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[Sell] Potato set 6S strictly selected potato wholesale View details for: Potato set 6S strictly selected potato wholesale
One potato, 75 to 150 grams, in 2.5 kg cartons at $530 per ton, one potato, 150 to 250 grams, in 10 kg cartons, minimum Order of US $800 per ton 28 tons (75 to 150 grams, 2.5 kg cartons, 150 to 250 grams, 10 kg cartons, 28 tons per ton) the company through 6S strict selection system, from the beginning of planting strictly control product quality, provide customers with high-quality, safe, delicious potatoes, with "size unity" , "Color Unity" and "cleanliness unity" of the product features, to meet the needs of consumers a variety of cooking.
» Posted by: ULANQAB E-COMMERCE Co. , Ltd. [China] China
[Sell] Potato set 6S carefully selected fresh potatoes View details for: Potato set 6S carefully selected fresh potatoes
Selling Price:A potato weighs 75g to 150g in a 2.5 kg carton at $530 per ton and a potato weighs 150g to 250g in a 10kg carton at $800 per ton
Specifications:Minimum Order quantity 28 tons (75g to 150g, packed in 2.5 kg carton, 150g to 250g, packed in 10kg carton, 28 tons for two specifications)
Selling Point:Through 6S strict selection system, the company strictly controls the product quality from the beginning of planting, and continuously provides high-quality, safe and delicious potatoes to consumers, the product features "uniform size" , "uniform color" and "uniform cleanliness" , and can meet a variety of cooking needs of consumers.In order to ensure "every consumer to eat a safe and delicious potato" , the company initiated a 6s strict selection system for high-quality potatoes to provide an important guarantee of continuous output. First, the strict selection of land, strict control of six major professional planting plate, 23,000 acres of strict selection base for potato growth to provide high-quality soil. Secondly, selecting seed tubers strictly, introducing and cultivating high-quality seed tubers from Holland, fusing them with variety technology, and realizing high-quality virus-free potato production. Third, strict selection of cultivation, application of AI technology for field management, Uavs Directional Management, science and technology protection to ensure strict selection of harvesting. Fourth, strict selection of storage, the use of imported Dutch air-conditioned storage technology, automatic cleaning separation production system, presenting a safe and beautiful products. Fifth, strict selection of grade, the use of advanced Danish equipment, control high-quality potato output. Sixth, strict selection of packaging, strict selection of export-grade food packaging, with international certification standards manufacturing, environmental protection, beautiful, bring a new shopping experience.
» Posted by: ULANQAB E-COMMERCE Co. , Ltd. [China] China
[Sell] Hemp Seed View details for: Hemp Seed
Hemp Seed 
Hemp, or industrial hemp is an annual strain of Cannabis Sativa L. plant species. Its seed has been a foodstuff for Chinese people since 2,800BC. Grouped with wheat, miliaceum, panicum and beans, hemp seed is placed first among the Five Grains, as stated both in The Discourses of Lv Buwei and The Plain Questions of Huangdi is Internal Classic. In 2002, hemp seed was included in the list "Both Food and Drug" by Ministry of Health, being the homology of food and drug. Fine-selected growing base and followed with all process tracking and managing system throughout the whole planting process.
Raw materials are all stored in low-temperature constant-humidity cold store, with a constant temperature of  18℃ maximum all year round.
Intelligent racking system make full use of the space, high efficiency and operating time reduced.
Production line is equipped with professional process for cleaning, separating, color sorting and pasteurization. 
» Posted by: Liaoning Qiaopai Biotech Co.,Ltd. [China] China
[Sell] Hulled Hemp Seed View details for: Hulled Hemp Seed
Hulled Hemp Seed
Rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acid, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, micromolecular polyphenols, alkaloids and phytosterols. Non-GMO.
Based on advanced de-hulling technology and configured with complete set production line of Qiaopai Machineries Company.
Strictly abide by HACCP and BRC system.
Unique 15 steps of scientific, deliberate and safe processing operations.Cooling and packaging workshops are 100,000-level air purification workshops.
» Posted by: Liaoning Qiaopai Biotech Co.,Ltd. [China] China
[Sell] Advanced Sunflower seed peeling line, peeling equipment, processing line View details for: Advanced Sunflower seed peeling line, peeling equipment, processing line
The equipment can pre-clean sunflower seeds, then dehull seeds, remove shells, separate and re-separate un-hulled seeds, return back un-hulled seeds to dehuller for re-hulling again automatically, thus automation degree has been greatly improved. It is the most ideal equipment to process sunflower seed in the worldwide.
Main parameters of TFKH1500
Power: 16.23kw (380V or 220V 3P)
Input capacity:0.8-1.0t/h
% of the whole kernel: 95% min.
% of un-hulled seed in the kernels: 2% max.
Length: 14.4m
Width: 2.8m
Height: 4.3m
Weight: 7t
Operator: 2persons
Main parameters of TFKH1200
Power: 13.59Kw (380V or 220V 3P)
Input capacity: 0.6-0.8t/h
%of the whole kernel: 95% min.
% of un-hulled seed in the kernels: 2% max.
Length: 14.4m
Width: 2.8m
Height: 4.3m
Operator: 2 persons
The equipments are widely used in China, Europe, Africa and South America, etc.
Meantime, we also specialize in cleaning, dehulling & separating machines and equipments for pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, oats, Inchi Nut, jobs tears, linseeds (flaxseed), Perilla seed, almond, hazelnut, mung bean (green bean), Buckwheat, bitter buckwheat, foxnut, Jatropha seed, acorn, peach inshell, etc. in China.
Sales manager: Annie
Mobile: 0086-13840645498
Skype: annie_yuxin
» Posted by: Jinzhou Qiaopai Group Co., Ltd. [China] China
[Sell] voacanga africana for sell View details for: voacanga africana for sell
We offer 500MT of well dried Voacanga africana seeds fromCameroont and ready to be shipped. We can offer more quantity for buyers contracting on a long term basis. The buyers for this products may be pharmaceutical companies over the world who are using voacanga africana in the manufacturing of their drugs. Please find below a general overview of this product: "Voacanga africana is a small tropical African tree that grows to 6m in height. It has leaves that are up to 30 cm in length, and the tree produces yellow or white flowers, which become berries with yellow seeds. A number of these compounds have pharmaceutical uses. Of particular pharmaceutical interest is voacangine, which is a common precursor in the semi-synthesis of the anti-addiction medication ibogaine. Small amounts of ibogaine are found in Voacanga africana but not in sufficient quantity to have much medicinal effects, although other alkaloids from the plant such as coronaridine and voacangine may have a weak anti-addictive effect in their own right. " We will be pleased to welcome new buyers on a longterm business relationship. As a global Agro trading company, we can offer a wide range of tropical products.
» Posted by: Hand To Hand Company [Cameroon] Cameroon
[Sell] Best price for fish meal with high quality from Vietnam View details for: Best price for fish meal with high quality from Vietnam
Dear Sir,
With pleasure, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as Duong Tin Duong from Vietnam, specializing in exporting raw animal feed like fish meal, shrimp meal and agricultural products like betel nut, tapioca starch, sweet potato starch,
Currently, we are launching the best offer of betel nut with competitive price and the following specification:
- Color : Natural Brown
- Style : Dried
- Grade : A
- Processing Type : Raw , Whole , Split (Half-cut) , Slice
- Quality : Well dried , Clean , No mouldy , Natural fragrance
- Moisture Content : 13% Max
- Impurity : 3% Max
- Free from dead or alive insect, mouldy pcs, weevil etc
If you have any interest in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us at
Thanks & Best Regards
» Posted by: Duong Tin Duong Co., LTD [Viet Nam] Viet Nam
[Sell] Offer To Sell Rice View details for: Offer To Sell Rice
We introduce ourselves as an exporter of Non Basmati rice from India, since 1994 we have been exporting non-basmati short grain and medium grain par boiled rice to Middle East and East Asian countries regularly. We can supply high quality par boiled short grain and medium grain rice at any required quantity with in a short time at a competitive price regularly.
Please let us know your specific requirements it is much help for us to send you complete details including price, packing, delivery period etc.
» Posted by: Naushie Exports [India] India
[Sell] Offer To Sell peanut View details for: Offer To Sell peanut
We are one of the prominent manufactures, exporters, and supplier of Peanut Kernels. (GROUNDNUT) This peanut is available in different count with us. We have been highly appreciated by our customers as we offer products in the finest quality We are exporting superior quality peanuts , in bulk quantities to Middle East market and Europe market regularly ,Size, JAVA & BOLD TYPE, 40/50,50/60,60/70,70/80,80/90,90/100,140/160 , Moisture:- 8% Max ,Admixute:-0.5% Max ,Split:-1% Max
Damage:- 0.5% Max, PACKING VACUUM & JUTE BAG.
SIZE: 40/50,50/60,60/70,70/80,80/90,90/100,140/160,we can supply at any required quantity as per buyers specific requirement ,
interested buyers kindly contact us for more details and price quotation.
For More Detai:
» Posted by: Naushie Exports [India] India
[Sell] Sell Betamethasone, View details for: Sell Betamethasone,
Betamethasone CAS: 378-44-9
Betamethasone Molecular formula: C22H29FO5
Betamethasone Packing: 5KG/TIN,2TIN/CTN
Betamethasone Quality Standards: CP2005/USP/BP/EP
Betamethasone CAS: 378-44-9
Betamethasone Molecular formula: C22H29FO5
Betamethasone Packing: 5KG/TIN,2TIN/CTN
Betamethasone Quality Standards: CP2005/USP/BP/EP
Thanks for your time,for more details, please Contact:
Tina Lee ( Ms.)
Hot-selling Prohormones and Hormones powder
sell 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone 2446-23-3
sell Boldenone 846-48-0
sell Boldenone undecylenate 13103-34-9
sell Testosterone Phenylpropionate 1255-49-8
sell Nandrolone Phenpropionate 62-90-8
sell Testosterone Propionate 57-85-2
sell Clostebol Acetate 855-19-6
sell Testosterone Enanthate 315-37-7
sell Sildenafil citrate 171599-83-0
sell Testosterone Decanoate 5721-91-5
sell Nandrolone Decanoate 360-70-3
sell Testosterone Cypionate 58-20-8
sell Testosterone Sustanon
sell 17-Methyltestosterone 58-18-4
sell Oxymetholone (Anadrol) 434-07-1
sell Stanozolol 10418-03-8
sell Mestanolone 521-11-9
sell Methenolone Acetate 434-05-9
sell Methenolone Enanthate 303-42-4
sell Methandienone (Dianabol) 72-63-9
sell Drostanolone Propionate 521-12-0
sell Drostanolone Enanthate 472-61-1
sell Ethisterone 434-03-7
sell Trenbolone Acetate 10161-34-9
sell Trenbolone Enanthate
sell Testosterone Undecanoate 5949-44-0
sell Tadalafil (Cialis) 171596-29-5
sell Stanolone 521-18-6
sell Oxandrolone (Anavar) 53-39-4
sell testosterone isocaproate 15262-86-9
sellTamoxifen Citrate 54965-24-1
sell Clomifene citrate 50-41-9
sell Betamethasone 378-44-9
sell Dexamethasone 050-02-2
sell Androstenedione 63-05-8
sell Estradiol benzoate 200-043-7
sell Estradiol 50-28-2
sell 19-Norethindrone acetate 51-98-9
sell Vardenafil 224785-90-4
sell Cypionate estradiol 313-06-4
sell Norethindrone 68-22-4
sell Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzyl Carbonate 23454-33-3
sell Methoxydienone 2322-77-2
sell Exemestane 107868-30-4
sell Fluoxymesterone 76-43-7
sell Mestanolone 521-11-9
sell Budesonide 51333-22-3
sell procaine hydrochloride 59-46-1
» Posted by: HUBEI YUANCHENG PHARMA [China] China
[Sell] Linden (Tilia) View details for: Linden (Tilia)
Linden (Tilia) is herb which is thought of as soothing, relaxing and promoting feelings of happiness.
It is also helpful for coughs, headaches, inflammation, colds, fevers, as a diaretic, general tonic, to calm the gut and to soothe nerves.
Linden is used to treat nervous disorders such as hysteria, nervous vomiting and palpitations brought about by stress.
The leaves can also be made into a tea or an infusion whereupon they yield an extremely thick (mucilaginous) and cooling drink.
» Posted by: Vesselino Ltd. [Bulgaria] Bulgaria
[Sell] Vietnam White Long Rice View details for: Vietnam White Long Rice
Vietnam White Long Grain Rice: 5% broken、10% broken、15% broken、25% broken and none broken rice.
» Posted by: Harbin Sunstar International Co., Ltd [China] China
[Sell] Parboiled Rice View details for: Parboiled Rice
Thailand Parboild Rice: 5% broken、10% broken、15% broken、25% broken and none broken rice.
» Posted by: Harbin Sunstar International Co., Ltd [China] China
[Sell] Red Kidney Bean View details for: Red Kidney Bean
Commodity: Red Kidney Bean
Grade: 1
Whole Kernel: ≥97%
Impurity: ≤1.0%
Moisture: ≤15%
Packing: 25-50 MT / pp bag
» Posted by: Harbin Sunstar International Co., Ltd [China] China
[Sell] Roasted Buckwheat View details for: Roasted Buckwheat
Commodity: Roasted Buckwheat
Moisture: ≤14(%)
Impurity: ≤ 0.1(%)
Broken: 3-3.5%
Packing: 25-50 MT / pp bag
» Posted by: Harbin Sunstar International Co., Ltd [China] China
[Sell] Mung Bean View details for: Mung Bean
Commodity: Mung Bean
Grade: 1
Pure Grain: ≥98%
Impurity: ≤1.0%
Moisture: ≤12%
Odour & Color: Normal
» Posted by: Harbin Sunstar International Co., Ltd [China] China
[Sell] Soybean View details for: Soybean
Commodity: Soybean
Grade: 1
Pure Grain: ≥94%
Perfect Kernel: ≥90%
Impurity: ≤1.0%
Moisture: ≤13.5%
» Posted by: Harbin Sunstar International Co., Ltd [China] China
[Sell] Black Kidney Bean View details for: Black Kidney Bean
Commodity:Black Kidney Beans
Size:400-450pcs/100g, 500-550 pcs/100g,610-630pcs/100g
Moisture: 15% max
Admixture: 0.1% max
Imperfect grains: 3% max
Packing:PP 25-50 KG
» Posted by: Harbin Sunstar International Co., Ltd [China] China
[Sell] Grain and oilseeds View details for: Grain and oilseeds
In 2010 new direction was opened in company EXPACOM Ltd. The main purpose of this direction consists of rendering of full logistic, transport and forwarding service for the Clients which operate exclusively with grain and oilseeds niche market products, namely:

- Yellow peas
- Yellow mustard
- White mustard
- Red Sorghum
- Red millet
- Yellow millet
- Linseeds

Our company undertakes the arranging of the following services:
- Monitoring domestic prices for interested niche products for Client
- Concluding the purchasing contract between farmer and Client
- Truck carriage from the place of purchasing of the grain to accumulation of export shipping lot
- Warehousing services: storage, drying, cleaning for corresponding to specification of export contract of Client
- Certification and custom clearance of the cargo
- Optimal chose of the carriage for the Client on the basis of main conditions of any carriage: cost of freight, transit time, number of transshipments, safety of the carriage
- International multimodal truck or sea carriage subject to the region of destination of products and optimal chosen cargo route
» Posted by: EXPACOM Ltd. [Ukraine] Ukraine
[Sell] Export of grain commodities in containers View details for: Export of grain commodities in containers
Over six years period we render services for organization of reloading of grain and oilseeds commodities from railway wagons and trucks directly to 20-feet or 40-feet containers with further export shipment and delivery to the port of discharge in the country of importer. The carriage is done in container by break-bulk.
Over a period of our company’s existence we shipped grain cargoes in containers more than half million tones and geography of destination of Ukrainian Origin Grain is very comprehensive: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Oman, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, South Korea, Great Britain, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Italy and Czech Republic.
We achieve the following services which include all movements of grain delivery from the field of farmer to final consumer outside Ukraine:
- Truck carriage from the place of purchasing of the grain in cooperative farm
- Transshipment of grain and oilseeds with the help of pneumatic reloading conveyor under direct variant truck – sea container or railway wagon – sea container
- Certification of the cargo for further custom clearance
- Custom clearance in Odessa and Ilyichevsk Ports
- Optimal chose of sea carriage for the Client on the basis of main conditions of each carriage: cost of freight and transit time.
- Sea carriage with involving maritime container lines
- Advising on important transport clauses in trade contracts before sighing of contract
- Advising on workflow in trade execution
- Advising on corresponding terms and condition of the letter of credit to export contract
- Arranging of issuing of all cargo shipping documents for the Client for successful negotiation of export letter of credit and successful fulfillment of the contract
» Posted by: EXPACOM Ltd. [Ukraine] Ukraine
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