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Company Name: CAW Annealed Wire Co., Ltd
Contact Person: zhanghui
City: hengshui
Country: China China
Local Time:
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Introduction: Since its foundation in 1983, CAW Black Annealed Wire Company has been supplying annealed wires for a great number of countries all through the world, including the United States, England, South Africa, Pakistan, UAE, Korea and so on. Most of them have been ours frequent customers for our stable source of black annealed wires with the most competitive prices.

Why choose us as your final supplier?

High quality raw materials
It is known that the quality of low carbon steel determines the workability of the annealed wires. To ensure the workability and durability, raw materials are all purchased from famous steel works in China, such as SHOUGANG GROUP and JINAN IRON&STEEL. Though the cost of our raw materials is a little higher, we believe that only high quality products speak louder.
Mature experience and skilled workers
Since CAW has been built more than 30 years, its mature experience wins it a broader and broader market both at home and abroad. Black annealed wire can be further processed to various products and widely used in construction, home, various industries. Annealed wire can be coated by zinc or PVC to strengthen its corrosive resistance against damp, acid or alkali environments. Baling wire, rebar tie wire and straightened and cut wire are our regular products. If you have other smart ideas of using annealed wire, please let us know and we will be ready for designing the new products together.
Custom services for special requirements
Annealed wires provided here are manufactured with popular dimensions. Special rare sizes are customized for your unique purposes.
Multiple packages for choice
Packaged in coils, spools, cartons and crate are available. Different weights, such as 5kg, 15kg, 25kg, 100kg or more are provided.
Business Type: Manufacturer
Areas of Interest: 1. Raw Materials/Metals

Offers From This Member (7)

[Sell] Straightened and cut annealed and galvanized wire View details for: Straightened and cut annealed and galvanized wire
Straightened and Cut Wire makes binding easier
Straightened and cut annealed wires are very workable for binding up construction materials, tags or similar items for good properties of flexibility and ductility. They come to various sizes from 0.5mm to 8.0mm and can be cut to certain length ranging from 400 to 6000mm. Special lengths can be customized according to your requirement.
Easy transport and handling allows for popular application in construction, handicrafts or daily use. Galvanized and PVC coating adds a protective surface against corrosion.
Black straightened
and cut annealed wire
Bright straightened and cut wire
Green PVC coated straight cut wireYour benefits
Flexibility and ductility allows for better workability;
Zinc coating prevent corrosion;
Precision length;
Custom lengths are available;
Size: 0.5mm to 8.0mm;
Length: 400mm to 6000mm
Galvanized Annealed
PVC coated annealed
Packaged in cartons
» Machinery & Tools/Satellite
[Sell] Annealed tie wire with zinc coating, PVC coating and non-coating View details for: Annealed tie wire with zinc coating, PVC coating and non-coating
Flexible annealed tie wire makes tying easier
Tie wire is a kind of drawn wire from low carbon steel. To improve its flexibility and ductility, low carbon tie wire is always annealed. According to different subsequent treatment processes, galvanized, PVC coated and black annealed baling wire. They are mainly used in construction industry for its optimum workability. Today they are still popular among homes and entertainment places.
Zinc coated and PVC coated binding wire possesses better performance against corrosion to adapt to different harsh environments.
Besides excellent corrosive resistance, bright or colorful appearance adds attractiveness to the places where used.
Product Description:
Material: Low carbon steel
Wire Dia: 0.7mm to 5.5mm
Wire Gauge: SWG3 to SWG23
Tensile strength: 305 - 700N/m2
Finish: Annealed, galvanized and PVC coated
Packaging: 1.5kg/coil, 10kg/coil, 25kg/coil and 50kg/coil, plastic film inside and woven bag outside
Black annealed tie wire
PVC coated baling wire
Galvanized baling wire
» Machinery & Tools/Mechanical Lubricants
[Sell] Black annealed wire makes tie easier and fixed View details for: Black annealed wire makes tie easier and fixed
Versatile black annealed wire used in construction, agriculture
A coil of black annealed wire
Annealing alerts the inside structure to improve workability by softening material, relieving internal stresses and refining the structure.
Black annealed wires are frequently processed into tie wires, straight cut wire, binding wire and similar items for its excellent flexibility and ductility. They are widely deployed in civil construction as tie wire and in agriculture used for baling hay.
Owing to its dark appearance, it is always considered as ?invisible? wire. It is the reason why dark annealed wire is often found place in repair shops, elevator repair shops, landscapes, Christmas tree farms and wreath makers.
Product description:
Material: Low carbon steel
Treatment: Annealing
Wire gauge: #8 to #22 (0.71 to 4.06mm)
Packing: Coils, inside plastic film and outside plastic bag
Dark ?invisible? annealed wire are used to fix lights to Christmas trees
» Machinery & Tools/Machinery
[Sell] Galvanized annealed wire, flexible and corrosion-resistant View details for: Galvanized annealed wire, flexible and corrosion-resistant
Galvanized annealed wire is suitable for corrosive working environment. Zinc coating is applied to annealed low carbon steel wire in order to prevent rusting.
Zinc coating forms a physical barrier on the metal to be protected. When exposed to the atmosphere, a series of chemical action occur and finally zinc carbonate is created. Zinc carbonate protects base metal from further corrosion. According to galvanization processes, there are two types including electro and hot-dip.
Material: Low carbon steel wire
Wire diameter: 0.50mm to 6.0mm (BWG25-BWG4)
Finish: Zinc coating
Packaging: 0.3kg/coil - 50kg/coil plastic inside, hessian cloth or weaving bags outside
Annealed electro galvanized wire
» Machinery & Tools/Machinery
[Sell] PVC coated annealed wire for harsh environment View details for: PVC coated annealed wire for harsh environment
Workable and durable PVC coated annealed wire
Green PVC coated annealed wire
Annealing alters inside structure of low carbon steel, strengthening ductility and relieving stress. Thus, annealed wire is ideal for tying wire, straight and cut wire, U type wire, rebar tie wire and similar items. However, when encountered by harsh environment, common steel is easy to rust.
PVC coating is designed to protect base steel wire from external corrosion. PVC coated wire can withstand extreme weathering, ultraviolet rays, corrosion of alkali and some acids. As a result of PVC coating, annealed wire has a far broader application than before. In addition, colorful PVC coated wire is often considered as a decorative element in modern times.
Product description:
Material: low carbon steel
Treatment: annealed, galvanized and PVC coated
Color: Green, red, blue, yellow or any color
Wire Dia.: 0.71mm to 4.06mm
Wire Gauge: SWG.8 to SWG.23
Packaging: 5kg/coil, 10kg/coil, 25kg/coil or as required, plastic inside and plastic bag outside
» Machinery & Tools/Machinery
[Sell] Rebar tie annealed wire, galvanized and PVC coated available View details for: Rebar tie annealed wire, galvanized and PVC coated available
Workable rebar tie annealed wire
Rebar tie wire here has been processed by annealing treatment which significantly improve workability and service life. Zinc coating and PVC coating adds a protective layer of annealed wire. Hence, rebar tie wire is a perfect combination of corrosive resistance and excellent flexibility and ductility. Tie wire twist is also supplied, which saves time and improve efficiency substantially.
Note: Stainless steel wire is provided for special application.
Galvanized rebar tie
Black annealed rebar tie wire
Rebar tie wire with blue PVC coating
» Machinery & Tools/Machinery
[Sell] U type annealed wire, galvanized, PVC coated available View details for: U type annealed wire, galvanized, PVC coated available
Workable U Type Annealed Wire
U type anneal wires are mainly used to bind reinforced bars together in the construction industry for its premium performance of flexibility, corrosive resistance as well as attractive appearance. In recent years, U type binding wires are found great popularity in homes, enterprises and leisure entertainment.
U type tying wire is manufactured by annealed low carbon steel wire which possesses better ductility and workability. Galvanized, PVC coated and black annealed tie wires offer multiple choices for special purposes. Any length can be supplied. Sizes range from 0.8mm to 1.6mm while lengths 250mm to 600mm. Different dimensions required can be customized.
Note: Slight oil is applied to prevent rust during transportation.
» Raw Materials/Metals
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