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[Sell] Bonnylight crude oil View details for: Bonnylight crude oil
Please contact us via email or call for assistance/information on any of our area of service. Thank you.
» Posted by: G-recker resources limited [Nigeria] Nigeria
[Sell] SELL: wood, cement, metal, petroleum, petrol, black oil, petroleum, etc View details for: SELL: wood, cement, metal, petroleum, petrol, black oil, petroleum, etc
The international marketing company with long-term experience to be ready by your trade agent in the countries of CIS (13 countries of ex-USSR), if you are interested to buy there wood, cement, metals, liquefied gas, petroleum, petrol, black oil, mazut, diesel, other commodities. We not the trade company. We cooperate, as the trade agent (representative) of the buyer. Our task - searching for of the seller for the buyer to promote holding of the bargain to conclude the contract and after that to receive from the buyer the commission. Payment for the commission is received in EUR, RUR, USD, UAH (bank transfer, Paycash, Paypal, Yandex money, Webmoney, Western Union).
Base conditions of delivering.
Payment: L/C. Currency of payment: EUR or USD.
1. DAF border of the state of CIS (delivering by rail).
2. CAF/CIF railway station of assignment in Europe (delivering by rail).
3. FOB a port of CIS (Azov, Battic or Black sea).
4. CAF/CIF any port of a world.
We are interested in stable and fixed cooperation with the reliable companies executing the obligations. On all questions convert on English, Russian or Ukrainian to the representative till CIS.
» Posted by: Sergey [Ukraine] Ukraine
[Sell] 2-Hydroxyl propyl Acrylate, 2-Hydroxyl Ethyl Acrylate View details for: 2-Hydroxyl propyl Acrylate, 2-Hydroxyl Ethyl Acrylate
We are the sole export agent of Shanghai Gao-Qiao Petrochemical Acrylic Acid Works. We have been involved in this line for many years. We hope to receive your specific enquiry and will send you our detailed specification accordingly.
» Posted by: Shanghai lansheng Imp.&Exp. Co.,Ltd [China] China
[Sell] Oil Seals View details for: Oil Seals
Johnson Chemical Products Co., Ltd. Is one of the major polyurethane rubber (PU Rubber) manufacturers in Taiwan.Johnson Chemical Products Co., Ltd. services Polyurethane oil seals, U-packing,tube, air & fluid tubing, bush, holder, gasket, rope, bumper,Polyurethane, block, solid tire, washer, big oil packing, ball joint, dust seal, belt, padding, small wheels, rollers, tubing, round belting,PU rod, Polyurethane rod, hollow rod, Polyurethane Elastoomers, high performance oil seals, pneumatic air tube, PU Rubber and polyurethane rubber.
» Posted by: Johnson Chemical Products Co., Ltd [Taiwan] Taiwan
[Sell] Foam stabilizer for PU View details for: Foam stabilizer for PU
May we introduce ourselves as the largest manufacture of foam stabilizer in China.
Now, our products have dominated domestic market .We also export to Europe ,Asia and Middle east. We have passed test of Huntsman Germany company, and sold our products to Huntsman Shanghai company regularly.
They all prove our products' good quality.
Our products involve rigid foam, Flexible foam, HR flexible foam and sole shoes etc.
As marketing changed, we have developed some new products, which used in various systems with blowing agent such as c- pentane , HFC-245fa, HFC-365/227.
We have capacity of 2500T/Year, the quality of our products as same as Goldschmidt and Crompton (Osi), Airprodcts, and our price is more competitive.
You may obtain more informations by visiting our website
If you are interest in our products, we are willing to send you some samples for your test.
» Posted by: Dearmate Shichuang Chemical Co.,Ltd [China] China
[Sell] Packaging material, E.O.E (Easy Open End) View details for: Packaging material, E.O.E (Easy Open End)
Dear Sirs,
Our comapny is a member of Dongwon group companies which is a leading business in Korea.
Since established in 1977, we have been mainly manufactured and exported disposable containers as well as gravure printing and DRD can & E.O.E for food products.
Flexible Packaging Material
-Retort Pouch, Refill Bag, Package for frozen food, Package for others, Plastic Package, Pet Bottle
E.O.E (Easy - Open End : 300dia,307dia,401dia)
Taking this opportunity to enter into business with you, it will extend market share and give rise to good reult for your evaluation.
lookign forward for your positive and prompt reply.
Best Regards,
K. S. Park / Int'l Trade Dept.
Dongwon EnC Corp.
Tel: +82-31-740-6651~3
» Posted by: Dongwon EnC Corp [South Korea] South Korea
[Sell] About insecticides View details for: About insecticides
We are the manufacturer and supplier of pesticides,any inquiry about pesticides, please feel free to contact with us by mail:
The main products are TRIAZOPHOS,PYRIDAPHTHENTHIONE and the important intermediate for synthesis Diethyl Chlorothiophosphate.
» Posted by: Anhui chizhou sincerity chemicals Co.,Ltd [China] China
[Sell] Solvent based polyurethane glue for profile wrapping tcnlgy View details for: Solvent based polyurethane glue for profile wrapping tcnlgy
Dear sirs,
We are manufacturer and exporter a company in Turkey.We produce solvent based polyurethane adhesive(glue) and PUR hotmelt glue for profile wrapping machines.We also produce hard PVC adhesive and post forming adhesive for lamination operation and D3-D4 PVA based glues,and parquet glues,membrane press glues, general purpose adhesive for shoes industry and leather leather industries.
Now,We are offering you our products..
If you are interested with this offer we are ready for make buisiness.pls contact us for other details.
» Posted by: Adalar kimya san ve tic ltd co [Turkey] Turkey
[Sell] Chitosan and related products from China View details for: Chitosan and related products from China
We can offer chitosan,chitin and related products,please visit our website at: for details.
» Posted by: Laizhou Foreign Trade Corp [China] China
[Sell] Supplying: Erdostein, Citiolone, Nabumetone, DL-Homocysteine Thiolactone HCL View details for: Supplying: Erdostein, Citiolone, Nabumetone, DL-Homocysteine Thiolactone HCL
We are representing our plant to supply all their bulk drugs as below.
----Nabumetone, Erdosteine, Citiolone
----DL-homocysteine Thiolacton HCL 99.0%
----Erythromycin Etyhl Succinate
----Clindamyicn Phosphate
» Posted by: CNCCCSX [China] China
[Sell] Polyamide Resin View details for: Polyamide Resin
Acid Value mgKOH/g
» Posted by: Zhejiang Yongzai Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd [China] China
[Sell] Offer a variety of surfactants View details for: Offer a variety of surfactants
We can supply a variety of surfactants used in such diversified industries as the fiber dyeing, rubber, paper, leather and household product industries among others.
*Anti-staic Agent For Blending With Rubber/Various Resins
*Anti-static Agent For Electrified Mats And Rubber Mixture
*An Antitack Agent For Crude Rubber, Synthetic Rubber And Rubber sheet And A
Release Agent For Extrusion Of High Pressure Hose
*Anti-static Agent For Electrified Mats And Rubber Mixture
*Flame Retardant Agent For Rubber
*Dispersing Agent For Rubber
*Releasing Agent For Mandreal Hose(Water-Based)
*Desizing And Scouring Agent For Continuous Process
Excellent Oxidizing And Desizing agent
*Soaping Agent
*Reduction Clearing Agent
*Scouring and Emulsifying Agent for New-Synthetic Fiber
*Oil Remover With emulsifying/Dispersing Capability
Peroxide Bleaching Stabilizer
*Scale & Oligomer Preventing Agent
*High Functional Penetration Agent For Printing
*Levelling Agent For Acid Dyes
(Especially Turquoise-Blue And Fluorescent)
*De-Foaming Agent For Fiber
*Dyeing Bath Softening Agent
*High Functional Fixing Agent
(For Improving Wet Fastness Specially)
» Posted by: Il shin chemical co [South Korea] South Korea
[Sell] Graphite & carbon products View details for: Graphite & carbon products
We can offer electrode paste for making calcium carbide and ferrosilicon, if you are interested in our products, please contact with us.
» Posted by: Xuzhou carbon graphite co,ltd [China] China
[Sell] High purity graphite for continuous casting & EDM electrode View details for: High purity graphite for continuous casting & EDM electrode
We are Xuzhou carbon co, ltd. Now we introduce you with our high purity GRAPHITE BLOCK, it can be used as making Electrical discharge machining graphite, die casting moulds, sintering moulds, moulds for continuous casting,
Properties special grade first grade
Apparent density (g/cm3) 1.85 1.75
Electric resistivity (u?m) 85 75
average pore size (um) 50 48 .
Ash 15.7Mpa 17Mpa
Electric resistivity 1.36g/cm3
We can offer electrode paste as your special properties demand.
we wish to expand the Chile market through your company.
Wish to cooperate with you! Waiting for your early reply!
Best regards
kai kang
» Posted by: Xuzhou carbon graphite co,ltd [China] China
[Sell] Green Refrigerant:R418, R415 (substitute for R22, R12, R134A, R502) View details for: Green Refrigerant:R418, R415 (substitute for R22, R12, R134A, R502)
Shandong Dongyue Chemical Co.,Ltd. is one of biggest manufacturers of Fluoride chemical in China such as PTFE Resin, Refrigerant(R22etc), Hydrofluoric Acid and Fluoride¡[-skipped-]. We have obtained ISO9002,ISO14001, ISO10012 certificates. If you interested in our products, please contact with me. HTTP// : [-skipped-].com
Tel: Fax[-skipped-]
HTTP// : [-skipped-].com Contact person : Roy Hu
Email: roy[-skipped-].com
Shandong Dongyue Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Catalogues List
D) Green Refrigerant:R418a
Purity :99.8% min
Moisture:10 PPM max
Acidity:0.1 PPM max
Nonvolatile residues :0.01% max
Vapor phase :1.5% max
Complexion :Achromatic turbidlessness
Smell :no uncommonly odors
Usage: It is the special saving-energy refrigerant for the central air-condition system.
(1)it is good in all the environmental protection characters.(2) It is non-toxicity non-inflammable.(3) It is higher speed in made cool and can save energy(4) Drop-in non modifying Major Parts of Existing refrigerating System and Production Line Reduced Cast.
E) Green Refrigerant:R415
Specification: Purity : 99.8% Min Moisture: 10PPM Max 20Acidity:0.1 PPM Max
Nonvolatile residues:0.001% Max
vapor phase : 1.5% Max complexion Achromatic turbidlessness smell no uncommonly odors
Usage:It is the special refrigerant for the green environmental protection car.
(1) it is good in all the environmental protection characters.(2) It is non-toxicity non-inflammable.(3) It has higher speed in made cool and can save energy.(4) Drop-in it needs not change anything of the former refrigeration system the parts and line for R12 and 134a in the car.
F) Green Refrigerant: THR03a
Quality Standard (Excellent)
Purity:99.8% min
Moisture:10ppm max
Acidity: 0.1ppm max
Nonvolatile residues :0.01% max
Vapor phase :0.15% max
Non-condensable gas at gas phase:0.15% max
Appearance: Colorless,no turbidity
Odor: No Uncommonly Odors
It is an alternative replace to R22 and R502 which used in the business air-conditioning. THR03a won the Chinese Encouragement for Science and Invention in 2000 years and listed as the important environmental protection technique item by Chinese EPB and was accepted by SNAP plan of American EPB. It is an alternative replace to R22 and R502 which used in the business air-conditioning industry cooling the system of air-condition transport cooling.
The specialty in using:(1) it is the last replacement of R22 and R502 and good in all the environmental protection characters.
(2) It is non-toxicity non-inflammable.
(3) It is the same as R22 but better than R502 in the warming capability.
(4) It does not need change the main parts and line of the former refrigeration system for R22 and R502
» Posted by: Shandong dongyue chemical co.,ltd [China] China
[Sell] Supply super glue(cyanoacrylate adhesive) View details for: Supply super glue(cyanoacrylate adhesive)
Dear Sirs ,
We are a manufacturer specialized produce SUPER GLUE for many years .The product,cyanoacrylate adhesive,expoxy-dhesive, aluminium tube packing .We have ability to provide you superior quality and competitive price.We are OEM and welcome you to visit our website:
If any products be interested in you,please contact us freely for more information.
We are looking forward your early response.
Helen Wan
» Posted by: Jiaojiang shundebao industry&trade co., ltd [China] China
[Buy] Chemicals supplies View details for: Chemicals supplies
send immediately those dealing in chemical and related industry
reqmt urgent ly for east coast ard new york on foll
» Posted by: Mktsource [United States of America] United States of America
[Buy] Business opportunity View details for: Business opportunity
500/mt are needed to be shipped directely to a mediteranean seaport.
please send your quotes.
» Posted by: Silkroad enterprise [United States of America] United States of America
[Sell] We are marine oil manafacturer View details for: We are marine oil manafacturer
We are marine oil manufacturers of fish
Oils of fish of all the species and characteristics physical-chemistries (acidity, iodine value, unfreezebility, peroxid value, color, cromatographic composition, vitamin A and D3 content, W3 content) as much crude as refined
We have a set of processes and treatments to oils and fats that allow us to supply a high number of qualities, with very varied characteristic chemistries and techniques.
These processes are, for example: .
Bleached. Partial
Partial deodorization
Due to the high range of oils and fats, as raw as transformed that we can give to diverse industrial sectors, to assist the needs and applications of our clients, we indicate you some examples where our products are applied:
• Animal food production, animal nutrition, manufacture of fatty products for animal feeding.
• Production of auxiliary products for the tanning, textile, metallurgy.
• Production of margarines shortenings.
• Production of pharmaceutical and dietary products.
• Production of fatty acids distilled and saturated for soap industry.
• Production of paintings and synthetic resins.
• Production of candles and wax.
• Production of cosmetic products.
• Production of dough, putty, etc
• Fish food production (piscifactory - aqua culture)

Oils of fish of all the species and characteristics physical-chemistries (iodine acidity index peroxide incongelabilidad index D3 and, chromatographic composition, color,, vitamin content contained in W3) as much crude as refined. . Great part of our oils of fish is of own production. . We have important stocks, permanently, of fish oils. We worked other oils and fats, like for example: . Stearine of palm. Fatty acids of palm. Butter of pig. Tallows
We exported our products transformed to diverse countries, as much European as outside Europe, as much in bulk as packaged in cans, coats, containers, etc for it we have a station of our property, of reception and shipment of liquids in bulk in ships tank.
Is the main seat we have the processes of transformation of oils and fats, warehouse to 7000Tm. in tanks, offices, and research laboratory and quality.
Where we have the process of hydrogenation of oils and fats.
Reception station and shipment of liquids in bulk in ship-tank, with capacity for 2500Tm., in issolated tanks and with heating, direct connection from the ship to our tanks for load and its discharge.
a) Possibility of loading or of unloading ships tank in our facilities of the port, in agreement with our availability of capacity at every moment.
b) Storage of oils and fats in our tanks, according to our availability at every moment.

Jaime Chávez
Exclusive distributions “ Rola “
Career 11 Not 9-64 St Kitts State Táchira
Fax 5802763422010

» Posted by: Exclusive Distributions Rola [Venezuela] Venezuela
[Sell] Sell man-made carbon.carbon bl View details for: Sell man-made carbon.carbon bl
the supply of man-made carbon,carbon black,saltpetre
man-made carbon are made of haulm.caloric :8000 KC min

main use:auxiliary materlals of firworks,firecrackers,mosquito-repellent incense,tyre,military industry ect.
variety:loose packed,packed in case .carbon powder.carbon black etc.

» Posted by: She qi county henan proince foreign trade import & exort group co [China] China
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