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Type: Sell

Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulos cas 9004-65-3

Description: Contact: Anna
Telephone/Wechat: 0086-15527309686
Whatsapp/Skype/Telegram: 0086-15527309686
Ouhuang Engineering Materials(Hubei)Co.,Ltd
Mainly products:
Sodium lignosulfonate,cas 8061-51-6;
Calcium lignosulfonate,cas 8061-52-7;
Naphthalene based superplasticizer;
Sodium gluconate cas 527-07-1;
Dispersing agent NNO/MF;
Polycarboxylate superplasticizer;
Sodium formate,cas 141-53-7;
Calcium formate,cas 544-17-2;
Calcium chloride dihydrate,cas 10035-04-8;
Calcium chloride anhydrous,cas 10043-52-4;
Sodium hexametaphosphate,cas 10124-56-8;
Ammonium chloride,cas 12125-02-9;
Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulos,cas 9004-65-3;
Product Introduction
Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose is a variety of non-ionic cellulose mixed acids. It is a semi-synthetic, inactive, viscoelastic polymer.
Product parameter
Appearance: White powder
Viscosity :20000-200000
Methoxy group: 24%-30%
Light propyl: 9%-12%
Ash content 55.0
Product Application
1. Construction industry: as a water retaining agent and retarding agent of cement mortar. In plastering mortar, gypsum, putty powder or other building materials as a binder, paste modifier, can also reduce the amount of cement.
2. Ceramic manufacturing: widely used as adhesives in the manufacture of ceramic products.
3. Coating industry: In the coating industry as a thickening agent, dispersant and stabilizer
4. It has good compatibility in water or organic solvents. As a paint
5. Ink printing: in the ink industry as a thickening agent, dispersant and stabilizer
6. Plastic: for forming release agent, softener, lubricant, etc.
7. Polyvinyl chloride: dispersion engraving in the production of polyvinyl chloride is the main auxiliary for the preparation of PVC by suspension polymerization.
8. Others: This product is also widely used in leather, paper products industry, fruit and vegetable preservation and textile industry.
9. Pharmaceutical industry: coating material, film material, speed control polymer material of slow release preparation, stabilizer: suspension aid; Tablet binder; Viscosifier.
Packaging storage and transportation
1. Packing: 25 kg/bag
2. Storage: Store in a dry and ventilated place, and pay attention to moisture and humidity. Long-term storage does not deteriorate, if there is caking, crushing or dissolution does not affect the use effect.
3. Transportation: This product is non-toxic and harmless, non-flammable and explosive dangerous goods. It can be transported by car, sea or train. Less carload, vehicle is not limited, agent consignment.
Placement Date: Jan 29, 2024
Expiration Date: Jan 27, 2029

Company Information

Company Name: Ouhuang Engineering Materials(Hubei)Co.,Ltd
Contact Person: Anna
City: Wuhan
Country: China China
Local Time:
E-mail: Premium Membership Required (Join Free Today)
Introduction: We are Ouhuang Engineering Materials (Hubei) Co., Ltd.Our company mainly produce and sell such as Sodium lignosulfonate,Calcium lignosulfonate,Naphthalene based superplasticizer,Sodium gluconate,Dispersing agent NNO/MF,Polycarboxylate superplasticizer,Sodium formate,Calcium formate,Calcium chloride dihydrate,Calcium chloride anhydrous,Sodium hexametaphosphate,Ammonium chloride,Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulos and ect.High-end product quality and sincere sales service are our tenets.We are willing to provide you with professional services in the areas we are familiar with and look forward to your consultation..
Business Type: Exporter, Manufacturer
Areas of Interest: 1. Building & Construction/Materials

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