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Company Name: Hebei Anping No.1 Welded Mesh Panels Factory
Contact Person: jingjing Miao
City: Anping
Country: China China
Local Time:
E-mail: Premium Membership Required (Join Free Today)
Introduction: Anping No.1 Welded Mesh Panels Factory which is located in Chinese Mesh and Netting CountyAnping which is professionally engaged in the production and sale of all kinds of meshes and nettings. Our corporation has gotten the believes and supports of clients at home and abroad since it was founded over ten years ago .\"Providing the fine mesh and netting, creating the famous brand of the line\" is our invariable aim.

Our company has owned all kinds of weaving netting machines of over 160 sets and staff members of over 100 at present and developed metal wire mesh products of \"NO.1\" brand series through the management and development of many years.

We have become the famous brand of Chinese metal wire mesh and one of the largest exporters in Chinese mesh and netting circle . Our products sell well to more than 30 provinces in China and also export to Europe, America, East Asia, South Asia, Middle East and Africa etc more than 20 countries and regions.

Our company is mainly engaged in the production and sale of mesh and netting products including the General Welded Wire Mesh Panels, Reinforcing Mesh, Floor Heating Mesh, Pvc Coated Welded Mesh Panel, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Panels, Galvanized Wire Mesh Panels, Wire Fence Panels, Pvc Coated Welded Mesh and Stainless Steel Welded Mesh. We\'ll build and develop the co-operation relations of new and old friends at home and abroad continuously for No.1 Welded Mesh Panels being deeply remembered by users by our multifunction and all-sided service system.

You may refer to the introduction of the following about the main item and the detailed data of products.
Business Type: Exporter
Areas of Interest: 1. Raw Materials/Mines & Minerals

Offers From This Member (10)

[Sell] Welded Wire Fence Which the Better Fence View details for: Welded Wire Fence Which the Better Fence
Welded Wire Fences is mainly used as safety fences for roads, railway, public buildings, and the others. It's surface treatment includes PVC coated welded wire and Galvanized Welded Wire and so on. It has more firm structure and longer service life compared with woven wire fences, due to the line welding processing.
Welded wire fences Processing:
Welded Wire Mesh is high quality low carbon steel welding wire row formed, and then cold-plating (plating), hot dip, PVC plastic packages such as surface passivation, plastic processing, net surface smooth, uniform mesh, welded machining good performance, stability, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion resistance.
Welded Wire Fence Features:
Precise construction
Uniform opening
Excellent corrosion
Rust resistance.
Surface Treatment:
Surface treatment is commonly electro galvanizing, hot dipped zinc coating, plastic coating or vinyl coating. Hot dipped zinc coated welded mesh fence offers thicker zinc plating than electro galvanized one and stronger zinc plating adhesion, while costs a little higher. Plastic coated or vinyl coated wire fence has more colors available than galvanized welded fences.
Welded wire fence is extensively used as window screening, safety guards on machinery enclosures, also used in filtering liquid and gas, sieving grain.
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[Sell] Floor heating mesh refers to welded mesh panel used in floors View details for: Floor heating mesh refers to welded mesh panel used in floors
Radiant Floor Heating | Initial Slab Preparation
Installing tubing in a slab or thin slab for radiant floor heating offers many great benefits. Two of the main features people love about radiant heat are the comfort of warm floors and the efficiency associated with this method of heating.
If you're planning a radiant Floor Heating system, either for a new construction project or for a retrofit - we do recommend enlisting the help of a competent radiant design specialist. Some things to keep in mind regardless as you prepare for a radiant slab:
? Do any excavation, filling necessary or required by local building codes
? Verify that all under slab plumbing and/or electrical services are in place
? Finish grading by leveling and tamping the fill - rake off any loose rocks or debris - the final grade should be level and allow for the thickness of both the slab and any under slab insulation
? Use 6-mill plastic sheeting for your vapor barrier - this prevents moisture from migrating upward and prevents adverse effects on floor coverings and/or adhesives
? Place your under slab and/or edge insulation
? Install welded-wire Reinforcing. I normally recommend 6 by 6 wire re-mesh, because it is perfect for tubing spacing
? In many cases, if you have foam insulation down already, you can use foam staples to install your tubing and forego the wire re-mesh.
The pictures below show a vapor barrier with perimeter insulation and wire re-mesh...
» Raw Materials/Metals
[Sell] Characteristics and Treatments of Welded Wire Shelve View details for: Characteristics and Treatments of Welded Wire Shelve
Welded Wire Shelve is based on application welded wire mesh, which is widely used in many fields. Wire mesh shelving system can be designed to evolve smoothly to keep pace with continually changing needs. Made from Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh or plastic coated welded wire mesh.
Using: It allows users to combine regular shelving with bulk storage racking, to expand sideways and upwards and to add accessories.
Finishes: Electro galvanized or Hot-Dipped Zinc Coated.
Feature: Wire mesh shelves are made of Welded Wire Panels offering a certain place to store documents, articles or as display shelves for samples, catalogs, etc.
Sizes: To be made according to your specific requirements.
Top shelf
The top shelf is a greet way to cap the unit and prevent merchandise from falling behind it.
Flat top
It is building block of basic wire weld displays. It finishes the top of your perimeter or floor units, as well as any required elevation.
Lip shelves
The lip shelf creates an angled surface ideal for displaying anything from shoes to magazines to place mats.
The shelves Accessories
You can learn more about the shelve accessories. And like our shelving components, they also easy to assemble: valance band, kick base, side base, dividers, masonite doors or door kits, plastic end caps, gable bracket, faux lip shelf.
» Raw Materials/Metals
[Sell] Describe Features and Types of Wire Mesh Decking View details for: Describe Features and Types of Wire Mesh Decking
Wire Mesh Decking is deep-processing product of Welded Wire Panel, it is widely used in many fields. It makes ideal choice when air circulation and light penetration are required. Wire decking also allows water to flow in the event a sprinkler system is activated.
Wire Decking is made of hard drawn carbon steel wire and steel plates in various length, width, height and layers.
Wire Decking Sizes Available:
36" x 46", 36" x 52", 42" x 46", 42" x 52", 44" x 46", 44" x 52", 48" x 46", 48" x 52"
Wire Mesh Decking Features:
* Overhead sprinklers operate effectively;
* A reduction in fire insurance premiums;
* Reusable trip after trip;
* Stay clean because dirt cannot build up on wire grid;
* Lighter in weight and easy to handle;
* Will not rot or splinter and have no nails
Wire Decking Types:
We have solid decking, particle board decking, ribbed decking and wire decking while wire mesh decking is made hard drawn carbon steel wire and steel plates welded together.
Our factory can offer heavy duty waterfall decking made of heavy type welded wire mesh reinforced for additional strength.
» Raw Materials/Metals
[Sell] Introduction for Welded Gabion Mesh View details for: Introduction for Welded Gabion Mesh
Our factory also can provide a variety of types welded gabion mesh. Gabion is an element in the form of blocks made of steel wire mesh, welded or woven, having hexagonal opening, square or rectangular openings. Welded gabion meshes are in the shape of block or regular cube size.
These special wire bins are made of robust wire, filled with the vibrations at the quarry and transport are accompanied by the lifting straps.
Welded Gabion meshes forms:
It includes welded gabion box, welded gabion basket, mattress, and the others. They are mainly used in building blocks of gravity walls, soil retaining wall, gravity wall and reinforced structures.
This mesh Specific Applications:
* Strengthening the slopes;
* Gabion retaining walls used for their flexibility, robustness and high drainage capacity;
* Geotechnical condition assembling;
* The expansion or construction of roads on the slopes;
* Construction of railway embankments;
* Rivers banks protecting;
* Other places.
Surface Treatment:
Galvanized welded wire, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
» Raw Materials/Metals
[Sell] The Most Popular Birdcage-Welded Bird Cage View details for: The Most Popular Birdcage-Welded Bird Cage
We can serve variety of Live Animal Traps for the majority of customers. Include bird cage, dog cage, and the other animal cages. You definitely want to find a comfortable environment for your pet. We can design the cage according to the pet feather or size even feeding.
Bird cages made of welded wire have flat form, uniform opening and beautiful outlook. It is used for fencing birds and small animals, etc.
Welding Wire bird cages Materials:
* Galvanized iron;
* Plastic coated;
* Stainless Steel.
Sizes and treatment:
According to your specific requirements
Can provide three ranges sizes:
* Small size: 18L x 24W x 18H inches
* Medium size: Medium sized birds need cages that are a very minimum of 24L x 24W x 24H with bar spacing between .50 to .75 inch.
* Large size: Minimum birdcage size of 36L x 36W x 48H with 1 to 1.5-inch spacing between the bars.
Notes: L-length, W-width, H-high.
» Raw Materials/Metals
[Sell] Several New Types of Live Animal Traps View details for: Several New Types of Live Animal Traps
Live animal traps are a common product of the Welded Wire Mesh. As supplier and manufacturer of live animal raps, we can varieties of this cages including raccoon traps, squirrel traps, chipmunk traps, skunk traps, coyote traps, fox traps, mink traps, mouse traps, etc. We can manufacture live animal traps according to customers' designs and requirements.
The traps are made by metal wire and sheet, the finish coating include electro-galvanized, Hot Dipped, powder coated etc, the coating types are depend on clients' preference. We can produce as per customers' designs and samples.
Cage Trap Features:
1) Pre-assembled and ready to use
2) Powder coated for longer life
3) Gravity action door with spring loaded latch
4) This cage is durable
5) Shielded handle for safe moving of trap
6) Easy to bait, set and release
7) Double meshed around bait area to prevent tripping from outside the trap
8) Live animal trap of Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh offers safely capture troublesome pests without injury.
Varieties of Live Animal Cage Traps:
Foot pallet Cage Trap available in 16"X6"X6", 17.6"X6.6"X6.6" 19.2"X7.2"X7.2".
Made of Iron wire. Finishes: Galvanized
Single Door Cage Trap available in 18"X6 "X6", 54"X18"X18", 72"X24"X24".
Made of Iron wire Galvanized.
Pothook Cage Trap available in 11"X4"X4", 33"X14"X14", 33"X28"X28".
Made of Iron wire Galvanized.
Ranger Raccoon Traps For Trapping Raccoon
The Raccoon professional cage trap is very durable.
Sizes and Description:30" x 12" x 11".
Galvanized wire mesh, steel reinforcements. Professional model, one spring-loaded door
For trapping of various animals including dog, cat, raccoon, mouse, rats, squirrels, pigeons, foxes and other live animals.
» Raw Materials/Metals
[Sell] Reinforcing mesh as heavy type welded panel for constructions View details for: Reinforcing mesh as heavy type welded panel for constructions
Reinforcing Mesh is used for the reinforcement of concrete, is manufactured to SANS 1024:2006 and to other international standard specifications.
Reinforcing Mesh mats are the most commonly used form of prefabricated reinforcement and is particularly suitable for flat slab construction and concrete surface beds. Other designed applications include:
Retaining and shear walls
Beams and columns
Concrete paving overlays
Precast concrete elements
Suspended floor slabs
Swimming pool and gunite construction
Reinforcing Mesh mats can be detailed as either flat or bent sheets, depending on the job requirements
Reinforcing Mesh reinforcement considerably reduces construction time
SANS 1024:2006 designated fabric mats are standard welded reinforcement mats and can be scheduled simply by reference to the fabric type, sheet dimensions and bending shape codes. (The reference is the nominal mass of the fabric in kg/m2 x 100).
The cold-rolled deformed wire used in welded mesh fabric has a characteristic strength (0.2% proof stress) a minimum of 485MPa compared to 450MPa for high tensile rebar. Fabric may be used at higher stresses than high tensile rebar resulting in a material saving of up to 8%.
Important design criteria
Placing of Fabric
In order to obtain the best results when using fabric reinforcement, special care must be taken to ensure that the mesh is positioned and maintained at the correct depth after the concrete pour. This can be done by using stools or plastic or concrete spacers. Another option is to place the fabric on poured concrete that has been leveled to the desired reinforcement depth. After placing the mesh the concrete can be topped up to the specified overall slab thickness.
Ideally fabric must be located 50mm from the top of the slab and where bottom steel is required,, it must also be supported 50mm above the substrate.
Lapping of Fabric Mats
It is recommended that in calculating the lap requirement for surface bed welded mesh fabric reinforcement that the formula shall be 25 x diameter + 150mm or 300mm, whichever is the greatest.
The Reinforcing Mesh is manufactured under strict quality controls with all standards conforming to SANS 1024:2006 standard specifications and tolerances and carries the certification mark.
» Raw Materials/Metals
[Sell] Wire fence panel- double wire fence panel, PVC coated panel View details for: Wire fence panel- double wire fence panel, PVC coated panel
Wire Fence Panel can be made of superior quality welded mesh, electro galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized or plastic coated. It is also supplied in plain steel without galvanizing to save cost.
The wire fabric is made up of steel wires arranged in parallel fashion in two orthogonal directions, with the points of contact being welded between the wires by electrical welding process (spot welding) by welding machine.
The raw material for the manufacture of panels is the wire through cold rolling or by wire drawing using the hot-rolled wire produced in the steelworks.
Wire Fence Panel have the features of corrosion resistance, aging resistance, sunlight resistance and weather resistance.
The Panels are determined by several data:
Wire Diameter;
Surface Treatment;
Tensile Breaking Strength;
Panel Length and Width
Some Standard Panel Sizes:
1.5mm Wire Diameter, 1/2" X 1/2" Mesh Opening;
2mm Wire Diameter, 1" X 1" Mesh Opening;
3mm Wire Diameter, 1" X 1" Mesh Opening;
3mm Wire Diameter, 1-1/4" X 1-1/4" Mesh Opening;
4mm Wire Diameter, 1-1/2" X 1-1/2" Mesh Opening;
2mm Wire Diameter, 2" X 2" Mesh Opening;
3mm Wire Diameter, 2" X 2" Mesh Opening;
4mm Wire Diameter, 2" X 2" Mesh Opening;
5mm Wire Diameter, 2" X 2" Mesh Opening;
6mm Wire Diameter, 4" X 2" Mesh Opening;
Special sizes can be custom made.
Applications: Welded steel bar grating panels are widely used in construction reinforcement, the ground for the tunnels, bridges, highway, airport and wharf, also in construction of wall body.

Wire Fence Panel are utilized as guards in buildings and factories, as animal enclosure and fence in agriculture; it is also used in horticulture industry as tree guards, plant protection.
» Raw Materials/Metals
[Sell] 3D panel or double layer welded wire panel in constructions View details for: 3D panel or double layer welded wire panel in constructions
3D panel is a new wire mesh products, mainly used in construction. It's high tensile and is easy to install and these features make 3d wire mesh panels very popular by world construction customers.
3d Panel also called double layer Welded Wire Panel, using welding method joining two pieces of welded wire panel together. Mainly used as for construction. The side panel mesh is commonly 2" opening with 11 or 12 gauge wire, surface with galvanized wire panel or hot dip galvanized wire panel. Inserted EPS size is 2", 2.5" and 4".
Components of the installed panel include:
Foam core for insulation.
Wire mesh on inside and outside.
Welded truss of wire cross pieces.
Sprayed concrete on both sides ("shotcrete").
Benefits of 3D Panel: Thermal Insulation, Fireproofing, Moisture proofing , Soundproofing, Lightweight , Economical Efficiency , Shortening of Construction Time.
3D panel uses: These panels are 4 feet wide and come in almost any length. They can be used for the walls, roof, floor, and so on.
» Raw Materials/Metals
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