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Company Name: Eskay, LLC
Contact Person: Mr Daniel Steinman
City: New Smyrna Beach
Country: United States of America United States of America
Local Time:
E-mail: Premium Membership Required (Join Free Today)
Introduction: Director of Marketing
Gourmet Cranberries, Blueberries, Strawberries and Cherries
Dear Sir or Madam:
Our company has developed and is operating an international marketing network for Gourmet Forest, LLC. No, this company is not a Ocean Spray, General Foods or Del Monte, but our grower is a third generation supplier of special berries. Obviously, we are not a household name. However, we have been in business long enough to gain recognition as the best gourmet cranberry producer in the world. Choice of the finest restaurants and food suppliers in the USA.
This is a first time offering to fellow colleagues, an offer that may not be available for very long. I will be pleased to discuss any questions that you may have about our product line, company, or this proposal.
Please review the information at our Website: for specific details about our product.
Daniel C. Steinman
Executive Consultant
Business Type: Exporter
Areas of Interest: 1. Computers & Hardware/Other
2. Food & Beverages/Fruit & Vegetable Products

Offers From This Member (3)

[Sell] Computer Help Desk Services View details for: Computer Help Desk Services
(Dealer inquiries encouraged)
Never before has technical support been this efficient.
How many times has the proud owner of a new computer taken it home only to find that set-up and initial operations are frustrating events? All of us have been there. What adds insult to injury is the ensuing battle with indifferent tech support people, who treat you like a computer illiterate over the telephone.
Our technical support will fix their computer. It is that simple. We fix their computer system problems, not you. No more telephone calls with someone telling them to try this or do that. No! No! No! We do it all. How? We utilize advancements in computer software technology and secured Internet communications – real-time, on-line mechanical tech support.
That’s right! We take care of the actual systems glitch on their computer over the Internet while they watch!!!
If they have access to the Internet, we can diagnose, repair and perform preventative maintenance on their computer!
Fortify pre-existing factory tech support arrangements!
Help Desk Service Plans that also handle RMA’s!
» Service Industry/Internet & IT
[Sell] MaxTV all-in-one PC TV View details for: MaxTV all-in-one PC TV
Dealer Inquiries Invited for the “MaxTV”
What does it do?
MaxTV is a computer with a wireless keyboard that operates your television as a computer.
Computer storage? How about a 30 G hard drive along with CD, double-sided DVD and a 3 ½” floppy disk.
Shipped with Windows ME and has many accessory ports for office or home use. 30 G hard drive!!
Like TiVo, pre-program your favorite TV shows. Five to ten hours of viewing can be stored and written to a DVD.
Re-record your favorite CD’s, recordable media to DVD’s or even VHS Tapes to a DVD (awesome).
Play your music CD’s over the TV sound system.
PIP your TV program and go to the Internet to check and respond to E-mail. Compose a letter and print it out.
Play games over the Internet with friends.
Did you know that no other IBM compatible computer on the market can burn DVD’s?
There is none!
The MaxTV is the only all-in-one computer built with this feature!
You won’t believe the price either. Patent Pending
Contact: D.C. Steinman 386-424-1947
» Computers & Hardware/Other
[Sell] Gourmet Cranberries View details for: Gourmet Cranberries
Eskay Consultants, LLC has obtained the finest dried cranberries in the market place today. Our exclusive grower/supplier has three generations of experience in the cranberry industry and has secured a patented process for infusing fruit that has made their cranberries superior. These sweetened, dried cranberries are for food distributors and industrial food processing applications.
This process leaves ninety-five (95%) percent of the pectin in the fruit and over fifty (50%) percent of the natural acid and brix; that is why this sweetened, dried fruit still looks like a cranberry slice! The cranberries are grown with the intentions of making dried cranberries and not a by-product of juice. There are no preservatives just cranberries and pure cane sugar (un-inverted). The patented process gently infuses a sliced and de-seeded Grade 1 Cranberry.
What this means…
· The cranberries are processed from the previous harvest. There is only one variety of cranberries. Since the supplier grows the cranberries themselves, they know exactly what is applied. The supplier will always maintain a control on the quality of the cranberry that is used for this product.
Competitive processors are reliant on other handlers to purchase their cranberries. This is called industrial fruit. It is at best 2 yrs. old, and it is whatever variety they get. There is no consistency or control of fruit quality.
· The cranberry is double rinsed before entering the totes for storage. An interesting quality of the product is the water activity. With the natural pectin left in the fruit, it binds more of it, which allows the product to stay moist when packed with other items.
· The cranberry is brought in from the freezer where it is visually inspected for any defective berries. It is then sized and put through a metal detector before slicing and de-seeding. Then it is infused. After two days it is then harvested and sent to the dryer. The infusers are computerized and require no human contact, eliminating the chance of contamination by human involvement. When the product comes off the dryer, it is again run through the metal detector and then placed into the package, ready for shipment.
· The ability to obtain targeted moisture level is simplified by a three stage drying process. The advantage this gives is three transfer areas where the fruit can be tested and adjusted to hit the target moisture.
Most dryers have three or four burners, but only one continuous belt, so the product is never turned. The only way they can hit the moisture they need is to increase heat, which destroys the quality of the fruit. The result is brown colored fruit.
Our supplier has many options, decrease the speed of one of the three separate belts, or slow down one belt and speed up another. But the fact remains they do not have to play with the temperature to keep the quality.
Some processing plants don’t even use a dryer per say, they do batch drying. There are two types of batch drying:
1) The fruit is thrown on a floor and every hour a person goes in with a shovel and tosses the fruit around.
2) Others may use a big room with racks upon racks of fruit. Someone goes in every two hours and flips the fruit on each tray and then rotates the racks.
In both of these methods humans are continuously in contact with the product. CONTAMINATION
Eskay Consultants, LLC’s goal is to supply the highest quality product on the market today.
» Food & Beverages/Fruit & Vegetable Products
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