can also according to cutomer’s request)
6.Payment terms: T/T or irrevocoble L/C at sight
8.trasportation mode:vessel
Shrimp meal can be said is a high value feed ingredients that can make use of. In aquaculture and aquatic animal feed have good feed value which can increase the palatability of the feed. It can promote the appetite of pigs, and if add 3 percent to 5 percent can improve the color of meat. In aquatic feed in ,it is the most appropriate and common feed attractant and coloring agent.It can greatly promote growth and improve the body color effects of aquatic. It also with a stimulating hormone, can effectively promote a shellfish to shell.
» Agriculture & Farm/Other
[Sell] sell seaweed powder(feed grade ) View details for: sell seaweed powder(feed grade )
Commodity:Seaweed Powder (Feed Grade)
Country of Origin: China
Transport mode:vessel
Seaweed powder is made from natural seaweed, which adopted the modern technology and is a ecotypic fodder additive of aquiculture and livestock feed. It contain rich algal polysaccharides, brown alga polysaccharides, starch, mannite, iodin, all kinds of
mineral substance and microelement ,which can promote the growth of animal.
It can not only improve the framework of fodder alimentation and the using rate of fodder, but also adjust the organism's metabolism, improve animal's immunity and ability of against disease. It has the special value that other protein can not compare with.
» Agriculture & Farm/Other
[Sell] sell rice protein concentrate(feed grade) View details for: sell rice protein concentrate(feed grade)
1. commodity:rice protein concentrate(feed grade)
2. specifications:Proein≥65%,Ash≤6%,Fat≤6%,Moisture≤10%
3. origin : China
4. transportation mode : vessel

Advantages: The rice protein (feed grade) looks bright and the color is offwhite.It is mainly used to feed the animals.The rice protein concentrate which is the byproduct of rice starch is rich in nutrition.Iy plays an important part in helping animals grow and against diseases.It is good additive,so the animals can grow stronger and eat more.Especially,we can make sure that the animals world need it at all times. Besides,people can make good use of the feed,then,much protein will be remained and feed energy will be improved and feed cost will be reduced.
» Agriculture & Farm/Other
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