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Necklace Making

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Company Name: Honfe Supplier Co.,Ltd
Contact Person: judy
City: xi\\\'an
Country: China China
Local Time:
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Introduction: Honfe Supplier specializes in supplying high-quality weaving machinery spare parts (Projectile, Rapier, Air-jet, Water-jet and Jacquard loom parts), including spare parts for Sulzer, Picanol, Tsudakoma, Toyota, Nissan, Dornier, Somet and Vamatex looms. We have good sale service and our products are similar to the original ones.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us. You can also get more information from our website: .

Business Type: Exporter
Areas of Interest: 1. Textile & Wear/Textiles

Offers From This Member (4)

[Sell] Projectile guide block View details for: Projectile guide block
Honfe NO. Part-name Original NO. Description Model
PS0171 Projectile guide block ES 911-116-162/911116162 PU TW11 D1
PS01721 Projectile guide block ES 911-116-302/911116302 PU D2
PS01722 Projectile guide block ES 911-316-299/911316299 PU D2
PS01771 Projectile guide block MS 911-316-884/911316884 Longer P7100 D1
» Machinery & Tools/Parts
[Sell] sulzer projectile opener View details for: sulzer projectile opener
Honfe NO. Part-name Original NO. Model
PS0167 Projectile opener 911-318-002/911318002 D1
PS0168 Projectile opener 911-318-003/911318003 D2
PS02072 Projectile opener 722-343-000/722343000 P7200
PS0233 Projectile opener 930-817-018/930817018
PS0296 Projectile opener 740-400-000/740400000 P7150 D1
PS0297 Projectile opener 740-923-000/740923000 P7150 D2
» Building & Construction/Equipment
[Sell] sulzer projectile gripper View details for: sulzer projectile gripper
PS0192 Projectile gripper 714-381-000/714381000 P7200 K3 2.2*3.9 2500G One side smooth and other knurled P7200
PS0193 Projectile gripper 716-340-000/716340000 P7200 K3 2.2*3.9 1900G smooth P7200
PS0194 Projectile gripper 713-693-000/713693000 P7200 K3 2.2*3.9 2200G smooth P7200
PS0195 Projectile gripper 716-339-000/716339000 P7200 K3 2.2*3.9 2500G smooth P7200
PS0196 Projectile gripper 717-469-000/717469000 P7200 K3 2.2*3.9 2200G One side smooth and other nylon P7200
PS01961 Projectile gripper 717-534-000/717534000 P7200 K3 2.2*3.9 2200G One side smooth and other nylon P7200
PS02162 Projectile gripper 911-312-189/911312189 smooth K2 2.2x3 2200g
PS02163 Projectile gripper 914-112-191/914112191 smooth K2 2.2x3 1900g
» Textile & Wear/Equipment
[Sell] sulzer projectile returner View details for: sulzer projectile returner
Part-name Original NO. Description Model
Projectile returner 911-526-008/911526008 TW11
Projectile returner 911-826-008/911826008 L=161.50 PU-D1
Projectile returner 911-826-021/911826021 L=163.5 PU-D1
Projectile returner 911-326-128/911326128 L=164 PU-D1
Projectile returner 911-826-006/911826006 L=166 PU-D2
Projectile returner 911-826-004/911826004 L=166 D1
Projectile returner 911-326-118/911326118 P7100 D1/D2
Projectile returner 911-326-141/911326141 P7100 D1/D2
Projectile returner 911-326-142/911326142 P7100 D2
Projectile returner 917-750-672/917750672 P7200
Projectile returner P7200
Projectile returner P7200
Projectile returner 930-229-036/930229036 PS
Projectile Returner 912-526-008/912526008 D1
Projectile Returner 911-826-021/911826021 L=164   B=25/12mm D1
Projectile Returner 911-826-006/911826006 D2
Projectile Returner 911-326-141/911326141 P7100 D1/D2
Projectile Returner 911-326-156/911326156 D1
Projectile Returner 911-326-118/911326118 P7100 D1/D2
Projectile Returner 911-326-142/911326142 P7100 D2
Projectile Returner 911-326-157/911326157 D2
Projectile returner insert 716-970-000/716970000 P7200
Projectile Returner "716-970-000/722-252-000
716970000/722252000" P7200
Projectile Returner 911-826-006/911826006 PU,D2
Projectile returner -link 911-126-103/911126103 PU TW11 D1/D2
Projectile returner -link 911-326-057/911326057 PU-D1
» Machinery & Tools/Parts
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