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Company Name: Shandong Dream Clean Tech Co., Ltd
Contact Person: Wendy
City: dongying
Country: China China
Local Time:
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Introduction: Shandong Dream Clean Tech Co., Ltd is located in the High-tech Development Zone of Dongying City, Shandong, China. Based on the large oil field, Sinopec Shengli Oil Field, we are dedicated to oily sewage treatment in the petroleum industry, waste and lubricanting oil purification and regeneration, and road asphalt construction pollution prevention.
Business Type: Exporter, Manufacturer
Areas of Interest: 1. Chemicals/Detergents & Cleaning
2. Chemicals/Equipment

Offers From This Member (7)

[Sell] DM-3 Oil Well Three-phase Metering Device View details for: DM-3 Oil Well Three-phase Metering Device
Output of oil, water, and gas of oil wells are the most basic production parameters for oilfields to increase revenue and reduce expenditures, and realize intensive and digital production. However, due to different nature of the crude oil of each well, there are huge differences in fluid production, gas production, separated water , as well as the irregularities of oil well fluids and other complex factors, thus it is difficult to find a simple operation with strong adaptability, and measurement accuracy at home and abroad, which severely restrict improvement of the information construction and intensive management of the oil field. Our credible three-phase oil measurement technology is for this problem, especially for those oil wells that enter the high water period or high gas content.
» Machinery & Tools/Equipment
[Sell] Integrated Modified Asphalt Production Plant View details for: Integrated Modified Asphalt Production Plant
The production and processing of SBS modified asphalt must be carried out within a certain temperature range, which is determined by experiments with different grades of asphalt. Matching domestic high-quality thermal transfer oil heating furnace, pneumatic valve, temperature controller, heat-conducting oil, burner and program controller imported from Germany or Japan adopted to ensure the constant temperature control. Through automatic combustion and stop of heating furnace, circulating of heat-transfer oil, automatic opening and shutting of pneumatic valve, the heat is sent to each heating part and set by the temperature controller, so as to achieve temperature control automation.
» Chemicals/Equipment
[Sell] Automated Barrel Cleaner View details for: Automated Barrel Cleaner
The automatic cleaning line for used oil barrels uses high-pressure hot water to clean the inner and outer walls of the barrel at 360 degrees without dead angles . After air-drying, it can be further repaired and then sold as a container.
The whole system includes:
Check line
Outside cleaning line
Internal cleaning line
Repair line
Oil-water separation device
Sewage purification and reuse device
Processing capacity: 20-200 per hour, can be customized
» Machinery & Tools/Equipment
[Sell] Mini modular crude oil refineries View details for: Mini modular crude oil refineries
Our mini modular crude oil refineries are special equipment customized according to the basic technological principles of petroleum processing, local crude oil indicators and the specific needs of users. Its daily processing capacity is between 1 to 60 tons usually, but they can also be scaled and customized according to customer requirements.
» Chemicals/Equipment
[Sell] Gear oil Purfication for pumping unit View details for: Gear oil Purfication for pumping unit
This device is used in various pumping unit production units and pumping unit repair units, and is used for the centralized purification of gear oil produced by the pumping unit test unit and the separation and purification of the oil sludge generated during the pumping unit repair process.
» Chemicals/Equipment
[Sell] Oil Sludge Treatment Plant View details for: Oil Sludge Treatment Plant
Our integrated oil sludge treatment plant is modular which can be skid-mouted or fixed. It mainly consists of hydration unit, conveying system, drying unit, waste gas treatment unit and PLC control unit.
 high processing efficiency, small footprint, and is easy to disassemble, transport, and install.
 All motors of the equipment are of the highest level of explosion-proof, explosion-proof level DIIBT4.
 PLC programming and touch screen centralized control, the control cabinet is nitrogen positive pressure explosion-proof.
 The internal cavity of the equipment is equipped with nitrogen protection plus steam double insurance measures
 The chamber pressure transmission of the drying device detects the negative pressure of the inner chamber at any time to control the air flow in and out
» Chemicals/Equipment
[Sell] Oily Waste Water Treatment View details for: Oily Waste Water Treatment
Positioned on the technical route of chemistry plus physics process, we have developed DCFCM technology and matched integrated oily waste treatment plant as one crystallizations of our technology.
The core of the DCFCM technology is the integrated technology of axial flow cyclone plus microbubble air flotation and charged membrane filtration. Based on this technology, we have developed a series of integrated oil-water separation equipment, which have been successfully working in oil processing stations, oil drilling platforms, transfer stations, and sewage treatment plants in Sinopec, PetroChina and CNOOC. It has completely solved the old problems from conventional process flow like complex equipment, more land area, messy pipelines, low degree of self-control, and inconvenient operation. It is a new low-cost and efficient process and a method featuring of fast, efficient and digital in oilfild oily waste water treatment.
» Chemicals/Equipment
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