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[Sell] custom bracelet bangles gold plated silv
[Sell] Custom necklace gold plated silver jewel
[Sell] Custom earrings gold plated silver jewel
[Sell] Custom ring gold plated silver jewelry s
[Sell] High Quality Scaffold Couplers for Const
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[Sell] phosphor bronze fastener bolt nut washer View details for: phosphor bronze fastener bolt nut washer
We mainly manufacture from M3 to M20(#6 - 3/4")phosphor bronze fasteners including bolt, screw, nut, washer, threaded rod.we use cold heading & cutting craft to manufacture these fasteners.Material contains QSn6.5-0.1(C51900), etc were purchased from ISO certificated source.
Manufacturing standard:IFI, DIN, sample, drawing, etc.
» Posted by: Yushung Metal Products Co.,ltd. [China] China
[Sell] Backpack Oxy-gasoline Cutting Outfits-----rescue outfit View details for: Backpack Oxy-gasoline Cutting Outfits-----rescue outfit
Product Name: GYJD Oxy-gasoline Search & rescue Outfit
Place of origin: China
Model: GY30P

Backpack Oxy-gasoline cutting system is a complete steel cutting system which contains every thing you need to cut steel, including one cutting torch assembly, different sizes of cutting nozzles, 6.8L carbon fibre-made oxygen cylinder, 1L explosion-proof gasoline tank, cutting twin-hose, one plastic carry case, one suit of tools required in operating it.

We recommend this cutting system for short-term cutting where portability is very important. It has become an ideal emergent rescue outfit with following advantages:
1) 2 minutes to force an anti-intrusion door when somebody is trapped in a burning house
2) 7 seconds to cut off 20mm x 20mm steel bar
3) 1 minute to cut the six points fixing the safety grid of a window
4) strong portability

It is a specially & scientifically designed Oxy-gasoline Search & Rescue Outfit (i.e. in Fire-fighting Brigade), ideal steel cutting system for field-operation and high-lift operation.

For more details, you are welcome to contact us freely by following ways:
Contact Person: helen xu
MP: 0086-159-01756793
TEL: 0086-021-52527708 (ext. 8006)
Email: helenxu96(AT)yahoo(DOT)cn
» Posted by: Shanghai GYJD Co., Ltd. [China] China
[Sell] Continuous Casting Machine(C. C. M. ) View details for: Continuous Casting Machine(C. C. M. )
Anssen metallurgy group
Continuous Casting Machine(C. C. M. )
Based on requirement from overseas and domestic market, our plant is kept on introducing new technology and accumulating experience to produce high quality CCM, mainly R4m, R5, 25m, R6m, R7m, R8m, R9m, R12m.
Specification: One machine one strand, double machines double strands, triple machines triple strands, quadruple machines quadruple strands, multi-machines multi-strands.
Our CCM can cast billet size 90x90mm ~ 150x150mm, slab thickness 20-80mm, width 120-300mm, round max. Diameter 200mm.
Our advantage: Easy operation, competitive price, safe and steady.
» Posted by: ANSSEN METALLURGY CO., LTD [China] China
[Sell] oxygen lance pipe View details for: oxygen lance pipe
Anssen Calorized ceramic oxygen lance pipe
Due to the requirement of steel making for low consumption,high purity during smelting process in EAF/BOF,Anssen metallurgy succeeds in developing a high quality coating(calorized with ceramic) at competitive price for lance pipes, it has a great advantage in anti-oxidation, anti- sulphurization, thermal resistant, and anti-erosion.
Main application :
Blowing / conveyoring oxygen and other gas for EAF
Injecting / blowing powder additive for adjusting/refining steel composition;
Clearing slag out of Oxygen converter
» Posted by: ANSSEN METALLURGY CO., LTD [China] China
[Sell] Cored wire View details for: Cored wire
A product of Anssen metallurgy group!
Product 1: Cored wire
Cored wire is widely used on ladle refining process.
Whats is cored wire?
Crushing the additives (deoxidant, desulfurizer, alloys) into certain granulation (in the form of powder), then, using the equipment to fill the powder into the U shaped sheath, which is made of high quality cold rolled steel strip, lastly, tightly closing the wire, so a multiple material(cored wire) with certain length will be obtained.
How to use cored wire?
By using feeding machine to inject the cored wire or aluminum wire with exact length reaching into the bottom area of Ladle at an reasonable speed, along with the melting of wire sheath, the included powder will be evenly dispersed & reacts with the liquid steel inside the ladle, so following treatment and purpose will be achieved during such process:
A. Deoxidizing, desulfurizing, alloying;
B. Improving nature & the morphology of steel as well as the machinability;
C. Purifying liquid steel & avoiding nozzle clogging.
Whats the advantage of using cored wire?
A. Precise alloy addition & higher alloy recycling rate result in low consumption;
B. Environment-friendly process compared with traditional treating method, so low pollution;
C. Automated operation achievable, so low labor costs.
How many cored wire available?
Diameter: 9/ 13/ 16mm
Category: AL solid wire, ALCa coredwire, B-Fe (B20) cored wire, CaSi cored wire, CaFe cored wire, FeMnC2, 0 cored wire, FeSi75 cored wire, Graphite(carbon) cored wire, Mn cored wire, Pure calcium cored wire, Rare earth cored wires, S cored wire, S-Fe cored wire, TiFe(Ti30-70) cored wire, *More cored wires available on request.
Unreeling : Horizontal / Vertical from inside.
Productivity: 8000-10000mt per year.
» Posted by: ANSSEN METALLURGY CO., LTD [China] China
[Sell] Oxygen Probe View details for: Oxygen Probe
Oxygen Sensor/ Oxygen Probe
By using world advanced thermal technology, our oxygen sensor(probe) is capable of testing oxygen & measuring temperature at the same time, it is mainly used in smelting and refining furnaces.
Advantage : easy operation, save time & cost.
» Posted by: ANSSEN METALLURGY CO., LTD [China] China
[Sell] Spot Welder View details for: Spot Welder
DN-Series Pedal AC Spot welder
1.Low powr consumption or main transfomer
2.Water-cooling structure.
3.Easy operation and maintenance with pedal-level type spring-press structure.
4.Suitable for low carbon steel.wire,stainless steel plate etc.
» Posted by: Hongkong Walter Industries Co.,Limited [China] China
ZYH series low consumption of far-infrared heating technology. For the chemical industry, shipbuilding, pressure vessels, and other industries, the electrode for preheating, drying treatment, or is used for the heat treatment of stainless steel workpieces of dehydration and the general drying purposes.
Inside the oven made from stainless steel plates, filling between the layers as insulating layer silicate fibers, good thermal insulation properties, temperature sensitive and reliable, simple.
» Posted by: Hongkong Walter Industries Co.,Limited [China] China
[Sell] Flame gas cutting machine CG1-100 View details for: Flame gas cutting machine CG1-100
» Posted by: Hongkong Walter Industries Co.,Limited [China] China
[Sell] Carbon Arc Gouging Torch K4000 View details for: Carbon Arc Gouging Torch K4000
K4000 Carbon Arc Gouging Torch/gun
American style,export-oriented and welll-developed product with cable .
Widely application, stable performance,hard working current.
The torch head adopts a removable coupling at the cable air tube joint for the loading and unloading.
The operational angle could be changeable .

» Posted by: Hongkong Walter Industries Co.,Limited [China] China
[Sell] Steel welding clip,Welding clamp,MH36 View details for: Steel welding clip,Welding clamp,MH36
Welding clamp
Technical Features
1.Made from high quality material, excellent welding quality
2.Easy to operate, high efficiency, energy-saving and material saving
3.Butt weld Grades,, rebar with diameter 14mm-40mm.
» Posted by: Hongkong Walter Industries Co.,Limited [China] China
[Sell] Welding insulation tube View details for: Welding insulation tube
1,TRB-5 series of thermal insulation tube welding machine using the second test AC and DC dual-use for heating,
2,working hours will reduce the drying rate,
3,easy to carry easy-to-high-altitude operations,
4,Convenient, flexible, operational
» Posted by: Hongkong Walter Industries Co.,Limited [China] China
[Sell] PLASMA CUTTING,CUT-40series View details for: PLASMA CUTTING,CUT-40series
1.Cutting capacity increased 1.8 times higher in cutting speed compare with flame cutter
2.Thick metal plate can be cut easily and quickly
3.Suitable for cutting stainless steel, copper,lron and aluminium metal etc
4.Simple operation,smooth cutting surface,

» Posted by: Hongkong Walter Industries Co.,Limited [China] China
[Sell] Plasma cutting torch View details for: Plasma cutting torch
Plasma cutting torch P-80
Rated welding current: 80-100A
max cutting thickness: 40MM

» Posted by: Hongkong Walter Industries Co.,Limited [China] China
[Sell] welding machine&MIG/MAG WELDER,NBC-315series View details for: welding machine&MIG/MAG WELDER,NBC-315series
1.Speciclly for welding fo thin and mid-thickness steel,
2.Suitable for MAG/CO2 Welding or low carbon steel and low,
3.Work in high erriciency with good welding quality,no slag,open arc and high visibility,
4.Less deformation ensure welding appearance well,

» Posted by: Hongkong Walter Industries Co.,Limited [China] China
[Sell] crusher,vsi crusher View details for: crusher,vsi crusher
Shanghai Jianye Sand making machine features
1 The Sand making machine was designed and manufactured by integrating the latest design concept both at home and abroad.
2 It is widely applied to water and power industry, highway, railway, building, cement, mining and other fields.
3 Sand making machine we offer has features of high performance in going through uncrushed materials, small influence by humidity (humidity can amount to 8%), end products with cubic shape, low flakiness rate, low noise (less than 95 db) and low dust. It is ideally suitable for granule reshaping and sand making.
Shanghai Jianye offers Sand making machines of good quality , sand making machine , PCL Sand making machine , VSI crusher ( Sand making machine ).etc
» Posted by: Shanghai Jianye Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. [China] China
[Sell] Hydraulic Hose Assembly View details for: Hydraulic Hose Assembly
Care should be taken when selecting the components for a hose assembly to insure the product a long life. One should consider what the hose will be used for? what pressure it will operate under? what will be transferred by the hose? what environment will the hose be used in? what other equipment will this hose be used with?
Will this be a pressure wash hose or a foam brush hose or a solution hose? Depending on what the hose will be used for will be the first most important consideration in the selection of the hose assembly components. Pressure falls into two general ranges, high pressure and low pressure. There is really no advantage to using a 3000 psi rated hose where the normal operating pressure will be 60 - 75 psi. As is also the case with temperature. One should always use a temperature rated hose when hot liquids or gases are to be transferred. In these cases using a hose rated higher than the intended service range is unnecessary and a waste of money. The higher rated hose generally costing more. On the other hand one would definitely not want to use a hose rated for 200 psi where 1200 psi pressures are expected to be encountered. This is a serious safety consideration. It is always better to error with too much margin of safety. For details on selecting the correct hose see our feature on hoses.
To make a hose assembly order:
1) select Hoses. Choose type, color, size and length of hose. Enter number of hose assemblies that will be made from this hose.
2) select Hose Ends. Remember that you will need two (2) ends per hose.
3) select Hose Bend Restrictors if desired. Bend Restrictors can be on End A, End B or on both ends.
» Posted by: MoGao Hydraulic Hose Manufacturing Co. [China] China
[Sell] sell:Q69 shot blasting machine for steel profiles View details for: sell:Q69 shot blasting machine for steel profiles
This series machine pre-treatment line is made up of warm-up,shot blasting, spray painting and drying. The machine mainly used for shipyard, car, motorcycle, bridge, machine industries, removing rust painting of steel board, section and structure casting .
» Posted by: Shandong Kaitai Industrial Technologies Co.,Ltd [China] China
[Sell] sell: QT37 double hook pass-through shot blasting machine View details for: sell: QT37 double hook pass-through shot blasting machine
This series machine is used for cleaning up section steel , ,steel structure , I-steel board architectural machine and other large jointing mechanical part .It is useful for wiping up the surface rusting ,welding slag, oxide coating ,eliminating interior residual stress ,obtaining uniformity metallic sheen .So as to enhance the coated quality and antisepsis effect.
» Posted by: Shandong Kaitai Industrial Technologies Co.,Ltd [China] China
[Sell] offer:Q37 hook typ shot blasting machine View details for: offer:Q37 hook typ shot blasting machine
The series for the hook type shot blasting machine is mainly used for casting, structural, non-ferrcus alloy parts and other parts of the surface cleaning. This kind of shot blasting machine including single hook, double hook type and so on. It has the advantages of no pit, compact structure and high productivity.
» Posted by: Shandong Kaitai Industrial Technologies Co.,Ltd [China] China
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