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[Buy] Akaraboot View details for: Akaraboot
We want to buy Akraboot 4. Please contact us if you are a dealer for urgent business negotiation
» Posted by: Kalu Consultant Ltd [Nigeria] Nigeria
[Sell] Tongrui ZJD-F Fuel oil Filtration Equipment View details for: Tongrui ZJD-F Fuel oil Filtration Equipment
The machine is a high vacuum oil filtration machine with dehydration plant, degasification system, three high-precision filters and decolorization plant, which can remove water, impurities, gas thoroughly and quickly from all kinds of waste cooking and high viscosity oil, including mineral oil, lubrication oil, hydraulic oil, bunker oil. Moreover, this machine can restore the oil color.
◆ Effectively remove the iron, flake, dust, impurities, water and organic substance from the waste oil by heating the oil. Moreover, it can eliminate organic and inorganic acid to recover the performance of oil.
◆ This machine is high vacuum plant for ensure remove the water thoroughly.
◆ Strong demulsifying capability, which could easy to separate the massive moisture contents, also easy to get rid of the little tiny water from oil.
◆ Adopt high precision and stainless steel FH rectangle filtration system that import from Japan, the precision of filter can reach up to 1 micron.
◆ The decolorization plant utilize macromolecule material, which can reduce 1 or 2 color code of oil(like the right picture).
» Posted by: Tongrui Filtration Equipment Manufacturing Co.,ltd [China] China
[Sell] machine parts View details for: machine parts
we are offering all kinds of machining part at reasonable price for long time:
1) Size: Different size, according to customer's drawing.
2) Material: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass rubber and plastic .etc
3) Equipment: machining centers, wire EDM, CNC lathe, CNC machining, slow wire-cutting, auto lathe, drilling, polish machine etc
4) Precision: Turning and Milling: +/- 0.002 mm (+/-0.000098 inch) ,Wire cutting: +/- 0.002 mm (+/-0.000098 inch) ,Grinding: +/- 0.001mm (+/- 0.000039 inch)
5) Art of surface: zinc/nickel/chrome plating, hot galvanized, painting, PVC powder
coating, dichromate plating
6) Applied software for specification drawings: Pro/E, Auto CAD, Solid Work 2001,CAXA, UG, CAD/CAM/CAE
7) Applications: automobile, machine, equipment, project
8)Lead time:25 days after the confirmation of sample
9)Advanced CMM measuring and testing equipment
10sample: Samples of selected products are available upon request. Contact us to discuss your particular needs,
Idea and designs from customers can be realized into new products here confidentially. Any OEM metalwork is welcome
[Sell] DM Network Information(htpp:// View details for: DM Network Information(htpp://
DM Network( professional domain name registration and dispute
resolution organization in China,is a comprehensive company engaged in the Internet
intellectual property services that mainly provides network-based service, network
intellectual property service, network promotion service, etc.
» Posted by: HeFei DM Network Information Techology Co.,Ltd [China] China
[Sell] QTZ 80 tower crane View details for: QTZ 80 tower crane
Properties and merits of QTZ80 tower crane:
1.The rated load moment of QTZ80 tower crane is 800KN. m, the maximum lifting weight is 8T, and the maximum working range is 55 meters. The end lifting weight is 1.35T.
2.The lifting height of QTZ80 tower crane can be46.2 meters when standing stationary alone, and 152 meters when anchored, suitable for the construction of buildings lower than 50 floors. The structure of this tower cranes is rational, for the main functioning steel parts, such as the tower and the crane, are made up of seamless steel tubes with proper hardness, little wind resistance and a pleasant appearance.
3. QTZ80 tower crane adopts the jinkui brand electric parts which are famous in China. These high-quality parts can serve for a long time, reducing breakdowns and improving efficiency.
4. QTZ80 tower crane has helmet structures with two hoisting points, adopts small trolleys, hoists with upper slewing liquid pressure, and it can be installed quickly and conveniently.
Jib length(m): 56;58;60;
Load moment(KN. M):800
Working range(m): 2.5-55
Lifting capacity(T) : 8/1.3
Stationary alone high(m): 46.2
Anchored high(m): 152
Hoisting speed(m): 80.4/41.0
Mast size(m) :1.84X1.84X2.5
Trolleying (m/min): 42.8/21.4;
Slewing (r/min): 0.62;
Necessary electric power: 47.4KW;
» Posted by: Jinan Jinkui Architecture Machinery Co.,Ltd [China] China
i have in my position the hug sum us$45.M Dollars for the investment, and i have all legal documents to back up my funds, etc, deposit certificate, prove of funds and will issue you an investment agreement. Letter of administrations, and ( MOU ). for the starting, and I offer you 30% of the total profit and 5% for all expenses we may incur in any investment we might invest the funds in any location of your choice.
Contact my lawyer for more clarifications on this issue.
Email: Name: Barr Martin Thomas
Tel: +44-7045756701.
Please be fast to forward your
Please reply me via this,
Respectfully submitted
Sgt. Roy Taylor
Phone: : +447045756004
» Posted by: investment-manager [United Kingdom] United Kingdom
[Sell] Filter Cartridge View details for: Filter Cartridge
The qualitative range of Filter Cartridges is spun bonded and are fabricated from 100% polypropylene fibers that are spun together to form a true gradient density from outer to inner surface. Available in market leading prices, they are offered in core and without core version. Our manufactured range conforms to the international standards and comprises of superior structure and polypropylene fibers that are blown continuous on central molded core, without the requirement of binders, resins or lubricants. those filter cartridges can meet the demands and requirements of everyone.


Unfiltered fluid passes through depth filter matrix, enables the progressive retention of finer particles.
This provides high efficiency, high dirt retention & filter life.
Fluid flows from outside to inside through filter media.
Particulates are held securely in the filter matrix and clean fluid flows to the downstream side of cartridge.

The essential features of our array include the following:

Free of surfactants, Binders and Adhesives
Excellent flow with low pressure drop
High dirt holding capacity
High strength & pressure resistance
100 % Polypropylene for wide chemical compatibility
One piece construction up to 1016 mm & more
Nominal & absolute filtration rating
We can manafacture the different types according your requirement.
» Posted by: Ningbo Suita International Trading INC. [China] China
[Sell] roller View details for: roller
Our mechanical rollers including heating roller, mirror surface roller, transmission roller, rubber roller and etc, are mainly export to western countries and Eastern Asia like Japan with high quality and nice outward appearance. Our products have a good reputation in the roller making area in China, and the lathe, milling, welding, plating and polishing processes are able to be completed in-house. Our rollers are widely used in the printing, plastics, electronics, textiles, pharmaceutics, tobacco, copper-aluminum, constructions, decoration, leather, packaging and other industries.
mirror surface roller
The roller can do mirror processing on surface of many materials. It is widely unsed in surface treatment of leather, artificial leather, paper, decoration material, non-ferrous metal, various of plastic materials like PVC, ABA, PP, PE, PT, PC and garment fabrics.
The cooling or heating temperature difference is no bigger than +/-2.5degree Celsius. The surface hardness is HRC62 after chrome-plated. The heating deformation is no more than 0.01mm.
heating roller
It's has an internal and external roller stucture with roller-leading oil in between. Heating pipes are scattered around evenly. It is used in pharmaceutical, foodstuff, after-treatment, drying, shaping and compounding, etc. It has Various structures, including hollow, single-layer, double-layer and drilled.
rubber roller
Rubber rollers are applicable to a wide range of special purpose machines, resistant to acid and alkali, friction, heat as well as printing ink.
Applicable to machine's transmission, conveyance, extension and flattening.
Teflon is applied to the surface ot this rller, which makes other materials hard stick on the roller. It is used in sectors as plastic Tape and rubberized fabric.
A wide range of import raw materials for your selection.
The surface of roller can be processed into parabolic size according to customers' requirement.
The heating-resisting is up to 250 degree Celsius.
Extended roller can be produced to meet any machine's specification.
traction roller transmission
For powering heavy-duty live-roller conveyors and related equipment, roller chain drives are the first choice of most materials handling professionals. If you're designing a new conveyor, modifying an existing one, or searching for longer intervals between component replacements, taking the time now to go through the drive selection process can save you money and avoid downtime later.
Description data
the length can be made as per customer's requirements.
characteristic: flexible with operation, high quality and low in price.
material: Galvanized Carbon Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, PVC
surface treatment: zinc plated, chromium plated, blackening, rubber casted
Pin form: spring loaded pin, cut & flat pin, female threading pin, cale threading pin, cotter pin, hexagon steel pin, hollow pin
We also supply plating roller, carbide coated roller, harden quench roller and etc.
Sunny Steel Enterprise Ltd.
We are able to provide customers with quality products and perfect service in steel pipe and fittings.
If you want to know more information, please kind to visit our website.
Tel: 0086-21-33780199 | Fax:0086-21-51079722 | |
» Posted by: Sunny Steel [China] China
[Sell] Element,Valve,Marine System,Cross Product,Automobile fitting producer,Diesel engine View details for: Element,Valve,Marine System,Cross Product,Automobile fitting producer,Diesel engine
Chinahanji Parts plant: We are the OEM who has specialized in manufacturing of diesel fuel injection system for quite a few years. Our parts include nozzle, elements & plunger, delivery valve, VE-pump and so on. All products are in higher quality with competitive price.Our excellent quality has been performance
in various kind of reputation brand-BOSCH, ZEXEL,DENSO, Delphi.Now we are producing the parts which used in the engine system of M35A2 and M60 tank, the type of the parts are HD90101A and HD8821, their most competitive price(almost one tenth of the product which made in USA) and the same quality will meet your need fairly.
Visit our website. & Tel:+86-594-3603380 Fax:+86-594-3600560
diesel fuel injection part, diesel element, diesel plunger, diesel barrel, caterpillar,
bosch, denso, zexel, STANADYNE, YANMAR, AMBAC INTERNATIONAL, LUCAS-CAV, hydraulic head, cylinder/ distributor head, head rotor, military truck part, hd90100, nsn 2910008287176,
m35 series, m series, caterpillar diesel, pencile nozzle, 8N7005, ZEXEL, BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI
, military part, military vehicle engine part, armoured vehicle part, diesel part, diesle
hydraulic head, head rotor, nsn 2910008287176, hd90100, nsn 3040007223536, hd8821, military vehicle part, car part, cummins, komatsu, cat, caterpillar, diesel injector, caterpillar diesel, pencile nozzle, cylinder/ distributor head, ve-pump
» Posted by: Chinahanji Fuel injection Co.Ltd [China] China
[Sell] solar charger View details for: solar charger
.sunlight descend did not need the AC power, direct convert the sun light can into the direct current electric power.At any time and anywhere can the small scaled electric appliances of opponent machine, few code camera, MP3-MP5 etc. refresh.Is the fancy goes on a tour the personage and often go on errands personage, outdoor games personage, business worker of essentialcompanion.
2, efficiently solar cell, inside place to keep the ability lithium battery.Have various model number cellular phone to refresh the plug fully, be applicable to all model number cellular phones and other electric appliances,Remove to lack the electricity, have a power fail thoroughly, the open air lives tomove to occasionally use up the battery for time of agony.
3, refresh quickly, the sunlight of hour of Mayday project lightupon 3 after minutes then with the opponent machine etc. refresh, and can at the timeof sunlight projecting light upon the solar battery to refresh, the opponentmachine carries on refresh.
4, refresh to show the function, the eligibility chooses to" CH","OFF"," LED" three functions.
5, take the high and bright degree to give out light the flashlight of LED, be convenient for the nighttime to illuminate usage.
6, the shape beauty is stylish, super and thin design, the styleis novel, can have various color choices.Lovely, take the convenience, pack elegant.Apply the green sweeps the energy of pioneer, the vogue is elegant, giving presents the good product.
7, accessories:All-powerful output the cellular phone conversion plug.The figures of USB refreshes the socket.The power supply prepares the machine.
[Sell] invitation View details for: invitation
Dear Sir'
I really appreciating your kindly offer & I need to know more about your goods witch you are offering price up to 50% off.
Moreover if you're esteemed company are ready to cooperate with my small company for the YE TENDERS especially with the government because we have monthly Tenders in a million of dollars & really I need your kindly support & we can share the profit because I need to be as an agent for some producers in YE to enable me to inter in to the Tender precipitations or I could be as a representative & this the minimum requirements to be involving to a YE Tenders & of course all documents of the company should be including the attempt as a company profile showing its participation in the international Tenders plus a catalog of its products (in case of the factories) or catalogs shows its constrictions (factory builders, air ports builders or Road builders etc)
Here for the telecommunication we need all production witches participating with the (P.T.C.)
Generators & station builders are also required.
Ships builders are also required too.
A consultant company for the irrigations, Roads plans studied is mostly required & all its payments come through the World Bank as well Arabian Banks.
The last & most important requirements are in the oil fields investment & at presents we need a rig drilling wells company wish to work in YE because the company witch going to invite here is a capable company to arrange a contracts with the an international oil companies works ion YE territory.
B. Regards
T. Adam 00967 733989528
» Posted by: [Yemen] Yemen
[Buy] wanted heavy equipments View details for: wanted heavy equipments
Aslamo alekom, Dear Sirs,
We are an Egyptian construction, import, export and heavy equipment Trade Company; since 1986, we would like to import the following used heavy equipments:
• Crawler (track) excavators: caterpillar:
• 225: D LC or B LC: year from 1987:1992. (3 units).
• 229&235: year from 1980:1992. (8units).
• Crawler (track) excavators: Hitachi or Fiat-Hitachi EX 200: from year 1992:1999. (3units).
• Wheel loader Kawasaki: KLD 80: year from 1992: 2001. (5units).
• Wheel loader: caterpillar:
• 936(E): year from 1980:1991- 950(B, E): year from 1980:1991. (5units).
• Wheel excavator: Poclain:
• 75 : year form 1980:1988 - 90: year from 1980:1988
• .Used & new engines: for komatsu excavator (S6D105-1) Japan made.
• Used Hydraulic Hammer rock drill: different Max Bit Diameter and Weight: Furukawa and Soosan.
• Please send us: Detailed specifications and dimensions.
• Exact condition with recent pictures, repairs & number of owners.
• Final tax free price FOB and SIF to Alexandria sea port EGYPT.
We are waiting for your reply if you have any inquiry you're welcomed.
Best Regards,
El-Fayoum Co.
Dr Mhmd Riad (Import-export manger)
158, Sudan St., Mohandsen, Geza, Egypt. P.O Box -12411
Tel: 002 02 7624577 - Mob: 002 0106790266 - Fax: 002 02 3369686
Web site:
» Posted by: elfayoum [Egypt] Egypt
[Sell] Supply Automotive Service & Garage Equipment View details for: Supply Automotive Service & Garage Equipment
We're one leading automotive service & garage equipment manufacturer in China, who specializes in vehicle lift (auto lift) such as post lift, scissor lift, tire changer, wheel balancer, wheel aligner, spray booth, auto test line, injector cleaner, body repair equipment etc.
» Posted by: Ever-Eternal Garage Equipment Co., Ltd [China] China
[Sell] Deburring - Polishing Vibrators View details for: Deburring - Polishing Vibrators
Dear Msrs,
We are the manufacturer of Vibration Machines providing small parts of all metals, plastics, rubber, marble and etc. surfaces with high quality clean conditions without any deformation. We also provide Technical Support.
Our Machines are;
Deburring and Polishing Vibrators, Centrifugal type machines,
Ceramic Medias, Plastic Medias and Compounds,
- Machines are installed with high quality equipments and vibration motors. The cast is steel and the coverings are Poliurathane in accordance with E.C. Norms. Machines are extensively durable for centrifugal forces and for corrosion.
Please Click or Copy and Paste below mentioned URL for our Company Profile;
1) We would like to get in contact with potential distributors who will undertake the sales and maintaining services in abroad.
2)We would like to discuss the availabilatity of collaboration within the innovative technologies of manufacturing companies relating the scope of our business.
Quality first+customer service+ fast deliveries+ and competitive pricing equals satisfied customers.
All machines are completely assembled and manufactured to the customer's specifications and carry a one year production warranty.

Best Regards,

» Posted by: INFOSIST Trading Ltd. Co [Turkey] Turkey
[Sell] Candle machine, wax melter View details for: Candle machine, wax melter
We are a leading Chinese manufacturer of candles and candle machines, and supply both new candle machines and second-hand candle machines. We accept small custom design order. For details, please visit our online cataglog http://.
» Posted by: SJZ Candle Factory [China] China
[Sell] Y-Best Electronical Co., Ltd View details for: Y-Best Electronical Co., Ltd
Dear sirs,
Our company specialized in producing electric AC induction motors, and passed
ISO9002 certification. Also, our motors have UL, CSA and CE marks. We
welcome customers to offer us your own designs for us to produce as OEM
manufacturer. Besides, we also produce electric water pump, submersible pump,
mini handicraft grinder, and etc., hopely we could offer our customers more services
to create more benefit for both customers and us. If you have any requirement
regarding these necessity, or you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate
to contact us. We sincerely hope there is any opportunity to serve you.
Thanks & regards.
Jacy Chien
Tel: Fax: 886-4-5282691
url: http://
» Posted by: Y-Best Electronical Co., Ltd [Taiwan] Taiwan
[Sell] Quick disconnect connector View details for: Quick disconnect connector
For one set, there are male and female, with spring, rubber spacer, washer and nut on each end side. The connector with seven contact pins, every pin is gold plated to have very good signal transmission. Engagement force between male and female is tested in certain range. Functional for communication.
» Posted by: Unison Tek Co., Ltd [Taiwan] Taiwan
[Sell] Supplying Machines for Indust View details for: Supplying Machines for Indust
We are a custom machine builder/distributor serving the spring and wire forming industry for over twenty years. We can build machines to your specifications. We also have a large inventory of new CNC machines at used machine prices. We have new and used machines covering all aspects of the industry, from coilers, to ovens and grinders. We also deal with new machining centers, and used fabrication equipment. Trade ins are welcome. Also come visit our website to see what we offer.
» Posted by: Moon Enterprises, Inc [United States of America] United States of America
[Sell] Sell clutch motor View details for: Sell clutch motor
We are the biggest one of clutch manufacturers in China .
» Posted by: Good materials group wuhu city [China] China
[Sell] Automotive Engine Parts Manufa View details for: Automotive Engine Parts Manufa
We are direct manufacturer of automotive engine parts and aluminum extrusions. We export our products to Australia, East Europe, North America, South America, Asia. Visit
» Posted by: Getit Infomediary Ltd [India] India
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