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[Sell] End treatment of corrugated metal pipe enhancing performances View details for: End treatment of corrugated metal pipe enhancing performances
End treatments add a hydraulically superior, economical, and aesthetic property to various of culverts. They are often made of galvanized steel and aluminum. These materials are light, flexible and resistant to weathers, abrasion and corrosive liquids.
They can be combined with corrugated metal pipes in either annular or helical corrugations. End treatments can be reused when the culvert relocating or lengthening.
Safety end sections are available in 6 : 1 or 4 : 1 slopes. Standard end sections are suitable for corrugated pipes up to 2400 mm in diameter and pipe arches up to 2130 mm span by 1460 mm rise. For special diameters, please contact us.
Lightweight Economical Significantly improved flow characteristics Enhance scour and sedimentation conditions Controlling headwater depth

Culvert end treatment in steel is light and versatile Aluminum end section with a slope of 6 : 1
Economical and hydraulically superior end treatment for culverts
» Posted by: Lake Metal Culvert Co., Ltd [China] China
[Sell] Pipe-arch outlasts concrete structure. Lightweight and economical View details for: Pipe-arch outlasts concrete structure. Lightweight and economical
Pipe-arch is a modification of round pipe in its low-profile. It is especially designed for culverts, bridges and underpasses with limited headroom, providing hydraulic benefits at low flow velocity. Usually, pipe-arches are equipped with end treatments to improve performances.

Culvert end treatment in steel is light and versatile Pipe-arch fabricated by structural plates are used in arctic weather, for its performance will not be severely affected
Lightweight: Steel or aluminum arches are so light to easy installation, for their mass approximately 1/10 and 1/30 respectively the mass of concrete structures.
Strength: Corrugations and soil arching around the pipe-arch make this lightweight structure to withstand relatively high loads, such as the impact and vibration of trucks, cars, trains and other vehicles and equipment.
Durability: Galvanized or aluminized coating significantly extends the life span reducing percentage of repairmen or maintenance.
Aesthetic appearance: Shining pipe-arch profile adds an attractive view to entry statements or embankment.
Pipe-arches are often applied as culverts, small bridges, fish passages, grade separations.
Products description:
Corrugation profile: pitch by depth - 36×6mm, 68×13mm and 125×26mm;
Plate thickness: 1.2 to 3.5mm;
Span: 1854mm to 7620mm;
Rise: 1397mm to 4240mm;
Corrosion protection: hot-dip galvanized steel, aluminized, polymer coated
Part No. Span Rise End Area Min. Cover (mm) Part No. Span Rise End Area Min. Cover (mm)
  (mm) (mm) (m2) CL Vehicle E-80   (mm) (mm) (m2) CL Vehicle E-80
PAC01 1854 1397 2.04 300 381 PAC36 4242 2616 8.64 759 859
PAC02 1930 1448 2.23 300 396 PAC37 4267 2946 9.75 754 864
PAC03 2057 1499 2.42 300 422 PAC38 4293 2667 9.01 756 869
PAC04 2060 1520 2.49 300 422 PAC39 4318 2997 10.13 754 874
PAC05 2134 1549 2.6 300 437 PAC40 4343 2718 9.38 754 879
PAC06 2210 1600 2.88 300 452 PAC41 4370 2870 9.76 798 884
PAC07 2240 1630 2.9 300 458 PAC42 4394 3048 10.59 760 889
PAC08 2337 1651 3.07 300 478 PAC43 4521 2769 9.75 803 914
PAC09 2413 1702 3.25 308 493 PAC44 4547 3099 10.96 799 920
PAC10 2440 1750 3.36 311 498 PAC45 4674 2819 10.13 847 945
PAC11 2489 1753 3.53 318 508 PAC46 4720 3070 11.38 844 954
PAC12 2590 1880 3.87 330 528 PAC47 4724 2870 10.5 843 955
PAC13 2616 1803 3.72 333 533 PAC48 4750 3200 11.8 722 960
PAC14 2690 2080 4.49 343 548 PAC49 4775 2921 10.96 840 965
PAC15 2692 1854 3.99 343 549 PAC50 4826 2997 11.33 832 975
PAC16 2845 1905 4.27 362 579 PAC51 4826 3251 12.26 844 975
PAC17 2896 1956 4.55 368 589 PAC52 4953 3302 12.73 878 1001
PAC18 2972 2007 4.83 378 605 PAC53 5004 3023 11.71 886 1011
PAC19 3100 1980 4.83 600 630 PAC54 5050 3330 13.24 887 1020
PAC20 3124 2057 5.11 600 635 PAC55 5055 3073 12.17 883 1021
PAC21 3251 2108 5.39 600 660 PAC56 5182 3404 13.56 924 1047
PAC22 3327 2159 5.67 600 676 PAC57 5232 3454 14.03 923 1057
PAC23 3400 2010 5.28 684 690 PAC58 5309 3505 14.59 928 1072
PAC24 3480 2210 5.95 630 706 PAC59 5490 3530 15.1 975 1108
PAC25 3531 2261 6.22 628 716 PAC60 5512 3607 15.51 967 1113
PAC26 3607 2311 6.6 633 732 PAC61 5664 3658 15.98 1009 1143
PAC27 3730 2290 6.61 722 756 PAC62 5715 3708 16.44 1007 1153
PAC28 3759 2362 6.87 674 762 PAC63 5890 3710 17.07 1056 1188
PAC29 3810 2413 7.25 672 772 PAC64 5944 3810 17.47 1053 1199
PAC30 3861 2464 7.53 671 782 PAC65 5994 3861 18.02 1051 1209
PAC31 3890 2690 8.29 682 788 PAC66 6071 3912 18.58 1056 1224
PAC32 3912 2540 7.9 665 793 PAC67 6250 3910 19.18 1106 1260
PAC33 4039 2845 9.01 709 818 PAC68 6274 4013 19.6 1095 1265
PAC34 4089 2565 8.27 716 828 PAC69 7040 4060 22.48 1422 1418
PAC35 4115 2896 9.48 715 833 PAC70 7620 4240 25.27 1571 1534
» Posted by: Lake Metal Culvert Co., Ltd [China] China
[Sell] Structural plate pipe protecting and decorating the landscape View details for: Structural plate pipe protecting and decorating the landscape
Structural plate pipe culvert is rapidly become an alternative of culvert, bridge and underpass construction, for its high strength and affordability and easy handling. Round pipe is a basic shape; it also has different versions such as vertical and horizontal ellipse, pear shape. All these shapes have their own characters and the most suitable applications.
Round pipe is the most common and versatile shape. All the plates share the same radius. Its maximum span can reach 8.02 meter. It is primarily used as culverts, sub-drains, sewers, service tunnels, but also appropriate for storage bins, tunnels and bridges.
Pear shape features wide at top and narrow at bottom. This unique shape is very suitable for underpasses and grade separations. Sometimes, it is also employed as storm sewer and railway tunnels. It is 8.56 meter wide at its maximum and total rise can reach 8.61 meter.
Ellipse shapes are ideal for underpasses, recovery and service tunnels. Horizontal ellipse prefers to vehicular underpasses, multi-lane, grade separations and tunnels, while vertical ellipse is better for single lane vehicular and railway underpasses.
Although they are different in shapes, they have one point in common: they are assembled by structural plates. Unlike concrete constructions, they have lightweight, short delivery time, economic cost as well as aesthetic appearances.
Round pipe culverts are polymer coated for 100+ years of service period
Part No. Span End Area
Min. Cover (mm)
Part No. Span End Area Min.Cover(mm)
(mm) (m2) CL Vehicle E-80 (mm) (m2) CL Vehicle E-80
SPR01 1500 1.77 300 310 SPR14 4300 14.49 725 870
SPR02 1660 2.16 300 342 SPR15 4610 16.66 777 932
SPR03 1810 2.57 300 372 SPR16 4920 18.99 829 994
SPR04 1970 3.05 300 404 SPR17 5230 21.46 880 1056
SPR05 2120 3.53 300 434 SPR18 5540 24.08 932 1118
SPR06 2280 4.08 300 466 SPR19 5850 26.86 984 1180
SPR07 2430 4.64 310 496 SPR20 6160 29.79 1035 1242
SPR08 2590 5.27 330 528 SPR21 6470 32.87 1087 1304
SPR09 2740 5.89 349 558 SPR22 6780 36.1 1139 1366
SPR10 3050 7.3 600 620 SPR23 7090 39.48 1190 1428
SPR11 3360 8.86 600 682 SPR24 7400 43.01 1242 1490
SPR12 3670 10.57 620 744 SPR25 7710 46.7 1294 1552
SPR13 3990 12.5 674 808 SPR26 8020 50.53 1345 1614
Vertical Ellipse
Vertical ellipse sketch drawing

Vertical ellipse culvert through a small hill
Part No. Span Rise End Area Min. Cover(mm)
(mm) (mm) (m2) CL Vehicle E-80
SPV01 2310 2570 4.63 300 472
SPV02 2460 2740 5.23 314 502
SPV03 2620 2900 5.89 334 534
SPV04 2920 3230 7.29 371 594
SPV05 3200 3560 8.86 600 650
SPV06 3580 3890 10.87 600 726
SPV07 3810 4220 12.43 312 772
SPV08 4140 4570 14.43 665 838
SPV09 4340 4830 16.58 694 878
SPV10 4650 5160 18.88 744 940
SPV11 4950 5460 21.35 794 1000
SPV12 5260 5820 23.97 842 1062
SPV13 5540 6120 26.73 887 1118
SPV14 5840 6450 29.65 935 1178
SPV15 6120 6780 32.72 978 1234
horizontal ellipse pipe sketch view
Twin horizontal ellipse structural plate pipes as storm water sewers
Horizontal Ellipse
Part No. Span (ft. - in.) Rise (Ft. In.) End Area (Sq. Ft.)
HE01 9-2 6-8 48
HE02 9-11 7-0 54
HE03 10-7 7-3 60
HE04 10-11 7-11 68
HE05 11-4 7-6 66
HE06 11-8 8-3 75
HE07 12-0 8-11 84
HE08 12-1 7-9 73
HE09 12-5 8-6 82
HE10 12-9 9-2 92
HE11 12-10 8-1 80
HE12 13-2 8-9 89
HE13 13-6 9-6 99
HE14 13-7 8-4 87
HE15 13-11 9-0 97
HE16 14-3 9-9 108
HE17 14-7 10-5 119
HE18 14-11 11-2 130
NOTE: Dimensions are to inside corrugation crests.
Pear shape culvert profile
Pear-shaped culvert
Part No. Max. Span Bottom Rise Total Rise End Area
(mm) (mm) (mm) (m2)
SPD01 7210 4550 7820 44.69
SPD02 7570 5100 8430 50.54
SPD03 8360 5510 8230 53.7
SPD04 8100 5460 8610 54.91
SPD05 8560 5130 8480 57.97
SPD06 7320 4880 8530 48.84
» Posted by: Lake Metal Culvert Co., Ltd [China] China
[Sell] Corrugated structural plate assembled into seven arches View details for: Corrugated structural plate assembled into seven arches
Corrugated structural plates are available in steel and aluminum. Both are hot-dip-galvanized with 3-ounce zinc coating, which gives the plate a 40% longer life span than regular corrugated steel pipe.
Fig-2, Structural plates can be assembled to seven shapes
For similar size, structural plates are far lighter than reinforced concrete pipe, reducing equipment costs and allowing for easy operation of long preassembled structures.
Corrugated metal structural plates are conveyed to job site and finished assembling into final shapes through bolting. As finished on-site, structural plates won?t have shipment limitations as did the large conventional pipes. They can be bolted into the desired shape and size to meet the practical application. Especially, when spans exceed 12 ft., structural plate is the premier choice.
Steel structural plate pipe is bolted by modular plates
Hot-dipped galvanized steel structural plates stocked at the warehouse.
Structural plates combine the advantage of deep-corrugated, hot-dipped galvanized, light weight, easy shipment and installation. They are the most versatile on the market and extensively used both at home and abroad.
Corrugated steel structural plates come in seven basic shapes: (see fig-2) round, versatile ellipse, low and high profile, standard arch, pipe arch, and box culverts. Each type has its own features and extensive applications.
Strong: Deep-corrugated construction gives it 8 times the stiffness of conventional structural plate and the ability of withstanding the heaviest loads.
Lightweight: Aluminum structural plates are much lighter than typical structural plate or conventional plates, making them suitable for remote areas.
Long life span: Hot dipped galvanized coating creates a protective film and gives structural plates a 50% longer life span.
Friendly to Environment: The structure types virtually eliminate streamed interference. And their wide-span prevents blockages and flooding. Unlike conventional bridges, which need continuous maintenance, the structures made by metal structural plates require fewer repairs.
» Posted by: Lake Metal Culvert Co., Ltd [China] China
[Sell] Aluminum box culvert, the premier replacement of concrete culvert View details for: Aluminum box culvert, the premier replacement of concrete culvert
Aluminum box culverts provide a practical and low-cost solution for small bridge or other hydraulic structures. Aluminum structural plate box culverts are field assembled into the desired shape depending on practical situations. Box culverts should be given top priority when the headroom over the structure is limited, for example, 1.4 to 5.0 feet.
Aluminum box culvert in final shape
Compared with conventional concrete box culverts, box culverts do little damage to the environment, especially environmentally sensitive streams. Aluminum box culverts are not affected by the extreme weathers, such as frost weather, eliminating regular and expensive maintenance. They also have short delivery time, economic cost, and easy installation and free maintenance.
Benefits of Aluminum structural plate box culvert
Lightweight of structural plate box culverts is a vital benefit of easy handling. For similar volume, the weight of aluminum accounts for 2% of concrete pipe and 1/3 of steel structure.
Easy installation
Aluminum structural plates can be preassembled not at the final installation place to significantly shorten the handling time. Lightweight makes the plates easy to handle at the installation plate.
Long life span
Aluminum alloy form a thin but tough surface barrier when exposed to oxygen. This barrier is not easy to damaged or removed by harsh environment conditions. A great number of studies and researches have proven that aluminum drainage products have at least 75 year service life for 0.1 inch-thickness aluminum plate. In salt water area like coastal areas, granular backfill materials around the structure will not reduce but enhance performance.
Friendly to environment
installation of aluminum box culvert reduce or abandon the use of conventional building materials, such as cement, sand, gravel, wood. And its delivery time is much shorter. All these factors contribute to little damage to environments.
Product specifications
Part No. Span(mm) Rise(mm) End area (m2)
ACB01 3170 1180 3.12
ACB02 3550 1420 4.33
ACB03 3840 1465 4.94
ACB04 3965 2210 7.35
ACB05 3865 1260 4.18
ACB06 4105 1860 6.56
ACB07 4210 1310 4.76
ACB08 4735 1960 8.16
ACB09 4550 1360 5.36
ACB10 4890 1610 6.97
ACB11 4860 2365 10.09
ACB12 5155 2420 11.06
ACB13 5215 1670 7.72
ACB14 5360 2075 9.89
ACB15 5320 1440 6.62
ACB16 5445 2480 12.07
ACB17 5655 1505 7.33
ACB18 5955 2645 14.23
ACB19 5895 1595 8.17
ACB20 6165 1900 10.33
ACB21 6235 2715 15.36
ACB22 6320 1645 8.91
ACB23 6480 1975 11.25
ACB24 6495 2380 13.89
ACB25 6645 1720 9.77
ACB26 6970 1795 10.67
ACB27 7000 2200 13.5
ACB28 7025 2610 16.35
ACB29 7290 1875 11.62
ACB30 7300 2285 14.58
ACB31 7310 2690 17.56

Part No. Span (mm) Rise (mm) End area (m2)
ACB32 7405 1680 10.21
ACB33 7800 1965 12.71
ACB34 7945 2370 15.87
ACB35 8575 1920 13.9
ACB36 8605 2325 17.38
ACB37 8635 2735 20.89
ACB38 9145 1940 14.64
ACB39 9225 2345 18.35
ACB40 9310 2750 22.1
ACB41 9810 2105 16.92
ACB42 9865 2510 20.9
ACB43 9920 2920 24.92
ACB44 10460 2285 19.43
ACB45 10485 2690 23.68
ACB46 10515 3100 27.95
ACB47 10895 2355 20.59
ACB48 10940 2760 25.02
ACB49 10990 3165 29.47
ACB50 11645 2530 23.31
ACB51 11700 2935 28.04
ACB52 11750 3345 32.81
ACB53 12270 2745 26.46
ACB54 12290 3150 31.45
ACB55 12315 3555 36.45
ACB56 13028 2830 30.72
ACB57 13050 3236 36.02
ACB58 14092 3071 35.61
ACB59 14111 3477 41.34
ACB60 15020 3168 38.38
ACB61 15038 3574 44.48
ACB62 15579 3845 49.46
ACB63 15748 3994 52.12
Aluminum box culvert used as a bridge, which will significantly decrease bridge budget but will enhance the performance.
» Posted by: Lake Metal Culvert Co., Ltd [China] China
[Sell] Corrugated metal pipe does better but saves money and time View details for: Corrugated metal pipe does better but saves money and time
Corrugated metal pipe is a perfect combination of strength, aesthetics, durability, economy and performance. An increasing number of engineers and designers tend to choose corrugated metal pipes for culverts, storm sewers, small bridges, grade separations and storm water detention systems.
Corrugated metal pipes are available in a series of corrugation profiles and wall thicknesses with the diameter up to 144?. To extend their service lives, various protective coatings are provided, including galvanized, aluminized and polymer coated. Corrugated pipes can be fabricated by steel or aluminum which doesn?t need protective coating. All these choices allow designers and engineers to choose the appropriate pipe in accordance with the practical applications.
Polymer coated corrugated steel pipe can serve 100 plus years
Corrugated aluminum pipe at manufacturing shop
Optional coating
Galvanized corrugated steel pipe, galvanized method is a standard way to enlarge life spans of steel products. Research shows that galvanized coating provide about 25 years of service period.Aluminized type 2 coating corrugated steel pipe offer excellent corrosion resistance against corrosive media and abrasive bedload. Its maximum life span can reach 75 years.
Polymer coated corrugated steel pipe will withstand to aggressive conditions with high concentrations of acids and alkalis. Its perfect performances surpass any concrete pipes.
Corrugated Metal Pipe
Part No. Corrugations (pitch by depth) (inch) Round Pipe Diameter(inch)
CMP01 1-1/2 × 1/4 6 - 10
CMP02 2-2/3 × 1/2 12 - 72
CMP03 3 × 1 48 - 102
CMP04 5 × 1 48 - 144
Easy to install
A series of sizes, thicknesses, materials and coatings to be chosen.
Deep corrugation adds strength to the pipe.
Corrugated steel pipe installation spent two days containing the prepared work of one and a half days
» Posted by: Lake Metal Culvert Co., Ltd [China] China
[Sell] Cold forged parts View details for: Cold forged parts
Welcome to search MILLION INTERWORK SDN. BHD. by Yahoo, Google or any search engines for the details..
» Posted by: Million Interwork Sdn. Bhd. [Malaysia] Malaysia
[Sell] Stainless Steel Welding Wires View details for: Stainless Steel Welding Wires
Our factory supply various of types and specification stainless steel welding wire. our stainless steel welding wire is classified by different welding purpose. For example, our ER307 welding wire is used for welding boiler heating tube, furnace parts, heat exchanger and converter, and our ER307 stainless welding wire is mainly used to moderate weld density, it is of good crack resistance while in welding of manganese steel and carbon steel forging, etc. Our stainless welding wire got ISO9001, ISO14000 DIN, CWB, GB/T, BS, EN and AWS certificate and safe enough in welding process.
Stainless steel welding wire application:
Exhaust systems, alternative energy, food processing: equipment, machine construction, oil and gas industry: gas processing and storage, etc.
» Posted by: Hebei Brilliant Welding Wire Factory [China] China
[Sell] Copper-Coated Welding Wire View details for: Copper-Coated Welding Wire
Copper coated welding wire can be processed by various methods, electrolytic copper coated, MIG copper coated welding wire, etc.
Electrolytic copper coated welding wire description:
Electrolytic Copper Coated AWS ER70S-6 grade of mild steel welding wire that is found to perform overall more in lots of applications over other typical mild steel wires. Our highly engineered coated process ensures a consistent thin coating of copper designed to provide superior results and optimal control at high welding speeds and high amperage ranges found in lots of robotic welding applications. Shielding gases of 100% CO2 or Argon base with a recommended 1-2 volt higher setting offers a smoother arc.
The welding wire Features:
Excellent Feeding
Increased Contact Tip Life
Less Downtime & Weld Cost
Shiny Flake Free Surface
Less Spatter and Cleanup
Superior Smooth Weld Beads
Versatile & Discontinuity Free
Stable Arc Characteristics
MIG copper coated welding wire description:
MIG copper coated welding wire has excellent synthetic technological properties when corresponding welding flux is used. With a higher deposition efficiency, high quality and low intensity of labor, etc.
Wire diameter: Φ(mm)2.0、2.5、3.2、4.0、5.0
Typical mechanical properties of deposited metal: Accord with GB/T14957-94.
» Posted by: Hebei Brilliant Welding Wire Factory [China] China
[Sell] Submerged Arc Welding Wire View details for: Submerged Arc Welding Wire
Submerged arc welding wire is widely used in many fields, for example, boiler, nuclear power plant, chemical container, bridge, ship and pressure vessel and others.
We have different types of submerged arc welding wire listed in each page, our submerged arc welding wire is classified by different welding purpose and our welding wire meets DIN, GB/T, EN and AWS standard. Our H10MnSi is a kind of submerged arc welding copper wire, it can be used with welding flux for automatic submerged arc welding.
Submerged arc welding wire types:
H10MnSi, EM13K Submerged Arc Welding Wire
H10Mn2, S4, EH14, S501-H Submerged Arc Welding Wire
H13CrMoA, EB2 Submerged Arc Welding Wire
H08MnMoA, S2Mo, EA2, YS-M3 Submerged Arc Welding Wire
H08CrMoVA Submerged Arc Welding Wire, etc.
Submerged arc welding wire processing:
SAW involves formation of an arc between a continuously-fed bare wire electrode and the workpiece. The process uses a flux to generate protective gases and slag, and to add alloying elements to the weld pool.
A shielding gas is not required. Prior to welding, a thin layer of flux powder is placed on the workpiece surface. The arc moves along the joint line and as it does so, excess flux is recycled via a hopper.
Remaining fused slag layers can be easily removed after welding. As the arc is completely covered by the flux layer, heat loss is extremely low.
This produces a thermal efficiency as high as 60% (compared with 25% for manual metal arc).
Processing characteristics:
SAW is usually operated as a fully mechanized or automatic process, but it can be semi-automatic.
Welding parameters: current, arc voltage and travel speed all affect bead shape, depth of penetration and chemical composition of the deposited weld metal.
» Posted by: Hebei Brilliant Welding Wire Factory [China] China
[Sell] Solid Welding Wire View details for: Solid Welding Wire
There are many difference of solid welding wire at welding technology treatment and selection of materials.
Submerged arc welding wire
Submerged arc can be protect the weld metal and metallurgical processing role when welding. Welding wire is mainly as a filler metal, and adding alloying elements to the weld and participate in the metallurgical reaction.
1. Low carbon steel and low-alloy steel wire submerged arc welding wire
Common using Low-carbon and low-alloy steel wire categories has the following three:
Low-manganese wire (such as H08A): Common with high manganese for low carbon steel and low strength low-alloy steel welding flux.
Medium manganese wire (such as H08MnA H10MnS,): It is mainly used for welding of low alloy steel and also with low manganese flux for welding low carbon steel.
High manganese welding wire (e.g. H10Mn2 H08Mn2Si): Used for the welding of low-alloy steel.
2. High strength welding steel wire
This welding wire contains Mn1%, Mo0.3% ~ 0.8%, as H08MnMoA H08Mn2MoA, used for high strength low alloy high strength steel welding.
3. Stainless steel welding wire
The same with stainless steel welding wire when adopt wire components, welding chromium stainless steel, such as HoCr14 H1Cr13 H1Cr17 such as wire; H0Cr19Ni9 HoCr19Ni9 HoCr19Ni9T.
Gas shielded welding wire
Gas shielded welding wire can be divided into inert gas welding gas shielded arc welding (TIG welding and MIG welding), active gas welding (MAG welding) as well as self-protection welding. TIG welding with pure Ar commonly used MIG welding Ar +2% O2 or Ar +5% CO2. MAG welding is mainly using CO2.
1. TIG welding wire
TIG welding without the filler wire sometimes. Welded materials is heated and melted directly connected together.
TIG welding welding energy, the strength of the weld and plastic, good toughness, easy to meet the performance requirements.
2. MIG and MAG welding wire
MIG method is mainly used for welding stainless steel alloy. In order to improve the arc characteristics, adding the amount of O2 or CO2 gas in Ar gas to become the MAG method of. Alloy steel welding.
When welding, using Ar +5% CO2 can be improved weld anti stomatal capacity. Welding low carbon stainless steel can not be used mixed gas of Ar +5% CO2 but Ar +2% O2 mixed gas to prevent the weld by carbon.
» Posted by: Hebei Brilliant Welding Wire Factory [China] China
[Sell] CO2 Welding Wire View details for: CO2 Welding Wire
We are reliably CO2 welding wire manufacture.The CO2 Welding Wires provided by us are widely demanded in the market because the unmatched quality and excellent performance. The CO2 Welding Wires are available in varied sizes and dimensions as per the technique parameter and drawings provided yours.
CO2 welding wire features:
This processing own stability of the welding process.
Smaller extent of spatter.
Good seam molding
Low cost welding ~ the cost of only submerged arc welding and manual electric arc welding 40~50%
High production efficiency
Easy operating ~ This is no limited to workpiece thickness, and can be weld in all position even down welding.
CO2 welding wire technique parameter:
Size diameter: 0.8, 1.2, 1.6
Welding amps: 50~150, 70~210, 90~300
Spool size: ? 510 mm Od *height 790 mm for 250 kg
Welding position: horizontal or vertical
Wire composition: C 0.07, Si 0.945, Mn 1.52, S 0.017, P 0.020
» Posted by: Hebei Brilliant Welding Wire Factory [China] China
[Sell] Flux Cored Welding Wire View details for: Flux Cored Welding Wire
With the welding production to the opposite direction of the high efficiency and low cost and high quality development, flux cored wire can be a kind of very promising welding materials and high-tech products.
Flux cored wire is divided into the seam and seamless flux cored wire: seamless flux cored wire can be copper plated; Electrical conductivity of the moisture resistant wire custody process as well as the welding process are seam flux cored wire.
Flux cored welding wire features:
Welding wire should be stocked in dry environment. Open the packs just when welding, so as to avoid the wire rust.
Before welding please clean out the oil, rust, water etc from the welding surface.
Adopting CO2 gas shielding welding, and gas purity of CO2 is 99.98%.
The flow of gas CO2 should be controlled in the range of 20-25L/min during the welding process.
The extend length of the welding wire should be controlled in the range of 15-25mm.
Preheating before welding to 150-300 ℃, PWHT 700-740 ℃ tempered.
» Posted by: Hebei Brilliant Welding Wire Factory [China] China
[Sell] Aluminum Welding Wire View details for: Aluminum Welding Wire
We have more than many years experience in manufacturing aluminum welding wire.
we have different types of aluminum welding wire for sale, we have different types of stainless steel welding wire listed in each page, for example, our aluminum welding wire is of good plasticity, S301 and ER1100 welding wire is suitable for gas shielded or submerged arc welding for corrosion resistant aluminum, S5356 and ER5356 aluminum welding wire is of good corrosion resistance and widely applied for submerged arc welding of aluminum alloy, especially for welding 5083 material, etc.
Common aluminum welding wire types:
S301, ER1100 Aluminum Welding Wire
S331, ER5183 Aluminum Welding Wire
S5356, ER5356 Aluminum Welding Wire
S311, ER4043 Aluminum Welding Wire
» Posted by: Hebei Brilliant Welding Wire Factory [China] China
[Sell] Welding Wire View details for: Welding Wire
Compared with traditional welding materials welding rod, welding wire is seen as filter metal or a conductive wire as the same time. Welding wire own high production efficiency, easy to implement continuous, automated welding, small welding deformation and other characteristics.
According to welding wire materials:
Stainless steel, aluminum, mild welding wire, etc.
According to welding wire processing technology:
Rolling, flux cored, casting welding wire, EDM welding wire, etc.
Welding wire features:
Our product adopt foreign advanced technology plating process, copper layer has good adhesion, and thickness of coating is uniform.
Smaller spatter and beautiful forming.
High production efficiency
Stability feeding wire.
Easy to implement continuous
Small welding deformation
Welding wire specification:
Wire size: Φ1.0~1.6(mm)
Spool size: D100mm, D200mm, D270mm, D300mm, K333mm
Tensile strength: ≥480 Mpa
Elongation: ≥22
Welding current: 80~250A, 120~300A, 160~400A, 190~450A
Wire application:
Welding wire is widely used in many fields due to it enjoys high production efficiency and other features. Such as coal mining industry, construction machinery, the vehicles, petroleum, electricity, ship and so on.
Wire package:
We supply and deliver complete fence packages for the do-it-yourself.
Common welding wire packing: paper, drums, rolling.
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Our company is an established company in Cameroon,Mali Tchad and Senegal and we are TRADERS of all kindsof Steel Scarp HMS 1 & 2 and USED RAIL Large Quantity.
If any real and perfect and serious buyer want to
Buy Steel Scarp HMS 1 & 2 and USED Rail.
So please send to me your details inquiery.
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we shall send to you our Best and Cheap Price
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and best for all customer. Thank you an early
sending inquiery will be highly appreciate.
We are able to help Buyers to get Used Rails
and HMS from Direct Seller as per the following conditions:
Product: Used Rails & HMS
Standards: R50-R65
Origin: whole of Africa
Loading Port: African ports and Others ( as per agreed )
Min Supply Quantity: 20, 000MT x 12
Max Supply Quantity: 90, 000MT X 12
NO SPOT / One time Deal....
for more information, you should contact us directly via email at,
we will be very happy to give to you the best of our products at very cheap prices. or call +23778564450.
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[Sell] ASTM Seamless steel pipe View details for: ASTM Seamless steel pipe
1) Product name: ASTM Seamless steel pipe
2) Standard: ASTM A106-2006, ASTM A53-2007, ASTM A335-2006, ASTM A333-2005, ASTM A179-1990
3) Grade: 10#, 20#, 45#, 12Cr1MoV, 12Cr1MoVG, 16Mn, A333
4) Outer Diameter: 2 - 30 inch
5) Thickness: 0.25 - 4 inch
6) Length:Random length,fixed length, SRL,DRL
7)Technique: Hot Rolled
8) Certification:API
9) Pipe End: Plain, beveled
10) Pipe surface: zinc coating, anti rust oiled, 3PE, or as customer's request
11)Application:Hydraulic Pipe
12) Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
13) Supply Ability:50000 Metric Tons / Month
14) MOQ: 25 Metric Ton
15) FOB price: USD 750~1200 / Metric Ton
16) Payment Terms: T/T or L/C
17) Delivery Time: within 30 days after receipt of L/C
18) Packing: Plastic plugs in both ends, Hexagonal bundles of max. 2,000kg with several steel strips, Two tags on each bundle, Wrapped in waterproof paper.19) Steel Grade:
10#,20#,35#,45#,16Mn,Gr A,B,C,P1,P2,P5,P12,SGP,STS 370, STS 410, STS 480, ST 35.8, ST 45.8, 17Mn4, 19Mn5, 15Mo3, 13CrMo910, 10CrMo910, 14MoV63, X20CrMoV121,X42,X46, X52, X60, X65, X70, X80.
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[Sell] ERW LINE PIPE View details for: ERW LINE PIPE
1) Product name: ERW Line Pipe API 5L
2) Standard:API 5L
3) Grade: Q235, Q345, Q195, Q215
4) Outer Diameter: 6 - 610 mm(1/8"-24")
5) Thickness: 0.3 - 22 mm
6) Length:0.5mtr-20mtr
7)Technique: ERW
8) Certification:API
9) Pipe End: Plain, beveled, threaded and coupled (Threading as per BS1387, ASTM A53)
10) Pipe surface: Anti rust oil,black painting
11)Application:Used for long distance conveyance of oil, natural gas, etc.
12) Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
13) Supply Ability: 6000 Metric Tons / Month
14) MOQ: 25 Metric Ton
15) FOB price: USD 680~900 / Metric Ton
16) Payment Terms: T/T or L/C
17) Delivery Time: within 35 days after receipt of L/C
18) Packing: Plastic plugs in both ends,with several steel strips, Two tags on each bundle, Wrapped in waterproof paper
19) Steel Grade: API 5L: A B X42,X46, X52, X60, X65, X70, X80
20)Test: Chemical Component Analysis, Mechanical Properties (Ultimate tensile strength, Yield strength, Elongation), Technical Properties (Flattening Test, Flaring Test, Bending Test, Hardness Test, Blow Test, Impact Test etc), Exterior Size Inspection, Nondestructive Test (Ultrasonic flaw detector, Eddy current flaw detector) Hydrostatic Test, Size Inspection, Hydrostatic Test, X-ray Test.
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[Sell] Wrought Iron Palisade Fence View details for: Wrought Iron Palisade Fence
Palisade is a style of fencing, which is now popular in steel around many industrial sites. Palisade is more secure than many other fencing systems so wherever security is priority palisade is used.
Palisade is available in a range of finishes, galvanized in, or galvanized and colour coated in various colours to blend with the environment.
W section high security fencing is another style of palisade. This type of fencing is an extremely effective first line of defense against the more aggressive intruder. Suitable for high security use. W section palisade is stronger and more durable than D section and is a lot more effective as high security fencing.
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[Sell] Steel Pool Fences View details for: Steel Pool Fences
Steel pool fences is used primarily to keep small children and/or pets away from the swimming pool, spa, or other similar water hazard. There are vast differences in specifications, types of fencing used, and installation requirements.
Pool fencing is used primarily for pools and aboveground pools generally lend a natural barrier in keeping toddlers from dropping into the water.
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