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[Buy] paypal is ok,www dailystock info 300usd sell iphone 6 plus,220usd for ps4,,,, View details for: paypal is ok,www dailystock info 300usd sell iphone 6 plus,220usd for ps4,,,,
we can accept paypal.
wholesale authentic products and free shipping
Authentic new and 1 year warranty ,wholesale price and original products.30 days shipping to USA and Euro.
please confirm your order and email us.
you can view our webiste
» Posted by: www dailystock info sell iphone ps4 [United States of America] United States of America
[Sell] Wholesale Air Jordan 1 Kids View details for: Wholesale Air Jordan 1 Kids
Welcome to Hhp trade Co., Ltd
Our main products :
1, Fashion sneakers, Air Jordan, Air force one, Air max, Shox , Dunk, Adidas, Puma, Prada, timberland, ugg boots and more .
2, Fashion Hoodies & T-Shirt & Jeans & Jacket:
Gino Green Globa, Bape, BBC, Evsiu, Juicy couture , Burberry , 10 Deep , LRG , ED Hardy , Chanel , G-Star , Red monkey , lacoste ,
POLO, Armani , DG, Coogi, Affliction, Blac-Laber, CA, Crown Holder, Simful, NBA, NFL Jersey and more.
3, fashion bags:
Coach, LV, Pada , Chanel , Fendi , Versace , Burberry , MIUMIU , Gucci, Gucci , Chloe , Guess , Juicy, Dior, Dooney Bourke, ED
Hardly, Tour, DG and more
4, Other, brand watches, belt(d&g;, gucci, prada, chanel), hats, sunglasses, Tiffany, Keychain and so on
We have the following advantages:
1.High quality. All the sneakers we offer are very high quality.
2.Quick shipment. We have agreement with some International Express Corporation, the sneakers will be shipped within 24 hours after
we received your payment.
And the parcel will reach your side in 5-7working days.
3.Lowest price. We can give you the best price based on equal conditions in China.
4, Fast delivery, and guarantee on shipping.
5.Honest deal, Credit standing is our life.
Please contact us to know details.
» Posted by: HHP [China] China
[Sell] MobiToWeb Service View details for: MobiToWeb Service
An ideal solution for capturing the world around you and publishing to the internet directly from your mobile device.
Most mobile devices today have built-in cameras and can capture high quality photos and videos. The users of such devices like taking pictures and shooting videos but they are unable to transfer them rapidly, edit and share with their friends and family.
MobiToWeb Service is designed provide that opportunity. This is an ideal solution for publishing and sharing photos from your mobile device directly to your personal web-account.
MobiToWeb is an application for mobile devices working through the wireless network. With just a simple click of the camera button it solves this problem. The "Direct to web” technology belonging to Boomerang Software will enable millions of users to automatically transfer the footage to their personal web-accounts. The process takes seconds and requires no additional action.
No technical skills are required for using MobiToWeb.
This page is a brief guide to MobiToWeb. Read the manual carefully to learn how to use the application.
How it works
If your phone has a camera and Internet access then you can use MobiToWeb. Get started:
Download MobiToWeb
Users of Android and IOS devices may also directly download the application using their mobile devices:
1. Android – Android Market
2. IOS – Apple iTunes
Install the application on the device and launch it. To start, type in the appropriate fields: User name, password and e-mail address and click on "Create". The account will be created immediately (depending on Internet access availability for the devices) and you may immediately take the advantage of its capabilities.
Options Available:
Mode settings for uploading photos/videos - after the first run of the MobiToWeb You will be prompted to select the loading mode:
"Automatic" - photos/videos are automatically loaded into the web-account immediately after shooting;
"Ask" – after each time a photo/video is captured, the application asks the user for permission to uploading the footage;
"Manual" - manual upload.
Upload speed:
Fast (low quality);
Normal (high quality).
Public - uploaded photos and videos will be available for viewing for the persons included in your "Buddy List" (defined by you);
Private - uploaded photos and videos will be viewable only for you.
You may also upload to your web-account photo and video files stored in the directories of your mobile device prior to installation of MobiToWeb:
add a photo;
add a video.
After uploading photos/videos to the personal web-account, the user will be able to manage them using either a web-browser on a PC or mobile device. Management functions include:
Viewing photos one by one or in a "slide show";
Watching videos;
Uploading the file from your PC;
Defining the status (confidentiality) - "public" and "private";
Deleting files;
Editing image properties - "file name" or comments;
Setting user profiles - you may change the name, e-mail address;
Adding other users to the MobiToWeb "Buddy List" and sending links by e-mail addresses to friends and acquaintances inviting them to view your public photos.
There are also instructions for using MobitoWeb on YouTube.
If you are fond of taking pictures, shooting videos, keeping the memory of important events, voyages, adventures and sharing all this with your friends - MobiToWeb is just for you.
Capture the beautiful moments of your life, share your photo ideas through the MobiToWeb Service. All this can be done directly from your mobile device regardless of your location.
Capture and share photos anytime, anywhere and with anyone you want.
All you need to do is to download and install the supported version of the application on your mobile device and start the MobiToWeb-tour.
» Posted by: Boomerang Software Inc. [United States of America] United States of America
[Sell] Software Distribution Worldwide View details for: Software Distribution Worldwide
¶ Software Submission To: 1250+ software directories:
Promote your software by listing it on all major and niche Internet download sites, like,,, etc.. Additionally, your search engines rankings and visibility will be enhanced.
¶ Search Engine Submission To: 700,000+ engines and directories:
Submit your website to an up-to-date database of search engines and directories, including Google, Yahoo and Live Search. This service includes search engines submission with press release, position tracking and site optimization guidelines for best rankings.
We check all your basic program information before submitting (i.e. we check all the URLs are correct and the program downloads runs without error).
We proof read and edit your program’s description and send it to you for approval. (A catchy description will nab you more downloads).
We create a PAD file for your program (if you don’t already have one).
We manually submit your program to every shareware site that your program is appropriate for (usually 1000 sites depending on the type of program).
We provide you with a detailed submission report immediately following the submission process.
We also provide you with a web site hyperlink verification report providing information about any broken links on your site.
¶ Software Online Sales through Worlds’ Leading Software Re-sellers:
We design box shots, screen-shots and banners for your products (if you don’t already have).
We form End User License and Distribution Agreements for your software (if you don’t already have).
We receive order forms of your products with multiple payment options from each reseller, and provide you with those generated links.
We issue update reports detailing where and when your program has been listed and any download statistics.
We report invoices that identify the number of customers who purchased the Software and have submitted payment to us, and the customer name and contact information (collectively, “Customer Information”).
¶ Company Listing up to 100 Top Ranking B2B Portals(including products’ line:
Advertise your company and products on the biggest international B2B Networks and get found by hundreds of thousands of potential buyers.
We register your business into Enterprise Level Solution Providers
We customize your products’ design upon request
We list your company profile, products
We set your buy, sell, offer, and trade leads
We provide the username and passwords for sites which require you to log in.
One time fee
Free support for first six(6) months
Regular reports on monthly basis
» Posted by: GA Global Solutions [Armenia] Armenia
[Sell] C/C++ Training in Tech Mentro View details for: C/C++ Training in Tech Mentro
Duration: 1 Month
C++ is a general purpose Object Oriented programming language. The purpose of this course is to introduce students to OOPs Concepts and their implementation in C++ as well as to provide them real time usage of C++ with the help of assignments and project.
Course Content:-
Introduction to C++
Getting started with c++
Classes and objects
Constructors and Destructors
Operator Overloading
Pointers Virtual Functions and Polymorphism
Managing console I/O Operations
File Management in c++
Exception Handling
Prerequisite: - Knowledge of C is required for this course.

Tech Mentro
Address :- C-43,Sector-2,Near Nirula’s Hotel,
Ph. : +91 0120 4549462
Email Id:-
11. C with data structure
Duration: 1 Month
C is most frequently learned and used, general purpose programming language. It supports development of system software as well as application software’s. The purpose of this course is to train students in C and Data Structures.
Course Content:-
Introduction to C
Getting Started with C
Input & output operators
Decision making and looping
Arrays and string
Structures and Unions
Dynamic Memory allocation
File Management in C
The Preprocessors
Data Structure with C
Prerequisite: - None.

Tech Mentro
Address :- C-43,Sector-2,Near Nirula’s Hotel,
Ph. : +91 0120 4549462
Email Id:-
» Posted by: Tech Mentro-IT Training institute or Center [India] India
[Sell] PHP Training in Tech Mentro View details for: PHP Training in Tech Mentro
Duration 3 months
PHP is a server side scripting language that is used to develop Dynamic Web Applications. Its simplicity and lots of frameworks built around it makes it a favourite choice for applications developers. The purpose of this course is to train students in the usuage of PHP and two of its framework JOOMLA and Cake PHP.
Course Content:-
Basic PHP Development
Control structures
Working with forms
Classes & Objects
Disk Access, I/O Math & Mail
Working with the File System
Introduction to Database (MySql)
Joomla & Cake PHP
Prerequisite: - Familiarity with any programming language and understanding of
Working of Web Applications is desired.
Tech Mentro
Address :- C-43,Sector-2,Near Nirula’s Hotel,
Ph. : +91 0120 4549462
Email Id:-
» Posted by: Tech Mentro-IT Training institute or Center [India] India
[Sell] Java Training | Core Java Training View details for: Java Training | Core Java Training
Core Java
Duration: 2 Months
Java is an Object Oriented, Platform Independent, Distributed and Robust programming language that provides the facility of developing console applications, windows applications, web applications, mobile applications and web services. The purpose of this course is to train the students in Core API of Java.
Course Content:-
Introduction to Java
OOPs concepts and their implementation in Java
Packages and Interfaces
Exception Handling
String Handling
Windows programming using AWT & Swing
Internet Programming using Applets
Stream based I/O in Java
Prerequisite: - Basic knowledge of any programming language and familiarity wit oops
Concepts are prerequisite for this course.

Tech Mentro
Address :- C-43,Sector-2,Near Nirula’s Hotel,
Ph. : +91 0120 4549462
Email Id:-
» Posted by: Tech Mentro-IT Training institute or Center [India] India
[Sell] GPS bus station audio video auto annoucer View details for: GPS bus station audio video auto annoucer
Want to auto announce any audio to introduce sight spot?
Want to auto announce audio at any coordinate(longitude and Lagitude)?
Want to auto announce any audio file at appoint longitude and latitude?
Want to manage your bus station well?
Want to auto announce video?
Want to auto announce the station name and message?
Please inquiry us
Tamo Technology Co.,Ltd offer GPS Public Transport Auto Announce&Advertisement device,
The best choice for the public transport system,such as: bus,tour guide bus,metro ,train Etc.
Auto announce the audio,video advertisement,information by GPS.
Easy to manage your public transport system
Easy update your advertisements
Newest Technology
Simple Installation
Lowest Cost
We can offer whole solution for LED destination board and Video advertising LCD ,GPS station auto announce.
Please inquiry as at Tamo Technology Co ltd
» Posted by: Tamo Technology Co.,Limited [China] China
[Sell] CN Domain Registration ( View details for: CN Domain Registration (
DM Network( professional domain name registration and dispute
resolution organization in China,is a comprehensive company engaged in the Internet
intellectual property services that mainly provides network-based service, network
intellectual property service, network promotion service, etc.
» Posted by: HeFei DM Network Information Techology Co.,Ltd [China] China
[Sell] DM-DNS Network Information(htpp:// View details for: DM-DNS Network Information(htpp://
dm-dns network (www.duming.Org)
dm-dns network (, one of the biggest asian domain registration service. Own the most advanced technical team, meanwhile, one of the registrar which observe the intellectual property rights seriously.
» Posted by: HeFei DM-DNS Network Information Techology Co.,Ltd [China] China
[Sell] cheap jordans sneakers Air Jordan Shoes air jordans and air force ones View details for: cheap jordans sneakers Air Jordan Shoes air jordans and air force ones
This year's Air Jordan 2010 Black version seems to return to the classic on the right path to further, thanks to the two shoes arts masters commander of Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith's devotion to the team . provide our clients with a variety of shoes As well as my company also sells all kinds of shoes:Air Yeezys shoes ,Nike Dunk SB,ugg boots shoes,(Air Jordan 4 Air Jordan 5 Air Jordan 7, Air Jordan 8, Air Jordan 11,Air Jordan 12 ,Air Jordan 13, Air Jordan 23........ ,straight hair with GHD MK4 Air Jordan Men etc.welcome to our site
» Posted by: cnnikebrand com [China] China
If you have a buyer for MTN's CMO's BG's, contact us. Need Client information sheet and POF at
OFFER OF REBCO, CRUDE OIL, D2, JP54 , JPA1 & MORE- I'M DIRECT TO OIL REFINERY MANDATE.(USA & WW) If you have a direct buyer/seller, LOI or ICPO and BCL will be needed to receive a FCO. Please email us your #/contact info. & referral for further assistance today.
Reply/Refer us today!
We have large REO packages -$10 million to the high Billions - We are direct to the seller - so dont waste our time please!! We are looking for direct buyers, buyers mandate, or close to the buyer. Must be verifiable with LOI, POF and sign ncnd. We need real buyers for CMO/MTN/BG, OIL,WEBSITES/NOTES/REO//POF/VO D, PPP,Cur,LOANS.
Please send inquiry/referral real and able to perform today to us at for more info.& close deals.
CMO/MTN/BG, OIL,WEBSITES/NOTES/REO//POF/VOD,PPP Currency/Oil, Construction/ Loan
Professional, Experience.
USA & Worldwide
Reply/Refer today!
» Posted by: Fast WORLD CMO/MTN/BG, OIL, REO, etc... [United States of America] United States of America
[Sell] OA solution View details for: OA solution
Our solution features that share internal documents & datas in a collaboration form enabling smooth communication between employees and thus raising operation effectiveness that leads to save time and resources.
Key solutions :
- Groupware / Intranet / OA solution
- Web based Email solution
- EDMS (Electronic Document management solution)
- KMS (Knowledge management system)
- Instant Messenger
For more informations, please visit
» Posted by: Enage Co.,Ltd [South Korea] South Korea
[Sell] Ipod Video 60GB USD 217 View details for: Ipod Video 60GB USD 217
Dear Sir/Madam,
We from spectrum want to give you our special offer :
Ipod Video 60GB
Imagine having over six full days' worth of video, 25,000 photos, or almost six weeks of music all in your pocket. The 60GB Apple iPod makes it possible. Through the iTunes Music Store you can
purchase and download music videos, popular TV shows, and more. Import your own home movie clips,
digital photos, and your music files as well. This slender new iPod has a large 2-1/2" full-color
screen for easy viewing.
Only : USD 217
If you interested, you can reply to
No. 10 Asia road, Medan
North Sumatera
PHONE : +6281376397850
FAX : +6281376397845
» Posted by: Spectrum [Indonesia] Indonesia
[Sell] Supply nike shoes View details for: Supply nike shoes
We supply nike shoes. in highest quality and very competitive price. more details please visit our website [-skipped-].com anyone are welcome to contact thanks
» Posted by: Uikd Shoes Company [China] China
[Sell] Sell softwares View details for: Sell softwares
We can supply original softwares, with exclusive S/N number, with original packing, not be copied softwares:
Windows XP (English Version) USD20.00
Windows 2000 (English Version) USD20.00
Windows 98 (English Version, The Second Edition) USD18.00
Office 2000(English Version, including Front Page) USD30.00
Vidotech Eletronic(H.K.) Co.,Limited
Zip: 518000
Contact: George Ge MSN:george_ge72[-skipped-].com

» Posted by: Vidotech Electronic Co.,Limited [China] China
[Sell] Pen drive View details for: Pen drive
1" HDD Storage medium
USB 2.0 standard interface
USB connector can be dragged out and turned 900
Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS 8.6 or later
No driver installation required (except for windows 98
Plug and play
Only 40g weight
2.2G USD125.00 4G USD210.00( FOB SHENZHEN)
Address: Shenzhen City GuangDong China
Zip: 518031
Contact: George Ge

» Posted by: Vidotech Electronic Co.,Limited [China] China
[Sell] Laptop battery, AC Adapter View details for: Laptop battery, AC Adapter
Dear Sir,
We are Sunvalley Tech. Co., Ltd .,we can supply Laptop battery,AC Adapter,
Here are brief introduction of our company:
Our company was in laptop peripherals for many years,our products related with laptop battery , adaptor, USB FDD, Many kinds of kits.
Your early reply will be highly appreciated.
Best regards!
Address: Shenzhen GuangDong China
Zip: 518000
Contact: Apple cai
» Posted by: Sunvalley Tech. Co., Ltd [China] China
[Sell] Web Design, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, E-commerce, Customised Software, Database Development View details for: Web Design, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, E-commerce, Customised Software, Database Development
We are offering web design, web hosting, domain registration, customized software development database development at a very affordable price.
» Posted by: Bansoft Technologies Ltd [United States of America] United States of America
[Sell] GTrader - XML enabled web application builder for Internet business applications View details for: GTrader - XML enabled web application builder for Internet business applications
GTrader ( is a ready-to-use web application builder kit containing a generic set of tables, tools, scripts and files that can be applied to build a high level web based business application such as - online store, online trading service, XML applications and more!
By taking advantage of GTrader's integrated database, XML web service architecture, .net web application framework, and a library of GTrader's code resources, developers can quickly build advanced online service and save up to 80% of standard development time.
The savings made using GTrader's generic system allows developers to offer economical solutions in a competitive environment, and the scope to offer more customisation within a limited budget.
Using GTrader, developers can save time, simplify their efforts, and reap the rewards!
For further information, visit
» Posted by: Aeon productions [Australia] Australia
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