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Business Directory

Necklace Making

Offer From Non Premium Member

Type: Sell

supply linen/cotton blended fabric

Description: linen/cotton blended fabric
55L/45C 11Sx11S 51x47 63''
55L/45C 8Sx8S 42x38 63''
55L/45C 15Sx15S 56x54 63''
55L/45C 20Sx20S 60x58 63''
55L/45C 21Sx11S 52x54 63''
55L/45C 11Sx11S/2 36x30 63''
55L/45C 21S+21Sx7S 84x39 63''
55L/45C 5Sx5S 30x33 63''
55L/45C 6Sx6S 32x34 63''
55L/45C 11S/2x11S/2 42x30 63''
55L/45C 30Sx30S 68x68 63''
Placement Date: Apr 21, 2006
Expiration Date: Apr 21, 2007

Company Information

Company Name: spunky industrial limited
Contact Person: allen
City: hk
Country: China China
Local Time:
E-mail: Premium Membership Required (Join Free Today)
Introduction: spunky industrial limited is an enterprise specialized in grey cloth and linen fabric manufacturing. spunky industrial limited possesses fixed assets of over RMB 20 million, with staffing of 350 persons and an area of 26000 square meters. We have clients from all over the world, such as Taiwan, HK, Japan, Korea, European countries and U.S.A etc. Our present clients have maintained a continuous relationship for over 9 years due to our performance in quality, our competitive prices, and our ability to meet schedules.Our quality assurance program meet or exceed our clients needs. Our company has also applied for ISO-9001 status. We will continue to progress in building a flexible and responsive organization.With over 10 years of hands on experience, we are not only dedicated to complete customer satisfaction, but we also look forward to the challenges which our customers present us. All we need is an opportunity to show you how professional and customer-oriented we are. So if you give us that opportunity, you will be glad you did. 100% linen fabric linen/ viscose blended fabric linen/ cotton blended fabric linen/ cotton interwoven fabric linen/ cotton interwoven fabric 100% linen dyed fabric 100% linen stretch fabric Our products product 1. linen/viscose blended fabric 55L/45V 10Sx10S 44x38 63\'\' 55L/45V 10Sx10S 44x40 63\'\' 55L/45V 10Sx10S 44x42 63\'\' 55L/45V 10Sx10S 44x44 63\'\' 55L/45V 10Sx10S 46x42 63\'\' 55L/45V 9Sx9S 44x42 63\'\' 55L/45V 9Sx9S 44x38 63\'\' 55L/45V 6Sx6S 26x31 63\'\' 55L/45V 15Sx15S 56x54 63\'\' 55L/45V 20Sx20S 60x60 63\'\' 55L/45V 14Sx14S 44x48 63\'\' 55L/45V 11Sx11S 51x47 63\'\' 30L/70V 12Sx12S 51x47 63\'\' 20L/80V 10S×10S 44×38 63\'\' 2. linen/cotton blended fabric 55L/45C 11Sx11S 51x47 63\'\' 55L/45C 8Sx8S 42x38 63\'\' 55L/45C 15Sx15S 56x54 63\'\' 55L/45C 20Sx20S 60x58 63\'\' 55L/45C 21Sx11S 52x54 63\'\' 55L/45C 11Sx11S/2 36x30 63\'\' 55L/45C 21S+21Sx7S 84x39 63\'\' 55L/45C 5Sx5S 30x33 63\'\' 55L/45C 6Sx6S 32x34 63\'\' 55L/45C 11S/2x11S/2 42x30 63\'\' 55L/45C 30Sx30S 68x68 63\'\' 3.terylene/linen/viscose blended fabric 30T/30L/40V 10Sx10S 44x38 63\'\' 40T/20L/40V 10Sx10S 44x38 63\'\' 4. linen/viscose interwoven fabric 55L/45V 30S/2x14S 47x58 63\'\' 55L/45V 20Sx14S 59x52 63\'\' 55L/45V 30S/2x9S 54x44 63\'\' 5. linen/cotton interwoven fabric 55L/45C 21Sx14S 54x52 63\'\' 55L/45C 32Sx17S 51x33 63\'\' 6.linen/cotton blended streth fabric 55L/42R/3 9Sx9S+70D 44x40 63\'\' 55L/45C 11Sx11S+70D 51x47 63\'\' 55L/45C 15Sx15S+70D 56x54 63\'\' 55L/45C 20Sx20S+40D 60x52 63\'\' 55L/45C 15Sx15S+70D 50x48 63\'\' 55L/45C 14Sx14S+70D 54x52 63\'\' 55L/45C 10Sx10S+40D 43x40 63\'\' 7.pure linen fabric 100%L 14Sx14S 54x54 63\'\' 100%L 9Sx9S 44x43 63\'\' 100%L 7Sx7S 36x32 63\'\' 100%L 6Sx6S 41x35 63\'\' 100%L 21Sx21S 52x53 63\'\' 100%L 21Sx21S 36x36 63\'\'
Business Type: Manufacturer
Areas of Interest: 1. Agriculture & Farm/Vegetables
2. General & Leisure Goods/Gifts
3. Raw Materials/Other
4. Textile & Wear/Clothing
5. Textile & Wear/Fabric
6. Textile & Wear/Yarn & Thread
7. Textile & Wear/Other

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