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Company Name: Hebei Green window screen factory
Contact Person: jingjing Miao
City: Anping
Country: China China
Local Time:
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Introduction: Welcome to Green window screen factory with exceptional customer service, superior products and leading edge technology!

Green window screen factory is engaged in wire screening for many years. Our factory manufactures and exports various ranges of wire screens. Screens are widely used in filtration, windows for mosquitoes, doors and so on. We can supply all kinds of materials and specifications screens for customers from all over the worlds.

The window screen, insect screen or fly screen is a metal wire, fiberglass, or other synthetic fiber mesh, stretched in a frame of wood or metal, designed to cover the opening of an open window. Its primary purpose is to keep leaves, debris, insects, birds, and other animals from entering a building or a screened structure such as a porch, while permitting fresh air-flow.
Our screen products mainly include window screens, fiberglass window screen, aluminum window screening, plastic wire screens, stainless steel window wire screen, galvanized steel window insect screen, fly screen, cooper window screens and so on. Apart from these wire screen products, the window screen installation information can be available.
Green window screen factory professionally produces all kinds of wire screens. If you have the need of screens, please feel free to contact us with the detailed inquiry and specifications of window screens. We will try best to supply the superior products for you.
Business Type: Exporter, Manufacturer
Areas of Interest: 1. Raw Materials/Mines & Minerals

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[Sell] copper or bronze window insect screen View details for: copper or bronze window insect screen
Commercially pure copper screening is resistant to atmospheric corrosion, salt air and brine.
In many situations, copper will slowly darken with time. Screens exposed to salt sprays often turn green although the copper holds up extremely well in costal applications.
Copper was the earliest popular material used for insect and fly screens. Historic structures are typically screened with copper.
When possible, bronze should be considered when replacing copper as it performs equally well with salt spray and is more durable than pure copper.
Copper offers excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. It is non-magnetic, anti-sparking and is resistant to atmospheric corrosion, salt air and brine. Copper applications are limited due to its low tensile strength, and poor resistance to abrasion and common acids.
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[Sell] Galvanized Window Screen Materials, Sizes, Packages View details for: Galvanized Window Screen Materials, Sizes, Packages
Galvanized screen is made of electro-galvanized zinc-coated steel with a wire diameter of 0.009. The wire mesh is 18 x 14, which means there are 18 vertical wires per inch and 14 horizontal wires per inch. That's the same mesh used in most household windows.
Galvanized Iron wire netting uses mild steel wire to weave it into wire netting first, then galvanized. Based on the way of galvanized, it can be divided into blue white passivation galvanized iron wire netting, iridescence passivation galvanized iron wire netting and white galvanized iron wire netting. Blue white galvanized iron wire netting is our commendatory products, because dealing with the passivation, it is much more anti-corrosion than others and the color and rustre is much lighter. The color of the blue white passivation galvanized iron wire netting after packing will not be change five years past in the common warehouse.Galvanized iron wire netting is wildly used in house and the hotel against mosquito and flies or other flying worms.
14x14 mesh sizes, 14x16, 16x16, 16x18, and 14x18 available.
The standard width is 100cm (39 "), only available up to 60cm (23") of 90cm (36 "), 120cm (47") and 150cm (59 ").
Colors to your requirement, such as black, gray, brown, white, yellow, blue, green, etc..
Packing: Inside, each roll with plastic film, 10 rolls per carton, or according to your requirement.
Roll length: 30 meters / roll (33 yards).
A 20ft container filled with load of about 90, 000 m2 (108, 000 and d2).
Rollers minimum order 100 each width.
Weaving: Galvanized after weaving or after weaving; plain weave.
Ant-mildew and corrosion.
Color washable and attractive.
Good resistance to weather.
Stable size, good ventilation and light transmission.
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[Sell] Aluminum Mesh Roller Blinds or window roller shades for home View details for: Aluminum Mesh Roller Blinds or window roller shades for home
We can supply anti-insect aluminum window screen in the form roller blinds available with manual (chain, spring or crank) or motorized operation.
We supply in a choice of different models depending upon the specific requirements.
Wide choice of boxes and side channels that can be supplied to match the color of the window frames.
Telescopic side channels are available to allow fitting to crooked walls (up to 10 mm difference).
Box, side channels and bottom rail supplied with brush to guarantee maximum impenetrability.
The window screen against insect can be tailored to satisfy any design or installation request.
Window Screening Fabric: Roll-up, washable insect net in high quality fiberglass, or aluminum mesh for a long life and improved weather resistance.
» Raw Materials/Metals
[Sell] Aluminum Window Screen Introduction, Features And Applications View details for: Aluminum Window Screen Introduction, Features And Applications
Aluminum window screen is made of Al-Mg alloy wire in plain weaving.
Color: Silver bright or charcoal. Aluminum screening is tough and durable, typically in 18 x 16 mesh, 0.011 diameter screening, suitable for most door and window applications. Aluminum window screen will not rust or mildew. Supplied in rolls or cut pieces.
Features: Aluminum window screen has light weight, good corrosion resistance and rust resistance. Strong and durable screening that resists rust and will not sag. A protective finish prevents corrosion and strengthens the weave. This Aluminum Screening is one of many top quality items in the window screen.

Application: As insect screening or shade against flies and mosquito, machinery protection, ventilation material and receiving signals.
» Raw Materials/Mines & Minerals
[Sell] Stainless Steel Window Screen Profile And Specifications View details for: Stainless Steel Window Screen Profile And Specifications
Stainless steel insect mesh is made of the basic stainless alloy (Type 304). It is the most durable of the materials available for insect mesh and has excellent resistance to corrosion.
Stainless steel insect mesh keeps out flies, wasps, bees, mosquitoes and other insects, but not midges.
Priced by the meter, cut from a roll 1.22m wide, shipped as a single piece of mesh in the number of meters specified
» Raw Materials/Metals
[Sell] Sunshade netting with materials of plastic netting and colors View details for: Sunshade netting with materials of plastic netting and colors
Sunshade netting is the netting as the application. The materials are usually polyester, plastic, fiberglass and so on. The colors are black, white, yellow, and others as need. Here is the common specifications on show. If you have the special specifications and colors, please give the detail.
Description of Item:
material:170T polyester with polyamide coating .
fabric size:4x4m.
4pcsx4m rope.
2pcsx2.2mxdia19mm steel tube (plug gable).
incl. UV Protection.
incl. 6 earth nails .
incl 2 ground peaks.
incl 2 spikes for steel tube
waterproof, colorfast, lightfast, non slip and washable by hand 40C.
UV Protection 40%.
Detailed material description:
170T polyester with coating.
Pieces/ Sets per inner carton/ poly bag:each pcs packed into a 4-5 color box.
Pieces/ Sets per export carton: 2pcs packed into one carton.
» Raw Materials/Metals
[Sell] Aluminum mosquito netting and fiberglass mosquito screen info View details for: Aluminum mosquito netting and fiberglass mosquito screen info
Mosquito net offers protection against mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. The common materials are aluminum screen, fiberglass anti-mosquito screen, steel insect screen, plastic insect netting and so on.
Here are the aluminum and fiberglass material common sizes and colors. Other types and specifications can be inquired.
» Raw Materials/Metals
[Sell] Plastic insect screen or PVC coated window screen for mosquito View details for: Plastic insect screen or PVC coated window screen for mosquito
Window screening is widely used for windows and corridors to prevent insects from interrupting The specifications include 14*14 mesh, 16*14 mesh, 16*16 mesh, 18*16 mesh, 18*18 mesh, 18*14 mesh, and the wire diameter generally is BWG 31or BWG 32. The following window screening are available for supplying.
Weaving: Plain weave.
Property: Light weight and beautiful appearance.
Application: Civil construction against flies and mosquito.
» Raw Materials/Metals
[Sell] Stainless steel screen for printing with plain weaving types View details for: Stainless steel screen for printing with plain weaving types
Stainless steel wire screen is the most popular and widely used mesh in filter and industry. Stainless steel wire mesh is also used in mesh printing.
Stainless steel wire mesh weaving types: plain weaving, twill, plain dutch weaving, twill dutch, twill dutch double and stranded weaving.
» Raw Materials/Metals
[Sell] Fiberglass Window Screen Profile, Specification And Installation View details for: Fiberglass Window Screen Profile, Specification And Installation
Fiberglass Screen Specifications
Fiberglass screen material is typically available in 100 foot rolls in varying widths, from 18 inches to 120 inches wide. Aluminum screen material is available in 100 foot rolls except the range of available widths is less than for the more commonly used fiberglass. The fineness of a screen mesh is measured in wires per inch on the warp (length) and the weft or filler (width). An 18×14 mesh has become standard; 16×16 was formerly common and other common sizes are 18×18 and 20×20.
Fiberglass solar screens provide over 75% of UV protection, by using thicker strands and a closer mesh than regular 18x14 fiberglass window screening. There is some reduction in visibility, but this can be advantageous, since Solar Screens are difficult to see through from the outside, while easier to see through from the inside.
Finer meshes have been developed to prevent very small insects. The finer mesh screens are also used to prevent pollens and allergens from entering homes in order to control allergic reactions.
Fiberglass window screen installation

Remove the spline, a round strip of material that sits in a trench all around the screen frame. If necessary, use a screwdriver to pry the spline out. Set the spline aside, but do not discard it. If you are replacing an old screen in the same frame, remove and discard the old screen fabric.
Lay the new screen fabric flat over the frame so that it extends past the spline trench by at least 1/2 inch (preferably more) on all sides. Cut the fabric so that it extends no more than around 1 inch past the trench on all sides. Cut the corners off of the fabric at 45-degree angles so that the screen fabric covers the spline trench completely, but the corners of the frame extend past the fabric.
Push the screen fabric into the spline trench all around the frame using the convex-edged wheel of a spline roller. Gently stretch the screen fabric as you work so that the fabric is taut in the frame. Go around the entire frame several times, until the fabric is taut and pushed fully down into the trench.
Press the spline back into the trench over the screen fabric using the concave -edged wheel of the spline roller. Stretch the spline as you go so that it reaches all the way around the frame; leave as little gap between the spline's ends as possible. Go around the entire frame two or three times until the spline is fully pushed down into the trench.
Hold the frame vertically and inspect it to make sure the screen fabric is completely taut within, there are no gaps where the screen did not reach the trench and that the fabric is not so taut as to warp the screen frame. If any of these are the case, remove the spline and start again at step 2.
» Raw Materials/Metals
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