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[Sell] Hydro marijuana View details for: Hydro marijuana
We welcome only serious and honest importers contact us for more details
» Posted by: Enteresources [Cameroon] Cameroon
[Sell] Snake Venom for sell View details for: Snake Venom for sell
We wish to introduce our company to all people, that we are exporters of Snake Venom.
This Venom is extracted from very high venomous and poisonous snakes such as vipers and Cobras.
We have many years of experience in this business get to us if interested to purchase.
» Posted by: Tropicalhouse [Cameroon] Cameroon
CONTACT WITH EMAIL ADDRESS FOR A QUICK REPLY TO YOUR INQUIRIES OR MAIL Camchemicals At Gmail Dot Com Flephedrone (4-FMC, 4-Fluoromethcathinone) Methedrone (BK-PMMA, Methoxyphedrine) 4-Fluoromethamphetamine (4-FMA) Methylone (BK-MDMA) A-Pyrrolidinopropiophenone (A-PPP). Butylone (BK-MBDB).
» Posted by: [Cameroon] Cameroon
Dear Sir or Madam,
We know you from internet. We have the pleasure to intrduce our company.
Hebei Hua Ao Chemical Co.,Ltd. is one of the largest professional factory of Cyanuric Acid in china,production ability as 20,000mt/a .we can supply granular and powder form and in different mesh.
I hope we can establish a business relation on mutual benefits. I am sure we can supply you the best quality and most competitive price , act as a professional factory , we can meet you every requirememt.
Thanks your kind co-operation

Best regards / Alice wang
skype: alicewang518
T: 0086-318-2136888 F:0086-318-2197888
» Posted by: HEBEI HUA AO CHEMICAL CO.,LTD [China] China
[Sell] Levamisole hydrochloride View details for: Levamisole hydrochloride
Properties: :white or light yellow crystalline powder, odorless, bitter taste with astringency. Soluble in water, methanol, slightly soluble in ethanol, very slightly soluble in chloroform, insoluble in acetone.
Usage: selectively inhibit the parasite in muscle succinate dehydrogenase to fumarate to succinate can not reduction, affecting the anaerobic metabolism of muscle larvae, reduce energy production. When contact with parasites, can neuromuscular depolarization, sustained muscle contraction Erzhi paralysis occurs; drugs cholinergic function conducive to the discharge of worms. Its activity is about four imidazole (racemic) 1 ~ 2 times, but lower side effects. In addition, the drugs on parasite microtubules may inhibit it. Levamisole also excited immune and immune function. Of the roundworm, hookworm, Enterobius and Strongyloides stercoralis disease has a good effect. As a single dose of this product has high efficiency, it is suitable for group therapy
Standards: cp, usp
» Posted by: Jinan Jiaquan Chemical [China] China
[Sell] Ivermectin View details for: Ivermectin
Chemical Properties: Crystalline Solid
Usage: Semi-synthetic derivative of Abamectin; consists of a mixture of not less than 80% component B1a and not more than 20% component B1b. Antihelmintic (Onchocerca).
Standards: EP2005
» Posted by: Jinan Jiaquan Chemical [China] China
[Sell] Nifuratel View details for: Nifuratel
Chemical Properties: Yellow Solid
Usage: Used as an antibacterial, antifungal, antiprotozoal (Trichomonas).
Standards: cp, usp
» Posted by: Jinan Jiaquan Chemical [China] China
[Sell] Ranitidine hydrochloride View details for: Ranitidine hydrochloride
Chemical Properties: Off-White Crystalline Solid
Usage: A histamine H2-receptor antagonist which inhibits gastric acid secretion. Antiulcerative.
Quality Standard: CHP2005, HSP30
» Posted by: Jinan Jiaquan Chemical [China] China
[Sell] Terbutaline View details for: Terbutaline
Chemical Properties: Crystalline Powder.
Usage: An orally active, antimycotic allylamine related to naftifine. A specfic inhibitor of squalene epoxidase, a key enzyme in fungal ergosterol biosynthesis.
In compliance with EP5
» Posted by: Jinan Jiaquan Chemical [China] China
[Sell] Creatine phosphate disodium salt View details for: Creatine phosphate disodium salt
Standard: Enterprise Standard Description: White crystalline powder Package: 25kg/drums
» Posted by: Jinan Jiaquan Chemical [China] China
[Sell] Albendazole View details for: Albendazole
Chemical Properties: Colourless Crystalline Solid
Usage: An anthelmintic. It can be used to extinguish horse parascaris equorum, imago and larva at the fourth growing period of xyuris equi, S.equinus, S.edentatus, S.vulgaris, dictyocaulus arnfiedi, etc, and imago and larva at the fourth growing period of cattle ostertagia, haemonchus, trichostrongylus orientalis, nematodirus, bunostomum, esophagostroma, dictyocaulus, imago of fasciola hepatica and moniezia. It can also be used to control endoparasite of sheep, goals and pigs. It can be used for dog and cat capillaria, cat paragonimus vestermani and dog filariasis. It can also be sued for poultry flagellate and cestodiasis
Standard: cp2005, usp28
Assay:98.0%~102.0% Packing:25kg/drum
» Posted by: Jinan Jiaquan Chemical [China] China
[Sell] Amprolium View details for: Amprolium
Anticoccidial drugs used on Eimeria, tender and heap-shaped Eimeria tenella lambs and calves.
Against coccidiosis.
Standard: usp28 Assay: 97.0%~101.0% Packing: 25kg/drum
» Posted by: Jinan Jiaquan Chemical [China] China
[Sell] Robenidine hydrochloride View details for: Robenidine hydrochloride
Chemical Properties: Off-White Solid
Application: Chicken, rabbit.Function: For the prevention and treatment of coccidiosis in chicken and rabbit.Usage and dosage: Mix homogeneously in 1000 kg feed. Chicken: 300-600g; Rabbit: 1000-1500g.Precautions: Can not be used in laying period.
Usage: Used as a coccidiostat.
Enterprise standard
» Posted by: Jinan Jiaquan Chemical [China] China
[Sell] Glutamine-S View details for: Glutamine-S
White crystalline powderindications :parenteral nutrition for the receiving parenteral nutrition for patients glutamine.usage volume : force to be joined to the other to be compatible with the carrier solution together after infusion.dose under the catabolism of amino acids and the extent to which the requirements of parenteral nutrition supply of amino acid daily dose of the largest two grams / kg body weight. Through the power supply of phenylalanine peptide and Valley erthylenediamine volume should be taken into account through the power of amino acid peptide supply should not exceed the volume of all amino acid supply at the rate of 20%.
Standard: Enterprise Standard
» Posted by: Jinan Jiaquan Chemical [China] China
[Sell] Lidocaine hydrochloride View details for: Lidocaine hydrochloride
Chemical Properties
White to Off-White Solid
Anesthetic (local); antiarrhythmic (class IB). Long-acting, membrane stabilizing agent against ventricular arrhythmia. Originally developed as a local anaesthetic.
Standard: cp2005, bp2003, usp28
Assay: ≥99.0%
» Posted by: Jinan Jiaquan Chemical [China] China
[Sell] Povidone iodine View details for: Povidone iodine
It can be used as disinfectant, bacteriostatic agent, and can be used as the conserving agent for the eye drops, nasal drops and antiseptic cream. Also it can be made into disinfectant solution.
Chemical Properties
yellowish to reddish-brown powder
1. Those who are allergic to iodine must use with caution;
2. people who is suffered from a thyroid disease should use with caution;
3. Pregnant women and newborns should be careful to use it.
4. It is not recommended for children under four.
» Posted by: Jinan Jiaquan Chemical [China] China
[Sell] Trichloroisocyanuric acid View details for: Trichloroisocyanuric acid
Chemical Properties:
white to light yellow crystal powder.
General Description:
A white slightly hygroscopic crystalline powder or lump solid with a mild chlorine-like odor. Said to have 85 percent available chlorine. Moderately toxic by ingestion. May irritate skin and eyes. Active ingredient in household dry bleaches. Used in swimming pools as a disinfectant .
» Posted by: Jinan Jiaquan Chemical [China] China
[Sell] water treatment chemical View details for: water treatment chemical
water treatment chemical we can supply :
1 activated charcoal




5 aluminium sulphate 15.8% 17%

If you have any questions,feel free to contact me.
» Posted by: zhengjia chemicals co,ltd [China] China
[Sell] Glucosamine sulphate 2kcl View details for: Glucosamine sulphate 2kcl
Name: Glucosamine sulphate 2kcl
A. Infrared absorption
B. Chloride-sodium and sulphate
A white crystalline powder
Specific rotation: +50 to +52
Content: 98% to 102%
Loss on drying: Not more than 0.5%
Residue on ignition: 27% to 29.0%
pH: 3.5 to 5.0
Chloride: 11.1% to 12.8%
Iron: Not more than 10ppm
Heavy metals: Not more than10ppm
Arsenic: Not more than 0.5ppm
Total plate count: Not more than 1000cfu/g
Yeast & Mold: Not more than 100cfu/g
E. Coli Negative: Negative
Salmonella: Negative
Contact method:
Contact person: Kelly
Company:Weifang Huajin International Trading Co.,Ltd
Address: No.98 Siping road, Weifang, Shandong, China
Tel: 0086-536-2222998
Fax: 0086-536-8298296
Mobile: 0086-15169646600
» Posted by: Weifang Huajin International Trading Co.,Ltd [China] China
[Sell] Gemfibrozil View details for: Gemfibrozil
Name: Gemfibrozil
CAS No.: 25812-30-0
Molecular formula: C15H22O3
Category: Antihyperlipidemic
Property: White Crystalline powder
Purity: 98-102%
Chromatographic Purity: Qualification
Qrganic volatile inpurities: Qualification
Description: Gemfibrozil is used to lower cholesterol and triglyceride (fat-like substances) levels in the blood
Moisture: ≤0.25%
Relict scorch: ≤0.1%
Heavy metals: ≤20ppm
Packing: 25kg /drum
Contact method:
Contact person: Kelly
Company:Weifang Huajin International Trading Co.,Ltd
Address: No.98 Siping road, Weifang, Shandong, China
Tel: 0086-536-2222998
Fax: 0086-536-8298296
Mobile: 0086-15169646600
» Posted by: Weifang Huajin International Trading Co.,Ltd [China] China
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