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» Posted by: AMANDADIAMONDPLC [Nigeria] Nigeria
[Sell] Demister Pad View details for: Demister Pad
I. Profile, working principle and characteristics of demister pad
Wire mesh demister (also known as mesh mist eliminator, mist, catching mist) is used for gas entrained mist separation column, in order to guarantee the efficiency of the filter, can increase productivity by 5%. The late fifties, the foreign used an apparatus which made of the special wrinkle woven mesh to remove inclusions of tiny liquid foam in the gas that such an apparatus in the study of the gas-liquid separation process and found that is very efficient, and the gas drop through the resistance of the device is very small, which is unmatched by other gas-liquid separation device, so quickly get a lot of promotion and a wide range of applications.
Wire demister standard was formulated by the Ministry of Chemical Industry in China on December 20, 1982, the basic implementation of the Shanghai municipal government standards Q/YSZZ-88-91 wire mesh industry was in 1991, began to fully implement HG/T21618-1998 national unity standard after the year 1998. The new standard demisters are divided into HG5-1404-81 riser type, HG5-1405-81 necking type and HG5-1406-81 full bore wire mesh device.
Demister pad is generally set at the top of the tower, setting it, not only can ensure the mass transfer efficiency of the tray, but also to reduce the board spacing. Demister standard applicable for chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, light industry, metallurgy and other industrial production in the vertical cylindrical equipment vapor-liquid separation device, is currently in the imports of ethylene, ammonia and chemical fiber production equipment used demister pad, has been applied in the desulfurization, remove oil mist, toxic and hazardous industrial gases and other fields.
Demister Pad working principle
When gas with mist rises at a constant speed through the wire mesh, due to the inertia effect, the rising mist collides with the mesh filaments and attached to the filament on the surface. Mist on the filament surface diffusion, gravity settling mist make the entrainment form larger droplets flow along the filaments of the two wire intersections. The wettability of filaments, the surface tension of the liquid and the capillary action of the filaments make the droplets grow bigger, until the droplets together to produce its own gravity exceed gas rising force and liquid surface tension force, droplets isolate from the filaments on the whereabouts. Basically it does not contain the entrainment after gas goes through the demister pad.
Separate the gas in the mist, in order to improve the operating conditions, optimize process indicators, reduce corrosion of the equipment, extend equipment life, increase the amount of processing and recovery of valuable materials, protect the environment, and decrease air pollution.
Simple structure, lightweight.
High porosity, less pressure drops.
Big surfaces area, high demisting efficiency.
Easy installation, operation and maintenance.
Long service life.
II. The selected wire mesh form of wire mesh demister and domestic standards
Selected wire mesh form
Selected demister pad forms have four categories: standard type, efficient type, high-penetration type and shock absorber type.
The standard type wire mesh
Wire size (mm) Wire width tolerance (mm) Bulk density
(kg/m3) Specific surface area
(m2/m3) Porosity
Flat wire Round wire diameter +10 -0 150 475 320 0.981
0.1*0.4 0.23
Note: Every 100mm thick mat have 25 layers wire mesh
The efficient type wire mesh
Wire size (mm) Wire width tolerance (mm) Bulk density
(kg/m3) Specific surface area
(m2/m3) Porosity
Flat wire Round wire diameter +10 -0 182 626 484 0.977
0.1*0.3 0.19
Note: Every 100mm thick mat have 32 layers wire mesh

The high-penetration type wire mesh
Wire size (mm) Wire width tolerance (mm) Bulk density
(kg/m3) Specific surface area
(m2/m3) Porosity
Flat wire Round wire diameter +10 -0 98 313 217 0.9875
» Posted by: Daheng Demister Pad Co., Ltd. [China] China
[Sell] pad printing silicon rubber View details for: pad printing silicon rubber
Pad printing silicone rubber applications
The pad printing silicone rubber is mainly use for printing irregular patterns of plastic toys, electroplating toys, trade makers .Silicone pad printing is a carrier which transfer printing the patterns on the steel plate onto the toys products surface.
Pad printing silicone rubber features description
Pad printing silicone rubber with high print times and abrasion resistance, without any inpurities, with good printing effects, permanent and durable, we can provide all kinds of colors and our catalyst is free charged.
Pad printing operation silicone rubber instructions
Pad printing silicone rubber is two-component silicone, part A is the liquid silicone rubber, part B is the catalyst. The usual mxing ratio for silicone rubber and catalyst is 100 : 2-3, eg. we take 100grams of liquid silicone rubber, then we add 2-3 grams catalyst, mix then evenly and pour it to your mold. Then after 2-4 hours, you will obtain a printing pad.
Frequently asked question of pad printing silicone rubber:
The reasons why the silicone pad has a short service life are listed as follows:
(1)The problem caused by inappropriate filtration of silicone rubber, and impurities in the packaging process due to the uncleanness of barrels and bags.
(2)The short service life of the silicone pad has a close relationship with the adding amount of silicone oil. The more the silicone oil added, the softer the silicone pad will be. The silicone oil will destroy the molecule of the silicone rubber, thereby bringing about the non-durable and easy ageing of the silicone pad.
(3)All the users should know the properties of pad printing silicone rubber. The service life of the silicone pad has close relationship with the size of the printed patterns. For example, if a big pattern to be printed, a big silicone pad is required; if a small pattern to be printed, a small silicone pad (the silicone pad has to be adjusted according to the size of the patterns, and the proportion between the size of the silicone pad and the pattern is 3:1.)
Any questions,please feel free to contact Ms Cassi
TEL: 086-755-89948006
FAX: 086-755-89948030
Website: www(dot)szrl(dot)net
[Sell] Stainless Steel Spring Wire View details for: Stainless Steel Spring Wire
We specialize in producing stainless spring wire,0.08mm-650mm diameter ,321/ 302 /301/ 207 /202 /201 /301 /321/ 304/ 316,etc.

Stainless Steel Spring Wire
1)Material:302/304 /316/316L/ 201 /202 ,etc.
3)Standard: SUS /AISI /GB .
4)Surface:bright & matt.
5)Tensile strength:according to your requirements.

» Posted by: Dublin Steel Wire Co. [China] China
[Sell] Filter Wire Mesh View details for: Filter Wire Mesh
Filter media for Pleated Filter Elements are stainless steel sintered fiber web and stainless steel weaving wire cloth.
Stainless Steel Sintered Fiber Web is a kind of durable and pleatable 316L stainless steel medium, sintered into a graded pore structure, enjoys the advantages of high porosity rate, more filtration area, high dirt holding capacity and can be repeatedly used.
Stainless Steel Woven Wire Cloth is made by weaving of stainless steel wire in a variety of diameters. Filter elements with stainless steel woven wire cloth as filter medium, enjoy such advantages of good strength, fastness, easily cleanable, heat-resistance and economic cost.
Pleated Filter Elements mainly serve in filtration of high molecular polymer, long fiber, short fiber, meltdown in thin film production, also drugs, hydraulic oil, disposal of water, hot gas, etc.
» Posted by: Wire Mesh Exporters. [China] China
[Sell] Small coil wire View details for: Small coil wire
Small coil wire is mainly used as tie wire or binding wire in construction. Other sizes are also available to our customers.
Black annealed wire, soft steel wire, pvc coated wire, Galvanized wire, Stainless steel wire

We mainly supply quality binding wire made out of galvanized steel wire or black annealed soft wires. We concentrate on binding wire of various forms. Based in China , Anfang Wire Processing Factory supplies galvanized wire, annealed wire and plastic coated wire for binding, tying, fencing and other industrial uses.
Binding wire is popularly used in the daily life and various industries to avoid frequent and repeated maintenances. Mild steel binding wire has excellent corrosion resistance and smooth surface quality.
Wire diameter ranges from 0.8mm to 1.6mm and the wire gauges include 20#, 21#, 22#.
» Posted by: Anfang Wire Processing Factory [China] China
[Sell] Refractory Brick , Refractory Materials View details for: Refractory Brick , Refractory Materials
We supply all kinds of refractory materials and refractory products,if you need ,please don't hesitate to contact Ms.Vicky .
refractory products
Silica Brick
Semi-Silica Brick
Clay Brick
Neutral Refractory Material
High Aluminum Brick
Mullite Brick
Corundum Brick
Sialon Bonded Corundum Brick
Carbon Based Refractory
Carbon Brick
Al2O3-C Brick
Zirconium-C Brick
Carborundum Brick
Zirconium Refractory
Zirconium Stone Brick
Sintered Chrome-Corundum Brick
Electro Cast Zircon- Corundum Brick
Zircon-Mullite Brick
High Chrome Brick
Basic Refractory
Magnesia Fefractory
Magnesia Brick
Magnesia Alumina Brick
Magnesia Chrome Brick
Magnesia Calcium Brick
Magnesia Carbon Brick
Spinel Brick
Alumina Magnesia Brick
Functional Refractory Products for Metallurgy
Purging Plugs
Well Block and Mortar for Plugging Plugs
Zirconic Metering Nozzles
Ladle Shroud Submerged Entry Nozzle and Monolithic Stopper
Thermal Insulating Refractories
Alumina Bubble Brick
Zirconia Bubble Brick
Silica Board
Ceramic Fiber Board Blanket Felt
Best regards,
China Abrasives
tel : 86 371 67639843
fax: 86 371 67640066
Yahoo ID : caeczhao
email : caeczhao[at]
MSN: caeczhao[at]
» Posted by: CHINA ABRASIVES I/E CORP. [China] China
[Buy] Buying wood chips and pellets View details for: Buying wood chips and pellets
We have several buyers for large amounts of wood chips (monthly.) Wood chip specifications differ, as we take different kinds/species. Please let us know of your present supply and how much you are able to supply monthly/annually. Don't forget to include species and specifications available. Wood pellet suppliers also welcome. Many of the buyers are in the EU, so we especially look forward to hearing from suppliers in that area of the world (Ukraine, Belarus, and Romania especially.) We look forward to your responses.
» Posted by: Moscow Exports [Canada] Canada
[Sell] Welded wire mesh View details for: Welded wire mesh
material: high quality low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire.
weaving: including galvanizing before weaving. it is divided to hot-dipped electroplate galvanizing, PVC coating, plastic-soaked, special electric welded wire mesh.
characteristics: it have the characteristics of corrosion-resisting and oxidation-resisting.
usefulness: industry, agriculture, building, transportation, mine, field, lawn, cultivation, profession's guard, decorate, machine protection and etc.
mesh 1/4 3/8 1/2 5/8 1 1*1/2 2*1 2

» Posted by: Anping Huaxi hardware Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd [China] China
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