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[Sell] Top quality toilet paper, dinner napkin, printed napkin, hand towel paper View details for: Top quality toilet paper, dinner napkin, printed napkin, hand towel paper
Qingdao Dongfang Jiarui Trade are manufacturer and exporter of living paper including toilet paper, dinner napkin, printed napkin, hand towel paper,kitechen towel paper.
We have our own brand name "ELINNEE" registered in the USA. and we are the only one company authorized by Walmart for printed napkin paper in the Northenn of China.
below is main products for your reference.
toilet paper
size: 2ply, 3ply or 4 ply 10cm x 10cm each sheet, 10cmx12cm , 200 sheets, 250sheet or 300set or you want
Raw material: 100% virgin pulp with Bamboo or Wood
printing design: Any colorful design. (If you need many artworks on one roll, for the toilet paper design template,
Packing: single roll wrapped with plastic clear film (if without special requirement).
if you have any other requirements , pls let me know so we quote exact prices for you.

your kind reply is appreciated
Steven Lee
Qingdao Dongfang Jiarui Trade
tel :0086-532-66782109
mobile :0086-13864855513
wechat /whatsapp :0086-199 5324 5349
» Posted by: Qingdao Dongfang Jiarui Trade [China] China
[Sell] Stanozolol(winstrol) View details for: Stanozolol(winstrol)
CAS No: 10418-03-8
Appearance: white crystalline powder
Einecs No: 233-894-8
MF: C21H32N2O
MW: 328.49
Purity: 98.0~105.0%
Alias: Winstrol; STANOZOL;STANOZOLOL;STANAZOL;winstrol l;1,10a,12a-Trimethyl-1,2,3,3a,3b,4,5,5a,6,8,10,10a,10b,11,12,12a-hexadecahydrocyclopenta[5,6]naphtho[1,2-f]indazol-1-ol;1,2,3,3a,3b,4,5,5a,6,8,10,10a,10b,11,12,12a-hexadecahydro-1,10a,12a-trimethylc;17-Methyl-2'H-5alpha-androst-2-eno(3,2-c)pyrazol-17beta-ol;17-methyl-2h-5alpha-androst-2-eno[3,2-c]pyrazol-17beta-ol
email: sales04 at

» Posted by: Hubei Yuancheng Saichuang Technology Co., Ltd. [China] China
[Sell] Mestanolone View details for: Mestanolone
CAS No: 521-11-9
Einecs No: 208-302-6
MF: C20H32O2
MW: 304.47
Purity: 98~102%
Appearance: White or Almost White Crystalline Powder
email: sales04 at
» Posted by: Hubei Yuancheng Saichuang Technology Co., Ltd. [China] China
[Sell] 4-Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone View details for: 4-Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone
4-Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone
CAS No: 2446-23-3
MF: C20H27ClO2
MW: 334.88
Purity: ≥97%
Appearance: White or Almost White Crystalline Powder
Alias: Turinabol; (8R,9S,10R,13S,14S,17S)-4-chloro-17-hydroxy-10,13,17-trimethyl-7,8,9,11,12,14,15,16-octahydro-6H-cyclopenta[a]phenanthren-3-one;turinabol-oral;4-Chloro-17a-methyl-17b-hydroxy-1,4-androstadiene-3-one;4-Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone;4-Chlorodehydrone Thyltestosterone;Oral turinabol;4-ChlordehydroMethyl Testosterone;4-ChlorodehydroMethyltestosterone (oral turinabol)
email: sales04 at
» Posted by: Hubei Yuancheng Saichuang Technology Co., Ltd. [China] China
[Sell] Drostanolone Enanthate View details for: Drostanolone Enanthate
Drostanolone Enanthate
CAS No.: 472-61-145
Appearance: White or Almost White Crystalline Powder
MF: C27H44O3
MW: 416.64
Purity: ≥97%
Alias: Masteron;Drostanolone ; Drolban; DROSTANOLONE ENANTHATE;Inhouse;Mast E
email: sales04 at
» Posted by: Hubei Yuancheng Saichuang Technology Co., Ltd. [China] China
[Sell] supply bath ball View details for: supply bath ball
Colorful and special design. Aid to produce rich foam and to clear the skin completely to improve the massage. It can give an enjoyment bathing. Welcome to the customers. We can produce according to your requirements. Such as: the sizes, shapes, packing, color and quality etc. Welcomed the intention to come to advice or OEM Order!
» Posted by: Blue Star Commodity Co., Ltd. [China] China
[Sell] 11a,16b,17,21-Tetrahydroxy-pregna-1,4-diene-3,20-dione View details for: 11a,16b,17,21-Tetrahydroxy-pregna-1,4-diene-3,20-dione
MW 376.45
CAS Registry Number 13951-70-7
Content: 98%
Properties: white crystalline powder
Packing: 1KG / Listen
Uses: pharmaceutical intermediate
We are supplying:
Testosterone (CAS: 58-22-0)
Testosterone enanthate ( CAS: 315-37-7)
Testosterone cypionate (CAS: 58-20-8 )
Testosterone propionate ( CAS: 57-85-2)
Testosterone phenylpropionate (CAS 1255-49-8 )
Testosterone isocaproate (CAS: 15262-86-9 )
Testosterone decanoate (CAS: 5721-91-5)
Testosterone undecanoate (CAS: 5949-44-0)
Methyltestosterone (17-Alpha-Methyl-Testosterone) (CAS: 65-04-3)
Oxymetholone (Anadrol) ( CAS: 434-07-1)
Oxandrolone (Anavar) ( CAS: 53-39-4)
Stanozolol (Winstrol) ( CAS: 10418-03-8)
Stanolone ( CAS: 521-18-6 )
Mestanolone (CAS: 521-11-9)
Methandrostenolone (Dianabol, methandienone) (CAS: 72-63-9)
Nandrolone (CAS: 434-22-0)
Nandrolone Decanoate (CAS: 360-70-3 )
Nandrolone Cypionate ( CAS: 601-63-8)
Nandrolone Phenypropionate (CAS: 62-90-8)
Normethisterone (CAS: 514-61-4)
Trenbolone (CAS: 10161-33-8)
Trenbolone Acetate (CAS#: 10161-34-9 )
Trenbolone Enanthate
Tibolone (CAS: 5630-53-5)
Trestolone ( CAS: 3764-87-2 )
Metribolone (Methyltrienolone) (CAS: 965-93-5)
Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex)(CAS: 54965-24-1)
Clomiphene citrate (CAS: 50-41-9)(Clomid)
Sildenafil citrate (Viagra) (CAS: 171599-83-0)
Tadalafil (Cialis) ( CAS: 171596-29-5)
Vardenafil (CAS: 224785-90-4)
Boldenone (CAS: 846-48-0)
Boldenone Acetate (CAS: 846-46-0 )
Boldenone Undecylenate (CAS: 13103-34-9)
Boldenone Propionate
Boldenone cypionate
DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) ( CAS: 53-43-0)
7-Keto-DHEA (CAS: 566-19-8)
7-Keto-DHEA Acetate ( CAS: 1449-61-2)
Dehydroepiandrosterone Enanthate (Prasterone Enanthate) (CAS: 23983-43-9)
Androstenedione (63-05-8)
Clostebol Acetate (CAS#: 25122-46-7 )
Estrone (CAS: 53-16-7)
Estradiol ( CAS: 50-28-2)
Estriol (CAS: 50-27-1)
Estradiol Cypionate (CAS: 313-06-4 )
Ethisterone (CAS: 434-03-7)
Exemestane ( CAS: 107868-30-4 )
Conjugated Estrogen (CAS: 12126-59-9)
Finasteride (Propecia) (CAS: 98319-26-7)
Fluticasone Propionate (CAS: 80474-14-2)
Flumethasone (CAS: 2135-17-3)
Fluorometholone Acetate (CAS: 3801-06-7)
Fluorometholone (CAS: 2135-17-3)
Drostanolone Propionate (CAS: 521-12-0)
Drostanolone Enanthate
Methenolone (CAS: 153-00-4)
Methenolone acetate (CAS: 434-05-9)
Methenolone enanthate (CAS: 303-42-4)
» Posted by: Wuhan Yuancheng Gongchuang Technology Co., Ltd. [China] China
[Sell] wholesale jordan,nike shox,adidas Etc. View details for: wholesale jordan,nike shox,adidas Etc.
We are the trading and manufacturing company,Our main productions are:Nike,Jordan,Air Max,NIKE SHOX,AIR FORCE ONE,DUNK,TiMBERLAND ADIDAS ETC. high quality,best prices and fine workmanship.And most products displayed on my website.
We insist that " Customer the highest, Quality first ".With high-standard quality,fastest delivery and satisfied service and reasonable price for you. Welcome to visit our or send email interest in ourProducts,please don't hesitate to contact us.
Low sales :Jordan, Nike brand sneakers, and horses, leather bags, ugg boot.sunglass, hat
thank you!
» Posted by: shuang fei trade [China] China
[Sell] Sell brand watch,fashion watch,wrist watch,pure steel watch View details for: Sell brand watch,fashion watch,wrist watch,pure steel watch
----- www .watchestar. com -----
-----watchestar at gmail com ----
www watchestar com--we supply Brand watch and Some Accessories(Bracelet/Strap, watch Dial, Pen, Lighter, Tie&Cufflinks)
our watch come with Japanese Auto/Quartz/Quartz Chronograph Movement, or Asian 21J/25J/7750 working Chronograph, 28800bph Movement, or Swiss ETA 2824, ETA2824-2, ETA2836, ETA2836-2 Movement.
our photos is reallry photos.
We accept Dropship and Wholesale .
More order, more best price
Payment: WesternUnion, MoneyGram, T/T,paypal
Shipment: EMS, HongKong EMS, TNT, UPS,CREDIT CARD,paypal
Shipping Time: About 5 working Days.
welcome visit www watchestar com
If you want know the product price , you can join our member, you can see our Unit price .
and please choose, and please send the Item No. to us.we will send the order list to you.
You can give me your photo, too.
Thank you for your time
----- www watchestar com -----
-----watchestar at gmail com ----
» Posted by: watchestar com [China] China
[Sell] Barbed Wire View details for: Barbed Wire
Barbed wire makes common security toppings.
As the commonest and best known fence topping, barbed wire we offer can be made in three twisting patterns.
We offer normally barbed wire in galvanized finish and plastic coated finishes for an locations requiring additional anti-climb capability at minimal extra cost.
» Posted by: Xingde High Security Fence Co. [China] China
1*20'FCL of clove leaf oil
17600 kg
80 drums of 220 kg each
Origin : Madagascar
Minimum eugenol : 82%
Prompt for shipment
» Posted by: ALISSIA [France] France
[Sell] PAMPERS DIAPERS Jumbo Pack View details for: PAMPERS DIAPERS Jumbo Pack
We can offer you a range of Pampers Diapers .There are the following sizes available in Jumbo Pack :mini, midi, maxi, maxi plus, junior, extra large.We have also regular and sensitive pampers wipes.
Feel free to contact us for further information :
» Posted by: EBRAND [Poland] Poland
[Sell] UMBRO Toiletries View details for: UMBRO Toiletries
Be Footall. UMBRO is globally recognised football brand with a strong heritage derived from more than 70 years association with the sport of football.

(Onelove) Umbro Toiletry are Simplicity & Innovation. Fragrance body spray, Deodorant spray and stick, Shower gel, Bathing gel, Shampoo and Conditioner, Eau De Toilette, Aftershave, Perfume and soap.
All fragrances are genuinely of fine fragrance quality.
For more details, please visit our website
» Posted by: Hussadee Adenium Nursery [Thailand] Thailand
[Sell] Anherb-mehandi cream shampoo View details for: Anherb-mehandi cream shampoo
We have introduced our flagship brand, Anherb Mehandi Cream Shampoo, which is a cream based herbal shampoo made from fresh (HENNA)Mehandi( LAWSONIA INERMIS) leaf extracts making it the first of its kind in India. This product will give natural cleaning and conditioning in just 2 minutes and keep the hair clean, shiny, silky soft and strong. Apart from the above, different types of shampoos are available in our range, for oily hair, dry and lusterless hair etc .
» Posted by: Anzalp herbal products pvt ltd [India] India
[Sell] invitation View details for: invitation
Dear Sir'
I really appreciating your kindly offer & I need to know more about your goods witch you are offering price up to 50% off.
Moreover if you're esteemed company are ready to cooperate with my small company for the YE TENDERS especially with the government because we have monthly Tenders in a million of dollars & really I need your kindly support & we can share the profit because I need to be as an agent for some producers in YE to enable me to inter in to the Tender precipitations or I could be as a representative & this the minimum requirements to be involving to a YE Tenders & of course all documents of the company should be including the attempt as a company profile showing its participation in the international Tenders plus a catalog of its products (in case of the factories) or catalogs shows its constrictions (factory builders, air ports builders or Road builders etc)
Here for the telecommunication we need all production witches participating with the (P.T.C.)
Generators & station builders are also required.
Ships builders are also required too.
A consultant company for the irrigations, Roads plans studied is mostly required & all its payments come through the World Bank as well Arabian Banks.
The last & most important requirements are in the oil fields investment & at presents we need a rig drilling wells company wish to work in YE because the company witch going to invite here is a capable company to arrange a contracts with the an international oil companies works ion YE territory.
B. Regards
T. Adam 00967 733989528
» Posted by: [Yemen] Yemen
[Sell] Buying & shipping agent for Supermarket & Chain stores View details for: Buying & shipping agent for Supermarket & Chain stores
We're a purchasing & shipping agent company for overseas buyers of resalers & wholesalers in Yiwu, China. For our company's products information & online catalog, please visit on the web just some products, actually we're supplying more than 500,000kinds of products worldwide.

We have a very huge houseware wholesale center, imitation jewelry wholesale center, hardware & tools wholesale center & stationery, costmetics, baggage, flowers, gifts & crafts wholesale center, etc. any products you need, we can supply you here.
» Posted by: D & S CO., LTD. [China] China
[Sell] Acqua Kids Shampoo View details for: Acqua Kids Shampoo
Acqua Kids is a premier product line with shampoo's, conditioner's, detangler, gel, foot powder and Eue de Toilette sprays for boys and girls
» Posted by: Global Access Partners [United States of America] United States of America
[Sell] sell T-shirt View details for: sell T-shirt
Dear sir or madam,
We are Sam-Mart Industries LTD (KingSino LTD) which is one of the leading exporter in hongkong, china.we are dealing with many kinds of products such as the man’s and lady's underwear, towels, T-shirt, socks and footwear, bathroom products, keychain, and so on. Since we can supply you the goods and give you a competitive price and also wants to get the business relationships with your company, if you are so, please contact us immediately, by the way, if you have the pictures of product please kindly send to us, because we supply you with OEM, thank you for your consideration.
Hope you will reply soon.
Your sincerely
Sam-Mart Industries LTD
Tel: 852-2318 0111 Fax: 852-2318 0001
» Posted by: Sam-Mart Industries LTD ( [China] China
[Sell] Tooth Brushes View details for: Tooth Brushes
Electric Toothbrushes (Massage Toothbrushes, Jet-water Toothbrush, Oscillation Toothbrushes, Electric revolve Toothbrushes)
» Posted by: YINFAN Industries, Inc [China] China
[Sell] Dipentaerythritol View details for: Dipentaerythritol
Dear Sirs,
Debayer Chem. Co. is the leading Dipentaerythriol manufactory in the world. Other main products are glutaric anhydride, Cyclopentadecanone, TRIMETHYLOLPROPANE DIALLYL ETHER(TMPDE), dibasic ester etc.
You can visit our website at [-skipped-].com for details.
Best regards,
Ben Fu
Add:20-402, District A, Nanyou, Shenzhen, China
» Posted by: Debayer chemical [China] China
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