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Company Name: qingyuan foodstuff co.,ltd
Contact Person: maggie xu
City: yishui
Country: China China
Local Time:
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Introduction: We, QINGYUAN GROUP CO.,LTD, was established in 1985 as one of the largest manufacturer in food line in Shangdong province and the key leading farming industrialization enterprises. Main products are as follows: corn starch, high maltose syrup, maltodxtrin, wheat flour, corn gluten feal, corn gluten fead, canfectionary, dairy products, meat products, carton, etc, total 10 series and more than 500 varieties, with a annual production capacity of 600 thousands tons. the products have been sold to more than 20 provinces and exported to Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam,,India, Indonesia, UAE, Nepal, Israel, and Germany and so on.
We are regularly Selling: cornstarch, liquid glucose, maltodextrin, corn gluten feed, corn gluten meal.
If you need those products ,please feel free to contact me
Business Type: Manufacturer
Areas of Interest: 1. Agriculture & Farm/Animal Products
2. Food & Beverages/Food Additives

Offers From This Member (5)

[Sell] corn gluten meal View details for: corn gluten meal
1. Corn gluten meal is rich in yellow pigment and its color and luster is gold. The yellow pigment produced from corn gluten meal is called yellow powder which is widely used in yellow pigment producing.
2. After refined, Corn gluten meal can be used in food industry. If milk powder is mixed with granulated sugar by pasteurization, colling, indurating, ice cream come into being, which is delicious with gold color and lustrer.
3. Which is delicious with gold color and lustrer and the cost can be reduced. If corn gluten meal in place of 5% amylum is put into sausage, its taste is very delicious.
» Agriculture & Farm/Animal Products
[Sell] corn gluten feed View details for: corn gluten feed
Corn gluten feed is a byproduct of processing corn to make corn starch and corn syrup
It is generally sold as a golden yellow meal or as light brown granules.
In addition to its use as an herbicide,it is used as food for cows,cats,dogs,fish and poultry
3.packing :pp bag(50kg)
4.Minimum order :18MT
5.Payment term:T/T or L/C
» Agriculture & Farm/Animal Products
[Sell] maltodextrin View details for: maltodextrin
Product Application
1. Confection
Improving the taste, tenacity and the structure of foods, preventing recrystallization and extending shelf life.
The beverages are scientifically prepared with Maltodextrin, which add more flavor, soluble, consistent and delicious, and reduce sweet taste and cost. There are more advantages of these kinds of beverages of these kinds of beverages than that of the traditional drinks and foods such as ice-cream, fast tea and coffee etc.
3. In fast foods
As a nice stuffing or carrier, it can be used in infant foods for improving their quality and health care function. It is beneficial to children and infants.
4. In tinned foods
Add consistence, improve shape, structure, and quality.
5. In Paper Making Industries as a bond materials because it has good fluidity and strong cohesion-tension. The paper quality, structure and shape can be improved.
6. In Chemical and pharmaceutical Industries
Maltodextrin can be used in cosmetic that may have more effect to protect skin with more luster and elasticity. In Toothpaste production,it can be used as a substitute for CMC. The dispersivity and stability of pesticides will be increased. It is a good excipient and stuffing material in pharmacon making.
» Food & Beverages/Food Additives
[Sell] liquid glucose View details for: liquid glucose
Liquid glucose is made from refined starch by biochemical technology. The concentration is more than 50% of maltose.
Product Application
It has the characteristics of soft sweet, fine taste, stable at high temperature and acid condition, so it is reasonable to keep good quality and shelf life.
It is better to use it in candy production with tenacity and transparency instead of granulated sugar.
Recrystallization is seldom occurred, which improves the quality and reduces the cost. It is widely used as a thicking and modeling agent. In cakes, bread, baking foods, it can keep the effect of starch and extend the shelf life.
» Food & Beverages/Food Additives
[Sell] corn starch View details for: corn starch
Corn starch is powder through flooding, broken, separate, refining and dry from corn as raw materials, the color and luster is pure white. The smell is pure, widely used in food ,medicine, starch deep processing ,chemical industry, etc.
Product Application
1. Corn starch is usually used to produce the High Maltose Syrup, High fructose Syrup, Maltodextrin, etc.
2. Corn starch is used in the modified starch for producing of papermaking and chemical industry, etc.
3. Corn starch is used in the fermented industry and produce monosodium glutamate, citric acid, etc
4. Other industries, such as metallurgy, casting , etc.
» Food & Beverages/Food Additives
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