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Company Name: nikeshoxnz shoes
Contact Person: anna
City: fujian
Country: China China
Local Time:
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Introduction: Well-known sports brand Nike its outdoor feeder Nike Dunk released its ACG was shoe money. The Nike ACG altogether released three matching Dunk High shoes, shoe surface by the Pebbled leather is, smooth leather and twill canvas material composition.

These three match colors shoe money whether material selection or color collocation are sends out a standard ACG outdoor breath, and performance also continued the ACG high quality characteristics. The latest shoe money will Dunk High in designated shop selling.
Business Type: Other
Areas of Interest: 1. General & Leisure Goods/Sports
2. Machinery & Tools/Other
3. Service Industry/Other

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[Sell] Nike shoes by new Sportswear 2011 View details for: Nike shoes by new Sportswear 2011
Nike Sportswear in recently held by 2011 quarterly expo. Assembly at the end of the exhibition will more than double the new mesh jade published shoes, besides yesterday saw Pack, Air Vac - wave-tech Force 1 Duckboot, a series of new Air Hi, another including Max 1 outside the classic Vortex Air slow running shoes restoring ancient ways and has used the old processs Blazer Low, two all-new style Air Max 90 etc, in addition, there are a blessing to constitute Harris Tweed material Dunk Hi is to let person particularly outstanding. Believe in season four Sportswear still will present Nike to let a person fondle admiringly various new shoes, you may have shoes fans to crumble. http:/
» Transport/Other
[Sell] 2011 the maldives swimsuit blockbusters View details for: 2011 the maldives swimsuit blockbusters
Burning hot summer, the colourful temptation to attract tourists around forever! Today season,Wholesale LanMiao (LA GIRL MIU), starting Herathera island, and destination maldives popularity model deduced beach sexy swimsuit sweet together. Quick bring your mess BIKINI, beloved skirt, happy mood, swimming and LanMiao (LA SWEET&BOLD MIU) together, we will carry on exactly! Sunshine, beach, waves, BIKINI... LanMiao (LA MIU) 2011 swimsuit product will wave point, bowknot, lotus leaf plait use acme, multicolored colour, rich details,Abercrombie and Fitch help you show a good figure, became the most eye-catching beach beauty!
» Machinery & Tools/Satellite
[Sell] Sunglasses, a new season elegant summer wind View details for: Sunglasses, a new season elegant summer wind
The new season with trendy, Montblanc glasses with more clarity fashion vocabulary, has been clear about the unique one season is extraordinary. This GUCCI sunglassesseason the tectonic focus on glasses of color and brand LOGO of the other elements skillfully. This series of eighteen characteristic products. Six designs ladies product adopts enamel effect variable, delicate present Mosaic patterns in this series features magnificent was repeatedly. Another 12 men glasses, then reappear brand has been elegant temperament style, the emphasis on creation style the classic brand logo. MB314S color 05B: a very special women's glasses,Oakley Sunglasses positive picture frame design is a new concept, the brand of landmark graphic present in frames, the more fully display the ripples on the surface of the logo. In the frame of curve graceful design, in order to reflect of stereo administrative levels, add a new interlining, symbolizing Montblanc bi-color classical colour is tie-in. Metal mirror on the leg with laser engraving the brand logo, the foot set of also did color echo, adopt double color design. This product and white, grey and purple dove for choice.
» Transport/Other
[Sell] Air jordans shoes latest women GS version View details for: Air jordans shoes latest women GS version
Jordans in 2011 will be next summer launch for the female shoe money accommodates GS, in which the Air jordans 3 will begin on May 28, sold rather striking red Air jordans 5 and Air jordans 1 Canvas currently sold was now. http:/
» Arts & Furniture/Other
[Sell] Thick Jamaica amorous feelings, Rasta Supra release 2011 summer shoe View details for: Thick Jamaica amorous feelings, Rasta Supra release 2011 summer shoe
The famous American fashion brand Rasta Supra launch 2011 summer shoe money. Rasta Supra 2011 summer with strong Jamaican match colors style, cream-colored hemp qualitative vamp match with do old effect imitation shammy material red, yellow, green colors together itself contains dynamic breath, match with primary colors soles and three color Oxford confide gives its strong shoes more intertropical amorous feelings.
» Arts & Furniture/Crafts
[Sell] Nike dunk ac new change color View details for: Nike dunk ac new change color
Will classical shoe money deformation is Nike one door reconstruction, in order to maintain the conservation of the old classic craft shoes, thus it is the perception of every while Nike classic shoe money changes will be detached, good let everybody chase ancient traceability to cherish and looking forward to the original money after carved day! This year's key projects is the two big XieWang with a classical detail Dunk AC, vamp fully use the old form Dunk Hi Blazer shoes made, set the type line down immediately make shoe money completely set by a pair of originally very upgrade, the basketball shoes into a pair of massiness feels particularly have type tall canister sneakers, and supplement to proper fusion. Color is to let a person surprizing, high degree of saturation of fresh color, leisurely 4 of beauty http:/
» Agriculture & Farm/Animal Products
[Sell] Profile Information Action View details for: Profile Information Action
Distance the independence day in the United States and more than one month of time, many people have for this festival of early made a calculation, calculate the buy and prepare food and calculating the decorations and calculating the relentless, dont do. Air jordans also calculate in July in do small action, so this double Air jordans V "flag" match colors was born. The shoes are the American flag red blue white influence, and also USES this simple three color as the foundation collocation, besides the color with deep historical outside, light blue "glass" outsole also particularly eye-catching AJ2011, resembling the outsole, fashionable outsole. This pair of shoes is the independence day of the best American JB sent gift!
» Chemicals/Pest Control
[Sell] Art wrist watch all show gentleman fair maiden fan View details for: Art wrist watch all show gentleman fair maiden fan
On the market in the 1920s style restoring ancient ways, watch money does not see more, but still have the Longines has (Longines),JiangShiDan Vacheron Constantin scolding () launched the watch money respectively for the period, interpretation of women and men wearing style. Nowadays, wrist watch design had not only style, more bold attempt is worthy of praise highly design culture. For the world's most ancient JiangShiDan horological manufacturer, is the world's most famous table factory one. JiangShiDan bolton inherits the Swiss tradition tabulation essence, not discontinuous, also innovation many tabulation technology, to watch making a great contribution. Now, JiangShiDan bolton peremptory for "time", but also love table personage synonymous with the wrist eyes irreplaceable art. JiangShiDan bolton says the product itself is star, this really makes sense, refuse to use brand ambassador, they use sales told us they are speaking with quality, no endorsement itself is the star. Cartier As the French brand of top class gem, is this one brand to costly upon the throne, is in 1904 kadeya Cartier Santos (made friends) for the gold watch and this wrist watch no matter design or work all let sang high praise, the same year, Santos Cartier) became a British kadeya (royal royal jewelry supplier, a position behind the aura that kadeya (Cartier) to other jewelry brand Passover, and catapulted into upper-class pets, and enduring. Kadeya Cartier) watch (fashion, line is clear and simple but not stiff, elegant instead of heavy and complicated, always can let you love at first sight. Neutral, practical design suitable for all kinds of the wearer and different wear occasions, make you feel you always and time; you are the master of time. In 1938, wearing the queen Elizabeth Cartier For its design is the smallest bangle watch appear in the world, from now on, kadeya (before Cartier watch of wrist of international) wide. Swiss watch(omega) In 130 countries worldwide through excellent dealers selling watch, every piece of all is the modern young people "to" dream when charm, representing the wrist of project of "omega world" their recognition and pursuit. In the United States is the most popular omega, best-selling brand watches, omega more numerous celebrities choice, international model Cindy. Croft is the image spokesperson of omega. Omega with its advanced technology combined with excellent tabulation art, stability of the altar of table leadership, created innumerable outstanding achievement.
» Building & Construction/Materials
[Sell] Profile Information Action View details for: Profile Information Action
GUCCi( Modern GUCCI handbag )Always with high-grade, luxurious, sex appeal is famous in the world, with "of the identity and fortune indicative" brand image makes rich brownstone consumption favorite, always be business circles personage all along, fashionable do not break decorous. Gucci (Gucci) spring 2011 Tote bag of new fund knitting leather with the azure sky general, even if this year chun xia everywhere is bright-coloured colour, so that color is still fresh and grab an eye. Remember Gucci (Gucci) 2011 chun xia ladies on beautiful field those dazzling high saturation bright color, with the rich "forest queen" the tassels, and feeling knot decoration. White leather camel's hair on the ornament the handle of a fall, and zipper fresh and grace, Gucci (Gucci) this paragraph of spring 2011 for traveling and preparation, handbag. Don't you just love Gucci (Gucci) spring 2011 bags will these new element each presenting. Metallic color hand grasp synthetic tassel knots replaced the bag buckles, appear quite unique, handiwork is made of knitting leather and diamond drilling with a unique design of different region amorous feelings. Although color becomes bright-coloured and younger, but delicate do manual work brings costly feeling but little didn't decrease. Spring 2011 Louis Vuitton), LV (classic by a new figure - bag bag Bandouliere by the basis of the classical money joined an adjustable straps root can be removed, the more strong practicability. Star modelling division Caroline Sieber in advertising are big in hands-on demonstration eight different style of Bandouliere bag with the tie-in skill by the classical money, the new pattern once a foot. Fashionable design and rich mystique of Dior are (discount Dior handbags )As the world's top artists will be the inspiration MUSES. Dior Dior invited global famous photographer, visual artists, video artists, filmmakers are respectively Dior select a piece, freedom works in their eyes are the unique interpretation of Dior. May 12, 2011, Dior (Dior) brand in Shanghai portman Dior held for are the theme of "what I see" exhibition, zhao wei, WuJunMei and two new generation floret denier been Dan, Yang mi king common attend the event. Site WuJunMei 'except in the black skirt appearance mature dignified, zhao wei, Yang mi, wang Dan Radcliffe chose fresh been ruffle chiffon dress collocation of Dior handbags are appeared. Chanel Handbags 2.55 Classic chain Bag is many Girls dream package money, but also many stars big love It Bag. Never antiquated Chanel (Chanel 2.55 bag is how to build) come out? Chanel (Chanel) to accidentally bring the answer. Chanel 2.55 classic chain handmade make, synthetic every practical details are tend perfect and cuddly. Package is very beautiful, build processes are seductive!
» General & Leisure Goods/Toys
[Sell] Fashion Week Handbags: Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 View details for: Fashion Week Handbags: Louis Vuitton Fall 2011
It’s been a full month since all of the fashion week festivities started, and they’ve finally come to an end. Showing at the very end of the cycle can either be a blessing or a curse; if what you’ve put together is merely mediocre (or worse, if it’s flat-out bad), critics and buyers are more likely to look harshly on it because of our fatigue at four weeks worth of clothes and accessories. If the collection you’re presenting is as good as beautifully fetishistic Modern handbag Louis Vuitton Fall 2011, though, then you get the glorious distinction of closing out the season on a high note and having your clothes by foremost in the minds of editors. Vuitton is not a handbag company that I normally look to for my own purchases because of my personal preference toward bags without logos, but its fall accessory offerings were easily some of the best of the entire season. The central idea of the handbag collection was a theme and variations starring the brand’s ever-popular Lockit shape, much like the Speedy iterations that we saw from Vuitton for Fall 2010. It’s an idea that worked well then and works well now, with the disciplined lines of the Lockit lending themselves seamlessly to the upscale kink of the Vuitton ready-to-wear. Let’s not talk about the fuzzy bags and pretend those never happened, ok? Everything else was too good of a distraction.
» General & Leisure Goods/Toys
[Sell] Cartier d 'Art turtle design wrist watch View details for: Cartier d 'Art turtle design wrist watch
Watch for favours the artistic style of people, wear watches moment, time seems to have no longer is leading role, only those beautiful ornate process can be crucial, through the process of playing for Cartier Watches master the dexterous hands, as beautiful and moving through the psalms are generally creation and out. Mention kadeya, the nature is to say that it produces a lot of those like wristwatch adopted, and the animal motifs dream this year kadeya Cartier d "Art series of senior watch rolls out six new paragraph, again will animal lifelike feral charm with their superb tabulation technology, combined with the courage to break through the traditional reflected kadeya, beyond the time limits of the courage and determination. Meanwhile, kadeya will also elegance of traditional arts craft into contemporary world -- hollow out sculpture, gold-rimmed gou bian enamel, socket Mosaic patterns, layer upon layer overlapping enamel, Jane, these rare wood inlaid he even already forgotten technology in kadeya's efforts in the eyes show again. In the six money work, steel Mosaic pattern of turtles Cartier Watches is perhaps the most that can show a tabulation technology master virtuosity and its unique to reaches high-quality goods, and let Mosaic the spread millennium, originally applies only to metope, frescoes, ceiling and floor etc on the ancient art of large adornment of miniaturization, let it crossed the performance, thereby applied in the category of watch technology. Will total enchased in 1167 gem watch on the disk is not easy thing, must according to the order of pre-ordained each metagem squares. First outline of each with black stones GuiZu outline, then tortoise shell and other colors again enchase step by step the gem, make the color level more rich, shape also is more outstanding. All gems paste in first, then unified dials, to ensure that strengthening design of uniform smooth surface. Only diamond this procedure, it will have to take more than 60 hours. It is extremely accurate and exquisite processing technique, and meticulous attitude toward writing, make the dial of the gem turtle lifelike, charm, this just achievement in a classic birth.
» Arts & Furniture/Jewelry & Imitation
[Sell] Nike Air Max JR grey/fluorescent green shoe View details for: Nike Air Max JR grey/fluorescent green shoe
In the 1990s the shoe model collocation 2011 high-tech created this brand-new Nike Air Max JR. Cheap Nike Shoes Match colors in a similar OG Air Max 95, this section by baseball outfielders Ken grisham fe signature shoes match colors seems very neutral, Wolf gray attune apply to waste, a dark grey use of shoes to shoes, such application under department not only distinct, and played a practical and be able to bear or endure dirty role. Nike Shox NZ But the biggest window or cixin shoes of fluorescence green Air Max insole and outsole, absolute can ensure comfortable and amazing elasticity effect. Cixin already in Nice Kicks to 160 dollars in the price of the sale, like friends can pay close attention to. http:/
» Service Industry/Translation
[Sell] Nike Air Force 1 Mid 07 ash/white shoes View details for: Nike Air Force 1 Mid 07 ash/white shoes
Nike Air Force between the Air Force one Mid is Low and Air Force 1 1 was between the shoe model of Air Force, as we type 1 this pair of shoes, Shox R4 so Air Force classic fascinated in all three Mid January type shoes also pivotal status. Today we see the new color matching is notable, simple clean vamp with gray attune, all the shoes that give the swoosh,air max90 only in the back foot heels, labels and insole made white bright color contrast. Although is shoes but still for the magic stick joined the ankle, better design provides protection for your role. Cixin Nikestore just listed, if you worry of eBay also can go on ahead can see maybe hand http:/
» Arts & Furniture/Decoration
[Sell] Spring 2011 Loewe shows deserve selection View details for: Spring 2011 Loewe shows deserve selection
In this is full of sunshine and the romance of season, Loewe shows for feminine taste expression undoubtedly sufficient horsepower. cheap designer handbags To note Red, purple, pink roses, salmon incarnadine... A series of pink department ornament for this season's shoes package adds endless deserve tender breath; Flowers, sequins, bowknot of such gentle temperament with women, brings the soft elements of visual perception and exquisite.
Classic with shallow mouth in shoes, vamp with sequins render, above compose full delicate cortical flowers, sole also is the pink of quietly elegant. Modern GUCCI handbag Can't help reminiscent of the princess, even if not xianlin, face it I'm afraid pink control is no resistance.
And Loewe shows classic the cane makes up a picnic appliance box reminds you of Europe and whether the scene old films? The two anointed with fixed buckle phosphor let outdoor picnic more interest, will be an appetite.
» Arts & Furniture/Furniture
[Sell] Kate Moss deduce Vogue Eyewear 2011 chun xia advertising blockbusters View details for: Kate Moss deduce Vogue Eyewear 2011 chun xia advertising blockbusters
After Daria Werbowy Bundchen!GUCCI sunglasses Gisele-i with Vogue Eyewear, chose another fashion world cult leader Kate Moss Vogue Eyewear 2011 chun xia series endorsements.
She 's advertising blockbuster Eyewear IN Vogue by the world's top photographer Mario Testino directed, IN London suburb of ancient costume films scene - Brentford (Brentford) tin grace park (Syon filmed for supermodel, what added classic. Kate moss photographic works.
Vogue Eyewear 2011 chun xia Kate, just like the selected series with a strong and charming as Kate's characteristics, mature character. Glasses line downy, fruity bi-color acetate material picture frame, color gradient and color pure. D&G Sunglasses Kate moss chosen six designs color for wisteria color, deep red color, dark blue, topaz accents.cream-coloured satin band and lasting and classical black and hawk-bills color.
» Agriculture & Farm/Product Processing
[Sell] Peach pie bikini View details for: Peach pie bikini
In this holiday season, are you good surge already feel intensely the waves, blue sky, the sun enveloped in the golden beaches waving to you!Abercrombie and Fitch What are we waiting for? Hurry up entirely into bag: magic weapon schamer BIKINI, swaying enthusiasm hot born appearance skirt is placed, cute little thing, the bright eye to the beach on vacation! This one season, fashionable olfactory sensitivity first-class where PEACH JOHN PEACH pie will continue to lead the tide, you bring the brightest, most this summer LaDu false personality cool dress up.
If you follow the sun as usual, if you feel comfortable in show vitality figure, if you expect to be focused, so, quickly beach joined PJ peach pie family! The summer, where PEACH JOHN PEACH pie new suit, launched the BIKINI shape design tide flavour is dye-in-the-wood, mixed with many fashionable element, will become the preferred the beach honey. Whether broken flower, hem, dot, or mei red, yellow, white, any one this paragraph, can show the youthful dynamism of GIRLS PJ involuntary discharge of urine, become the most worthy tide, beach BIKINI queen of most of IN
This type of BIKINI continue to follow PJ retro wave point elements, perfect collocation black and mei red two kind of classical tonal. Wholesale Shirts Chest and waist under the moving like mini skirt side plait skirt general of lotus leaf form, effective to modify the hip line, make you enjoy pondering summer amorous feelings. Especially about their hip form of MM, put her BYEBYE, immediately and worry said.
» Machinery & Tools/Heavy Equipment
[Sell] Spring 2011 bulgari sunglasses View details for: Spring 2011 bulgari sunglasses
Mediterranean amorous feelings is tie-in bulgari outstanding style is new sunglasses spring 2011 creative inspiration. These new product of a luxury the first "edition" sunglasses, Julianne Moore inspired Julian Moore in bulgari "eccentric grace" advertising in adorn supernatural exquisite emerald earrings. Bead light black plank rimmed around a single embedded on each side of the many facets grandmother giant crystal, designed to reflect green in the top class gem bulgari emerald earrings series of the acme of craft and creation. This model also launched a ramp gray plate frames version, with a ruby colour crystal, although bulk slightly smaller, but through the special mirror surface treatment and to achieve "talc" effect, make it more glare.GUCCI sunglasses Brown pattern plank sunglass, adornment Leoni double gold lion
In the new Leoni series, the iconic opposite by double lion weak aureate argent decorate metal material building, or around 2 luxury plank rimmed mirror on the leg, its leg laser engraving BVLGARI logo, gradual change color builds a fascinating is the lens style restoring ancient ways. The first of the series of using square frame, tie-in styles, black and red brown tonal herringbone pattern; While the second paragraph are used nifty circular polychromatic picture frame, color from classic black white to more attractive cocoa color and spots Havana brown.
The next this series with the colour of lively leap for marked characteristics, inspiration from bulgari famous Sassi series jewelry. Plate frames have Havana dark brown and with brown stripes blue, tonal, the different shape is laced with cutting gems. Topaz color, sapphire ShiSe, crystal purple and grandmother green glass stone, enchased in each of the five group on its leg, the central is a single embedded in similar DeTuo inlaid on jewelry, creating the Lord stone seductive colour combination, make this unique style sends out of astonishing glamour.
In Parentesi series, the traditional landmark Parentesi (in parentheses) design these fashionable reappear in the enamel, becoming rimmed sheet picture frame and the connection between the colorful its leg, adidas sunglassesall show Parentesi series element of the infinite charm, and jewelry also showed the Mediterranean pottery ceramic tile and the Andalusia garden beautiful colors.
Finally to present one of high-quality goods is incomparably elegant "old COINS" series, frames the inspiration on field adornment of famous jewelry series, bao geli of exquisite frames equipped with multiple color slim its leg for choice, including black, bead light is red and the stripes brown.
» Chemicals/Detergents & Cleaning
[Sell] Well mix build change garments according to the lessons! View details for: Well mix build change garments according to the lessons!
See the temperature rise successively clear weather, but occasionally to a small wind cold rain, is the so-called ", the hardest interest ", the most beautiful eyebrow adept clad collocation problems would be so became a problem -- wear condole belt is too early, the coat is too hot, this weather exactly how to respond? Don't worry, dear to play "the temperature suddenly turn hostile", Wholesale Shirtswe will play "mix build game", the spring summer mix wear! So, can let quarter popular elements in your body beautiful, and make you flashed the cold air is not mutations harassment. This street snap, each size star in the street again splendid dress brought us many clad inspiration, hot mama Gwen Gwen Stefani - steph (with tenderness in small scarves) between the neck of firm, handsome neutral at a new interpretation immediately! Ashley li - Atlantis Tisdale) poses kieron (in elegant small skirt outfit outside windbreaker, wine red cover on the small cool evening can also beautiful not "frozen" person! MaiJie (Madonna) hands-on demonstration panama hats x cashmere shawls x cascade clad, wonderful Look comfortable, model case 1 can't be little! Also in the season for this annoying know how to dress and worry?cheap designer handbags 5 months star street snap is your most authoritative clad model!
» General & Leisure Goods/Gaming & Gambling
[Sell] Adidas release history's most light basketball shoes View details for: Adidas release history's most light basketball shoes
Famous sports brand adidas released a new adiZero garages basketball shoes, now with its dazzle cruel appearance and ultra Light weight for lightweight basketball shoes established new industry standards. The following as its official press release: New adiZero now for the NBA playoffs garages booster Ross. "What you wear war boots on the pitch, Rolex Watches you the lighter the faster speed of basketball, and speed is the key to winning." This year's NBA regular season east champion bulls masters actress, two-time all-star Derek? Ross war boots for adidas new basketball adiZero such an evaluation, "now I wear to now over the lightest of basketball shoes, and it will also help me in the playoffs pre-emptive attack." Adidas vice President Lawrence - international basketball, "said Norman is without any pair of basketball shoes can now compare with new adiZero garages, this will be a pair of basketball sports bring speed revolution products. Its ChaoQingLiang change design can help player on the pitch to run faster, jump higher, and better performances. Whether top NBA tournament, also or around the world, the street fight basketball players always hope to have Light war boots to help them better in speed, and now adiZero garages also will certainly become basketball shoes products in history." the strongest After two years of intensive research and development, adidas innovation teams in the human body to adidas basketball design based on foot engineering r&d launched adiZero garages basketball shoes, and now to ensure that this product for every part of ascension are designed on the pitch and play a role player. In the selection, only lightweight, clever and super high-tenacity material used to make this pair of ultimate to lightweight basketball war boots. "We need to build a pair of ultimate basketball zhanshen war boots, research shows that if the lighter the shoes can help players ascending performance." Handbags Adidas innovation team senior researchers lattice LLF? Wilson adiZero now so explain the design concept of garages. "The key is how to design ChaoQingLiang mineralization in providing traditional architecture shoes body of foot basketball shoe support and protection. And after more than two years of design, research and testing, adiZero garages now also become the lightest on the market at present the basketball war boots products, than other products should be Light nearly two ounces, thus will also give players stronger competitive advantage." Now adiZero garages adopted SPRINTWEB - revolutionary structural design, with abnormal strong foot support, while the uppers thickness is no more than a millimeter. Vamp with nylon material seamless insert or can dramatically reduce weight, and promote foot support and vamp intensity. Mesh design can also in horizontal or vertical affections strong pliable durable characteristic for various forms of players, offer the best support shuttling go bits. And SPRINTFRAME technology adopted the TORSION system with parts and perfect confluence, for players foot provide for maximum reduce weight, energy feedback and motion control functions performance. Each place for mechanical design are shoes eyes, the corresponding mesh props for players in urgent transformation of foot to process providing support. Meanwhile, now adiZero garages vamp adopted transparent nylon material, to further reduce the weight at the same time give players foot omni-directional breathable comfortable. Now the torsion system adiZero garages are used different thickness of the engineering design, make sure the important parts to properties and wear life caught at the same time such as foot medium non-critical parts fully weight down. Meanwhile, this system is also in heels and anterior foot parts adopt formal grain, vertical from sufficient with extended to the forepaws grain, jordan 2011 ensure the most extreme longitudinal cut of the forepaws the best support performance under the condition. Now adiZero garages in 2011 will be on June 3, the retail price to $130 sale, the first sale of for
» General & Leisure Goods/Entertainment
[Sell] Eyes more bright gentleness, chanel 2011 chun xia glasses series View details for: Eyes more bright gentleness, chanel 2011 chun xia glasses series
Lighter frames, contracted design, downy colour and lustre, the brand's classic symbol, chanel launched new spring 2011 sun glasses and optical glasses series. Titanium design Precision, luxury titanium, because of its extremely lightsome intimacy and cherished. Titanium resistance is strong, can design the concise elegance, qualify structure and lightsome frames. "Titanium design" series with the pure titanium build and mixed material two kinds, on the design of a modern version, also have goggles pilots in the 1970s that interesting, pop pop's round mirror and super-large box;Chanel watch Color on the use of a matte black, grey, the barrel of the metal silver or gold. Elegant gradient pale blue, pink and aureate lenses, shader is exquisite, the mirror with sheep leather feet color photograph to coordinate. Sunglasses series, lens near the corner of the hinge is studded with meticulous pieces of metal, prepare epic trademark show honorable. The artistic temperament grain Grain, was the symbol of lucky ophir Karl gulag excavated, become another iconic chanel world symbol. Long in the grain decoration acetate fiber, also in the frames thinks laser carving CHANEL typeface. The grain series sun glasses and optical glasses, clever confluence the costly movement style feminine frame design, make innovative double nose frame is designed, more fashionable temperament. Attached with a transparent acetate fiber piece design, make the eye more bright gentleness, and make lens color more lively. GUCCI sunglasses Tortoise color, khaki, wine red, black, gray blue in this series, carefully interpretation of the sun glasses design. Tortoise color, black, khaki, wine red, caramel shallow brown is applied in the design YuGuangXue glasses. Rhombohedrons case grain skins adorn Inheritance classic rhombohedrons case grain handbag design, this a series of the sun glasses and optical glasses have a look namely known classic rhombohedrons case grain leather adorn, wrapped in cellulose acetate frames, two material form interesting contrast. Have fashionable feeling sunglasses will design using composed of tonal, elegant, black, white, rice and brown. Optical glasses of frames bold colors, the choice of extremely rich move feeling bright green, red or purple. The wording of the frames protruding CHANEL decorated, times add delicate and precious feeling. This series a surprise little detail, is the small mirrors. On frames A single click rimmed logo, will reveal a small mirror, the printed a CC logo, reflect the craftsmanship elegant.
» Building & Construction/Architecture
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