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Company Name: Pischan Pool Fence Factory
Contact Person: li li
City: hengshui
Country: China China
Local Time:
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Introduction: Pischan Pool Fence Factory manufactures all types of pool fence products. Our pool safety fences are top quality and strong. If you are looking for something special for your pool fence, look to Pischan Pool Fence.

Pischan Pool Fence offers the highest quality pool fences that meet all your pool fencing needs. The best quality swimming safety pool fences are durable, and it keeps your family as safe as possible. We can create a pool fence that matches your house and protects your children and your neighbors.

Our pool fences mainly include Aluminum pool fencing, vinyl pool fence, wire pool fence, wrought iron pool fence, steel pool fencing, removable pool fence, temporary mesh pool fencing and chain link pool fencing. Every manufacturing process has strict quality control, carefully selected raw materials , elaborate design and careful manufacturing.
Business Type: Manufacturer
Areas of Interest: 1. Raw Materials/Mines & Minerals

Offers From This Member (10)

[Sell] Swimming Pool Fence View details for: Swimming Pool Fence
Installation of a pool safety fence will keep your children away from the pool area and prevent tragic accidents. It is an investment for homeowners who want to protect their most valued treasures their children.
Swimming Pool Fence add a swimming pool barrier that helps protect children from entering the pool area unsupervised. Fitted for any pool shape, our pool fences keep your swimming pool safe and give you quick, easy access.
Swimming Pool Fence must comply with the following key requirements:
Pools must be surrounded by a pool fence which fully separates the pool from any residential building situated on the premises.
must have latching devices located at least 1.5meters above floor level and window must be permanently fixed so as not to open more than 100mm or be provided with other approved barriers. There must also be no foot-holds, which enable a child to reach the latching or locking device or climb through the windows.
Pool fencing must be not less than 1.2meters high measured from the outside except for boundary fencing which must have a height of not less than 1.8meters high.
Pool gates must open outwards from the pool area and they must be self-closing and self-latching at all times.
The vertical components in the fences must not be more than 100mm apart.
The horizontal members in the fence must not be less than 900mm apart.
The space below the fence must not be more than 100mm.
The latching device on the gates must not be less than 1.5 meters above ground level, or alternatively the latching device is to be located on the inside of the gate/fence and be shielded so it is only accessible by stretching over the gate/fence.
» Raw Materials/Mines & Minerals
[Sell] Steel Pool Fencing View details for: Steel Pool Fencing
Aluminum pool fencing is a common substitute for steel pool fencing because of its lighter weight, but some homeowners still prefer the look of steel, or wrought-iron, fencing. Though expensive, it's a popular choice when a homeowner installs a pool and wrought iron is already featured in other areas, because of the desire to match materials. Both aluminum and steel pool fencing can be powder-colored in a variety of colors.
Our steel pool fencing specifications:
Fence material: Tubular Steel.
Panel size: 2.4 meter lengths.
Height: 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm.
Tube size: 16mm or 19mm diameter vertical tube.
Color: White, black, green, red.
» Raw Materials/Mines & Minerals
[Sell] Safety Pool Fence View details for: Safety Pool Fence
Whether you're taking it easy, relaxing with family or entertaining friends, you'll find it so much more pleasurable around a pool. In fact, the backyard swimming pool has become a lot more than a place to cool off during summer. It's an integral lifestyle feature for a growing number of homes.
An essential part of every pool is safety pool fence. Our safety pool fences come in a wide choice of styles, material, colours and finishes to suit every pool.
» Raw Materials/Mines & Minerals
[Sell] Removable Pool Fence View details for: Removable Pool Fence
Installing a removable mesh pool fencing system to provide a barrier around swimming pools for babies, toddlers and young children.
What are the Advantages of a Removable Pool Fence?
Removable mesh pool fences create a barrier between your house and your swimming pool, while still allowing a clear view of your pool.
Unlike most forms of permanent fences, our mesh pool fence is climb-resistant.
This type of fence can be easily removed in minutes and rolled and stored during occasions when a swimming pool barrier is not desired.
Accessing the pool for maintenance is easier with pool fences compared to other types of pool safety barriers.
Frequent swimmers appreciate the convenient and quick adult access allowed by a swimming pool fence as opposed to other types of barriers that are more time consuming and must be replaced after each pool use.
Our pool nets are removable, you can easily take it off and put it back on again when you need.
Removable Pool Fence can be installed into any ground surface and any shape.
There are numerous options to consider when choosing a removable pool fence. Such as rectangular posts, round terminating posts, and self-closing pool gates, which make our removable pool fence uniquely customizable.
» Raw Materials/Mines & Minerals
[Sell] Pool Fencing View details for: Pool Fencing
Pool Fencing is the superior swimming pool barrier for the safety of children and pets.
Purchasing safety pool fencing for your swimming pool is an investment in the safety of your family and your neighbors. Pool fencing is a safe method of ensuring child doesn't drown in a swimming pool.
Having decided to purchase swimming pool fencing, you are now confronted with a series of choices about types of fencing to buy. You'll want to consider aesthetics, security, strength, UV and rust protection and budget. Budget is determined primarily by the materials used and the required length, as most types of fencing will accommodate various shapes.
Here is a brief description of types and features of available swimming pool fencing:
» Raw Materials/Mines & Minerals
[Sell] Pool Fence View details for: Pool Fence
Pool fence will help make your pool safe and allow your pool to be an attractive part of your landscape. We can provide a new pool fence for your pool or upgrade your existing fence to meet today's safety standard.
Every pool accident can be avoided, and every child can be kept safety around a swimming pool with the installation of a pool fence. It's the most important prevention available.
Pool should be completely surrounded by fencing. Gates should be self-closing and self-latching. The latch should be out of the child reach.
Pool fence construction: Pool fencing must be made from durable materials that can withstand exposure to weather, sunlight, pool chemical and water. The pool fence can not be made of materials that can be torn, stretched, pierced or cut.
» Raw Materials/Mines & Minerals
[Sell] Pool Fence Installation View details for: Pool Fence Installation
A quality pool fence installation is critical to both safety and appearance.
The basics:
Installation requires drilling a pattern of small, 1 1/4" (32mm) holes in the patio at 3' (91.44cm) intervals.
diamond core drilling equipment for clean, precise drilling of your patio surface.
Planning considerations include:
How far from the edge of the pool on each side you wish to place the fence.
Where you want fence openings and whether manual or self closing gates.
Design contours of the fence.
Measure and mark each pool fence post location on your patio to assure precision.
Now that the fence post locations are marked, we will core drill exactly on those marks. We use a stand mounted, wet drilling core drill to drill precise holes in the cement. These core drills use a hollow, diamond tipped core bit that drills the hole.
» Raw Materials/Mines & Minerals
[Sell] Chain Link Pool Fencing View details for: Chain Link Pool Fencing
We offer all types of chain link pool fencing for both residential, public, and semi-public applications.
A Chain Link fence around a pool will provide the proper safety requirements. It's hard to beat a chain link fence. Chain link fences are economical, easy to install and require very little maintenance. They are often made from galvanized steel, but they can also be composed of aluminum.
For Example: Using a 4' high, 1-1/4" mesh chain link fabric, instead of the standard 2" mesh, makes the fence difficult to climb. Another option would be to use lattice installed in a chain link fence. this would also make the fence difficult to climb. Access gates must be self-closing and self latching.
Our Chain link pool fences are available in sections with 4', 6' and 8' widths.
When using chain link for your pool fence, the mesh size should not be larger that 1-1/4 inches square unless slats (fastened at the top or bottom of the fence) are used to reduce mesh opening to no more than 1-3/4 inches. Any gaps under the fence should be no more than 55mm or (2 inches) all the way around the fence. Chain link pool fence gates should be positioned on the shallow end of the pool, should open out, should be self closing and self locking, and the gate locks should be placed on the inside of the gate, for 4 and 5 foot tall gates.
» Raw Materials/Mines & Minerals
[Sell] Aluminium Pool Fencing View details for: Aluminium Pool Fencing
Aluminium pool fencing is a perfect option for protecting your child. With Pool Safety Fence installed, your backyard becomes a play area for your child Cnot a danger zone.
Aluminium pool fence panels are available in many attractive colors, designs and sizes. It is simple to install, and can be easily modified to suit a wide variety of profiles. The advantage of using Aluminium pool fencing is the ease of upkeep, the affordability and the savings on professional installation. Aluminum pool fencing will not rust, chip or crack.
Our Aluminium pool fencing has a classical and contemporary look. Our Aluminium Fencing Range as following:
» Raw Materials/Mines & Minerals
[Sell] Above Ground Pool Fencing View details for: Above Ground Pool Fencing
The walls of above ground pool often serve as a barrier to access. However, if the height of the pool walls is less than four feet, then additional pool fencing must be installed. Since most above ground pools have stairs for easier entry, these stairs need to be removable or able to be raised, or they too must have a fence around them.
Above ground pool fencing, as you would expect from the name, this type of fencing is specific to above-ground pools. While some people make the mistake of believing that children can't climb into an above ground pool from the ground, the creativity and curiosity of children means that installation of a fence on your above-ground pool is just as important as it is for an in-ground pool. It also provides additional privacy when you use your pool. Above ground pool fence is typically available in 24- or 36-inch height and made of white vinyl, also known as resin. Vinyl fencing's advantages include being lightweight but sturdy, as well as rust-proof and maintenance-free.
» Raw Materials/Mines & Minerals
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