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Type: Sell

Ground observation well ground detection well observation well

Description: The price range is 70-100 yuan per zH-GOW5000 grounding observation well, referred to as observation well, which is a kind of prefabricated object made of high strength plastic and used to test the performance of grounding device. The product can be widely used in the auxiliary engineering of earthing facilities in various fields, such as working earthing, protection earthing, anti-interference earthing, lightning earthing and anti-static earthing, providing great convenience for real-time monitoring of earthing efficiency and testing of earthing effect. The product has been tested by the national building materials department, and all the technical indexes meet the advanced requirements. The construction is simple, and it integrates the convenience and efficiency of dew point protection and monitoring of grounding body, so it has extremely superior grounding application value. The grounding observation well is formed by casting process with efficient anti-corrosion and strengthening plastic. The product is used in auxiliary engineering of grounding facilities in various fields, which provides great convenience for real-time monitoring of grounding. Its performance characteristics are as follows: 1. Inorganic non-metallic material with excellent mechanical properties is adopted as the lining medium of the observation well, and its mechanical properties are far better than similar products. Its compressive strength is about 5000kg after testing. 2. Through seamless waterproofing measures and highly hydrophobic materials of observation Wells, the dew point metal is effectively protected to greatly delay the corrosion of dew point metal, and the well body has excellent waterproofing and corrosion resistance. 3, well material green environmental protection, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, easy installation. 4. The product can withstand the low temperature of -40 ℃, which is also applicable to the northern alpine region. This product is widely used in lightning protection grounding, working grounding and anti-static grounding of power, railway, construction, mining, chemical industry, national defense, various factories, warehouses and other facilities, especially in places requiring real-time monitoring of ground effectiveness. Zh-gow5000 - Size :300*190*190
Placement Date: Jul 22, 2020
Expiration Date: Jul 21, 2025

Company Information

Company Name: Huapinchuhai
Contact Person: Sunxiaohui
City: Jinan
Country: China China
Local Time:
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Introduction: Huapin Global is committed to helping domestic companies quickly expand overseas markets with a cross-border e-commerce service platform, providing companies with a one-stop service integrating operation, promotion, ordering, settlement, warehousing, and logistics. Through the integration of high-quality resources, efficient collaboration Cross-border operations of enterprises help enterprises to realize their brands and sell their products globally.
Business Type: Exporter, Importer
Areas of Interest: 1. General & Leisure Goods/Entertainment

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