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[Sell] Nano Particle Size Analyzer(BT-90) View details for: Nano Particle Size Analyzer(BT-90)
1. Size range: 1nm9500nm.
2. Repeatability: < 3% (CRM D50).
3. Test time:5 minutes per test.
4. Concentration: 0.1100mg/ml (in connection with sample).
5. Tank capacity: 0.5ml, 5ml.
6. Temperature range of tank: 1565C.
7. Laser source: 20 mW, 635 nm(wavelength), solid laser.
8. Angle of scattering: 90.
9. Detection unit: PMT (photomultiplier).
10. Correlator: 200 physical channels, 1-5us dynamic sampling and delay time.
11. Computer Interface: USB 2.0
12. Operating System: Win XP, Win7.
13. Environmental conditions: 535C
14. Computer requirement: Computer operating with WindowsTMXP
15. Printer: stylus, ink or laser printer
» Posted by: Bettersize Instruments Ltd. [China] China
[Sell] Disposable Goggle View details for: Disposable Goggle
Disposable Goggle
1.Single lens structure,nose bridge frame is flexible and comfortable;
2.Body made with PVC is supple and fits to face;
3.It can be used together with corrective glasses.
Package: 200pcs/ctn
Package size: 56x38.5x42cm
» Posted by: Shanghai Yuchang Sandblast Equipment Co., Ltd. [China] China
[Sell] Field Fence View details for: Field Fence
Field fence, also called cattle fence or grassland fence. Steel wire with high strength, with zinc coating layer or without. Graduated steel wire mesh knotted field fence is suitable for borders in fields and grassland for breeding of deer, cattle and other animals.
It is simple in structure; Easy maintenance;Short installation period; Less weight; Easy for transport; Good ventilation.
Grassland;Breeding; Forestry; Site fencing; Isolation of sites or projects.
» Posted by: Hebei Hualian Hardware Products Co., Ltd. [China] China
[Sell] Hexagonal wire netting machine or chicken wire machines info View details for: Hexagonal wire netting machine or chicken wire machines info
We can supply hexagonal wire netting machine for producing of different hexagonal mesh products.
Hex01 Heavy Type Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine is specially used to produce the large size and heavy duty hexagonal (PVC & Galv. Plated) wire meshes for the fence and the stone gabions usage. It has nine models for three size of meshes and the maximum netting width is up to four meters. This series hexagonal wire netting machines have the properties of high efficiency in producing and easy operation and maintenance. We can also supply the complete set of equipment for your whole netting workshop.
Hex02 Machine is designed to produce hexagonal meshes with galvanized low carbon steel wires, suitable for structural, heat insulation, protective, and fencing applications. The machines of this series are of horizontal design, ensuring smooth running and high productivity.
We also supply with special coiling machine, bobbin winding machine as spare parts.
» Posted by: Anping County First Wire Mesh Machine Factory [China] China
[Sell] Expanded metal machines, expanded metal in construction View details for: Expanded metal machines, expanded metal in construction
Our factory are specialized in produce EXPANDED MEATAL MACHINE for many years.
Expanded Metal Machine are used for punching shear the cold crimped engine bed with the thickness of 1.2- 2.5mm the width of 2000mm Material strength of 450N/mm2, The specifications of punching shear are surveyed by the bit of TB5-20 mesh grid plate: if the TB TL are changed the punching shear knife is also changed:TB.TL are increased. the punching shear strength is reduced:TB.TL are reduced. the punching shear strength is increased In order not to damage components for the excess load The nominal tonnage is 63T lf TB TL are reduced the punching shear strength surpasses the nominal tonnage. you can reduce the material thickness and width.
Expanded Metal Machine are used for punching all kinds of expand plate mesh in construction. common hardware, window and door, machine protecting etc.
Feed mechanism passes the chain link by the main engine directly. the movement accurate is reliable.
The times of feed mechanism punching shear is started from 0 it can shear in free scope
» Posted by: Anping County First Wire Mesh Machine Factory [China] China
[Sell] Wall Spike Topping View details for: Wall Spike Topping
Wall Spikes Specifications Material 2 mm Toughened Steel Coating Options Hot Dipped Galvanised-Powder Coating optional extra Spike Length100 mm Standard Length Of Spike Rail 1.45 m/1.8 m Spikes per Meter 20 Packing 10 Units Inside Cardboard Box Using as barbed wire, razor barbed wire High quality material On the top of wall Prevent people go though .
» Posted by: Anping Xinlide Wall Spikes Factory [China] China
[Sell] Duplex Wire Belt View details for: Duplex Wire Belt
Duplex wire belts are variants of the rod reinforced chain link belt or of the balanced spiral belt and offer substantial increases in strength with the added bonus of dense smooth carrying surface.
This kind of wire belts carry small items and delicate or polished surfaces which could be damaged or marked by a more open mesh. Duplex belt is often used in furnaces for brazing.
» Posted by: HeBei XiangYuan Metal Conveyor Belts Factory [China] China
[Sell] Carbon Steel Conveyor Belt View details for: Carbon Steel Conveyor Belt
XiangYuan Belt can be made of stainless steel or galvanized carbon steel offering good property in working. Carbon steel conveyor belt treated with zinc coating is the economic wire belts for many applications.
Benefits of Using:
Open Area - up to 85% open area, most open area in the industry.
Cleanliness - Easy to clean.
Minimal Contact - open area provides little contact with belt.
Tight Transfers - Small products to transfer easily.
Affordable low cost.
Carbon steel conveyor belt can be composed of round wire or cross wire. The wire is from spring steel, carbon or stainless. It can also be made from flat spirals, wound with the same orientation from round section wire. The spirals are interlaced. The belt has no connecting cross rods and made the square shape mesh approximately.
Common weaves: Balanced weave, chain drive, chevron weave.
» Posted by: HeBei XiangYuan Metal Conveyor Belts Factory [China] China
[Sell] R5 Hydraulic Hose View details for: R5 Hydraulic Hose
Tube:Oil resistant synthetic rubber
Reinforcement: a single wire braid and a fiber braided cover(1W/B×1F/B)
Cover Compound: one Impregnated fibre braid (1T/B)
Temperature range: -40&#8451; to +100&#8451;
» Posted by: Hebei Chengrui Rubber Hose Co., Ltd. [China] China
[Sell] Anti-corrosion steel plate View details for: Anti-corrosion steel plate
Anti-corrosion steel plate
1.Steel Grade:
S355J0WP,S355J0W,St37-3Cu3,A588M(A,B,C,K),S235J0W,A588M(GrA,B,C,K) S235J0W,S235J2W,S355J2WP,S355J2W, S235J2W,WR50C,Q345R(HIC), 16MnR (HIC), 16MnCu,A242MCL, 10CrMoAL,16CuCr, 15MnCuCr, SMA400 (AW, BW, CW),SMA400(AP, BP, CP),SMA490(AW, BW, CW),SMA490(AP, BP, CP), SMA570W, SMA570P,Fe235W, Fe355W,WR50B
2.Specification: Thickness :8-650mm ,Length:3000-27000mm , Width :1500-4020mm
3.Delivery States: with the different need of customer,we can do heat treatment facilities for hot-rolled, normalizing, annealing, tempering, quenching, normalizing plus tempering, quenching and tempering and other delivery states are available for clients' requirements
4. International standard:v
5. Application : Significantly improve the corrosion resistance of construction, to extend the service life for the atmospheric environment and the corrosive gas and liquid environment, the work of the various structures.
6.Test : UT,HIC, Z15,Z25,Z35 ,etc
7.Trading Term:FOB,CFR,CIF
8.Payment Term: T/T, Irrevocable at L/C at sight
9.Delivery Time:Generally 20-45days
10.Packaging Details:International standard exporter
For more and advanced informations about steel plates, please directly send email to me or visit our are very glad to at your service
Yours Sincerely
Contact person: Aaron Lun
E-mail&#65306;aaron @zzjygt.comMSN: aaron20100630@hotmail.comGmail:
Skype: lun.zhanlei Tel: Phone:+86-371-69092221
Mobile phone:+8615803814801
» Posted by: Zhengzhou Jingying Iron and Steel Co.,Ltd [China] China
[Sell] Decorative Perforated Mesh View details for: Decorative Perforated Mesh
The perforated plate can be manufactured in various steels, measures, standard models and special designs that are tailored to the needs of each industry. Engineers, architects and designers also are finding increasingly uses for the metal plates perforated in various presentations of design and materials.
Decorative stainless steel perforated metal, non-magnetic, type 304 or 316. The type 316 provides greater resistance to corrosion, making it suitable for photographic industries, food, chemicals and shipbuilding.
Sheet thick with reinforced edges Tolerance in the size of the sheet metal + /-5mm
Dimensions: Square opening, Hex opening, Oblong, Special
Sizes of perforated sheets in stainless steel 304: 500x500mm, 1000x500mm
» Posted by: Blatt Perforated Metal Co. [China] China
[Sell] Gabion Sacks View details for: Gabion Sacks
Wire mesh for making of gabion sacks is hexagonal opening with the aperture of 80x100mm, the wire diameter of 2.7mm and selvedge wire of 3.4mm diameter.
Sack gabions are cylindrical baskets made of 8x10 double twisted steel woven wire mesh.
How to use: Sack gabions filled with stones are used in river control and various emergency works. Sack gabions are supplied with steel reinforcing wires inserted during the manufacturing process to facilitate closing during installation.
Treatment: Wire for making of sack gabion is electro galvanized.
Dimensions and sizes of galvanized sack gabions can be customized.
» Posted by: Schanskorven Gabion Baskets Co.,Ltd. [China] China
[Sell] FIELD FENCE View details for: FIELD FENCE
Material: High tensile steel wire
Surface Treatment: Zinc coating or plastic coating
Application: Field fence is mainly used for farm or agriculture fence, cattle fence , sheep fence, stock fencing, horse fence,
Diameter of all wires used:
Top / BOTTOM wire dia:2.5MM-3.6mm
Lline/stay wire dia area:1.7MM-2.5mm
Hardness Mpa of all wires according to consumer.(700-1400Mpa)
Zinc coating :60-240g/m2
» Posted by: High Tensile Fence Manufacture Co., Ltd. [China] China
High tensile PVC coated Chain Link Fence is extensively used as fences for playground and gardens, expressway, railway, airport, port, residence, etc. Also,it can be used for breeding of animals.
Color: High tensile pvc coated chain link fence can be supplied in green,blue,black and other colors.
1) Electro galv. Chain link fence
2) Hot dipped galv. Chain link fence
3) PVC coated Chain link fence
4) Stainless Steel Chain link fence
» Posted by: High Tensile Fence Manufacture Co., Ltd. [China] China
Material: Low carbon steel wire
Process: Hinge joint or fixed knot
Surface Treatment: PVC coating of various colors
The benefit of high tensile fence is light, novel, beautiful, simple grid structure, easy to transport, corrosion resistant, anti-aging, acid resistant, durable, etc.
» Posted by: High Tensile Fence Manufacture Co., Ltd. [China] China
Edge Wire:121/2ga
Middle Wire:14ga
Mesh Height:26"-47"
High Tensile Fence combines the familiar hinge joint knot with high tensile steel. This kind of wire fence is significantly stronger and can be installed faster and with fewer posts.
A 14 gauge High Tensile Fence with its 12.5 gauge top and bottom wires is as strong as a 12.5 gauge low carbon fence. And a 12.5 gauge High Tensile Fence with 10.5 gauge top and bottom wires is stronger than 11g and equivalent to 9g low carbon field fence. Both of these options are less expensive than using low carbon field fence.
High Tensile Fence is available in heavy coat galvanized for long life.
The fence is available with a green finish and will last four to six times longer than a standard Galvanized fence and enhance the appearance.
» Posted by: High Tensile Fence Manufacture Co., Ltd. [China] China
[Sell] Square Post Anchor View details for: Square Post Anchor
We produce various post anchor in China, such as Square Post Anchor, full stirrup post anchor, half stirrup post anchor, T-type fence post, U-type post anchor, screw pole anchor and etc.

Specification of square post anchor we supply:

Surface technique: hot dip galvanizing
Raw material: low-carbon steel - Q195 metal band
We can also design to meet customers' unique style requirement
» Posted by: TangDu Fence Post Anchor Co. [China] China
[Sell] Ground Post Anchor View details for: Ground Post Anchor
Ground post anchor is also named as ground screws.
We can supply ground post anchor with following specifications:
Post Anchor Length: 1800mm
Pipe Dia: 76.1mm
Pipe Thickness:1.5mm-8mm
Post Anchor Depth: 700mm
Top Design: 3*M16

Surface Finished:
Hot Dipped Galvanized

Packing: On steel pallet, in cartons
Advantages of Ground Screws:
Ground post anchor sets new standards for safe, fast, and affordable construction projects.
Extremely environmental.
Can be installed in a matter of minutes with no digging and no concrete.
Applications of ground post anchor or screws:
This kind of post anchor in foundation system is not only suitable for natural ground, but also for dense, and even tarred surfaces.
» Posted by: TangDu Fence Post Anchor Co. [China] China
[Sell] Mineral Glass 1.70 High Index Single Vision Lenses View details for: Mineral Glass 1.70 High Index Single Vision Lenses
1) Nd=1.70, super slice, UV320nm
2) Consistency: 3.08g/cm3
3) Abbe value: 35, Transmission: 90.6%
4) Design: Spheric / Aspheric
Lighter, slim and particular suitable for high minus lens
5) Diameter: 65mm
6) Range of power:
a) SPH: -0.00 to -20.00
b) SPH: -0.00 to -20.00, Cyl: -0.25 to -2.00
c) SPH: -0.00 to -20.00, Cyl: -2.25 to -4.00
d) SPH: +0.00 to +16.00
7) White and pink color available
8) AR multi-coating and AR + EMI coating available
9) Semi-finished lenses:
Base: 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 3.00, 4.00, 5.00, 6.00, 8.00
Skype: clearoptical
» Posted by: Danyang Clear Optical Co., Ltd. [China] China
[Sell] 1.523 Mineral Glass Single Vision Optical Lenses View details for: 1.523 Mineral Glass Single Vision Optical Lenses
1) Refractive index ND: 1.523
2) Density: 2.533g/cm3
3) Abbe number: 60.5
4) Visible light transmission rate: 92%
5) Color: White, Pink
6) Diameter: 56mm, 60mm, 65mm
Powers range:
a) For 56mm/60mm Sph: 0.00 to +/-6.00
b) For 65mm Sph: 0.00 to +/-6.00 / Cyl: +/-0.25 to +/-2.00
RX Power: Sph: 0.00 to +/-6.00 / Cyl: +/-2.25 to +/-4.00
7) Uncoated, Multi-coated(AR), AR&EMI treatment available in greenish and bluish color
8) Both finished and semi finished
9) Semi-finished lenses
Base: 1.00, 2.00, 3.00, 4.00, 5.00, 6.00
Skype: clearoptical
» Posted by: Danyang Clear Optical Co., Ltd. [China] China
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