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[Sell] Sell Lanthanum Series Products View details for: Sell Lanthanum Series Products
We are one manufacturer of all kinds of Rare Earth products. Our company can supply Lanthanum Oxide, Lanthanum Chloride, Lanthanum Metal, Lanthanum Rich Mischmetal, Lanthanum Carbonate, Lanthanum Fluoride, Lanthanum Acetate, Lanthanum Nitrate. Please contact to us or visit our website: http:// to get more informations.
» Posted by: Chengdu beyond chemicals co.,ltd [China] China
[Sell] Cerium Oxide View details for: Cerium Oxide
We are one manufacturer and worldwide supplier of all kinds of Rare Earth products for Industrial, Research and Artistic Use. Our company can supply various Cerium Oxide.The purity: 95%Min,98%Min 99%Min 99.5%Min, 99.9%Min,99.99%Min, 99.999%Min. Please contact to us or visit our website: http:// to get more informations.
» Posted by: Chengdu beyond chemicals co.,ltd [China] China
[Sell] Zirconium Dioxide View details for: Zirconium Dioxide
We are one manufacturer and worldwide supplier of all kinds of Zirconia powder. The particle size have 325 mesh, 5 micron Max, 1.0 micron Max, 0.5 micron, The purity have 99.5%Min, 99.9%Min, 99.95%Min. Please contact to us or visit our website: http:// to get more informations.
» Posted by: Chengdu beyond chemicals co.,ltd [China] China
[Buy] Isopropyl aclcohol, Bromine View details for: Isopropyl aclcohol, Bromine
We introduce ourselves as one of biggest manufacturer and trading company,We can offer various kinds of chemical products, including Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Organic Chemical Products etc.Passed the ISO9002 International Quality Standard Authentication.It will be great pleasure to receive you inquires for any of the items against which we will send you our lowest quotation.
MAIN PRODUCTS LIST: chloramphenicol, L-base, 1h-tetrazolyl-1-acetic acid, Methyl mercapto thiadiazole, D(-)-phenyl glycine base, D(-)-phenyl glycine dane salt ethyl potassium, D (-)-a-p-hydroxy phenyl glycine base, D(-)-a-p-hydroxy phenyl glycine dane salt methyl potassium, glycine base, L(+)-phenyl glycine base, Sodium azide,Eryythromycin ethyl succinate, Nabumetone, Clindamycin hydrochloride, Clindamycin phosphate, (1s,2s)-(+)-2-amino-1-phenyl-1,3-propanediol, (1r,2r)-9-)-2-amino-1-phenyl-1,3-,D(-)-Dihydro phenyl glycine dane salt (Na).
We also import some chemical material for manufacture our products
Now we want import such as Isopropyl aclcohol, Bromine
» Posted by: Hengdian group organic chemical pharmaceutical co. [China] China
[Sell] Offer CAM.(jcbiochemical) View details for: Offer CAM.(jcbiochemical)
Located in southeast of xuzhou,Sui Ning county,XuZhou Jcbiochemical Co.,Ltd. is a joint venture with XuZhou BaiNing citric acid company and HK Jcbiochemical Co.,Ltd. Investment specializing in manufacturing citric acid.It¡¯s registered assets are up to 1000,000USD.Having the first class high-quality program control automatic line for both production and packing ,it Has the capacity of 10,000MT/year,is one of the largest citric acid manufacturer in our country or even in the world at present. it is also the first One in this field in our country to adopt the management mode of professional Manager.
Our company¡¯s ethics is intel-manufacturing and that we are always willing to earn market by quality ,get first class through our service. The product sell well in domestic and abroad, the quality complying with BP93/USP23 enjoy high prestige in our customer, which has been witnessed by many facts.
Customers at home and abroad are welcome to visit our company or contact Us by telephone or email. We will provide high quality service and best products for you.
» Posted by: Jcbiochemical Co.,Ltd [China] China
[Sell] Silicon powder View details for: Silicon powder

Si (min) IMPURITY (max)
Fe Al Ca
10-180 99.5 0.25 0.15 0.05
SI-A 99 0.4 0.2 0.1
SI-B 98.5 0.5 0.3 0.2
GRADE C 10-180
SI-C 98 0.6 0.4 0.4
180-500 99.0 0.4 0.2 0.1
SI-1 98.5 0.5 0.3 0.2
SI-2 98 0.6 0.4 0.3
SI-3 97.5 0.7 0.5 0.5

» Posted by: Jinan Foshan Industrial Co [China] China
[Sell] Magnesium sulfate View details for: Magnesium sulfate

Magnesium sulfate series-----Heptahydrate Magnesium Sulfate, Pentahydrate Magnesium Sulfate, Trihydrate Magnesium Sulfate, Bihydrate Magnesium Sulfate, One-hydrate Magnesium Sulfate, anhydrate Magnesium Sulfate, etc.

Magnesium hydroxide, etc.
» Posted by: Laiyu chemical co., ltd [China] China
[Sell] Fire retardant View details for: Fire retardant
At present our products including:
Fire Retardant-----Octabromine ether(BDDP), Tetra bromobisphenol A (TBA), Tribromophenol (TBP), Tribromophenyl allylether(TPE) and Chlorinated Bromated Alkyphosphate.
Cross Linking Agent -----Triallyl Iso cyanurate (TAIC), Bisphenol A bis (allylether), etc.
Magnesium sulfate series-----Heptahydrate Magnesium Sulfate, Pentahydrate Magnesium Sulfate, Trihydrate Magnesium Sulfate, Bihydrate Magnesium Sulfate, One-hydrate Magnesium Sulfate, anhydrate Magnesium Sulfate, etc.

Magnesium hydroxide, etc.
» Posted by: Laiyu chemical co., ltd [China] China
[Sell] Electroplating Chemicals View details for: Electroplating Chemicals
The company with different vision, Grauer & Weil (India) Limited, are foremost exporter and manufacture of electroplating chemicals,lacquers,PCB chemicals, intermediates and complete range of planting plants with all accessories. For more more information link on the below mentioned site:
» Posted by: Infocom Network Ltd [India] India
[Sell] Rust Proof Agent for Wire EDM View details for: Rust Proof Agent for Wire EDM
Rust Proof Agent for Wire EDM (electrical discharge machining) that helps to eliminate sticking problems and maximize filter and resin life. This agent is nontoxic, nonflammable and non odourous. Product catalogue is available at any inquiry can be directed to Atsuko Mino at , or by Odigo instant messenger #1314786.
» Posted by:, Inc [Japan] Japan
[Sell] Sell soda ash and zinc oxide View details for: Sell soda ash and zinc oxide
We, SHANXI GOLD EMPEROR CO., are exporters of long standing and high reputation, mainly engaged in exportation of following articles:
1. chemical products
2. glassware
3. metallurgical coke
4.magnesium metal
Being specialized in the export of soda ash( Dense soda ash, Light soda ash& Edible soda ash), we express our deisre to trade with you in this line.
Pls find the following information about soda ash dense:
SPEC: NA2CO3 98.8%MIN OR NA2CO3 99.2%MIN
» Posted by: Gold emperor foreign trade [China] China
[Sell] Roman Kirichok View details for: Roman Kirichok
Dear Sirs,
We export different products of Coke Chemical Plants.
Please contact us for further information you may require.
» Posted by: SD Trade [Ukraine] Ukraine
[Buy] Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate View details for: Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate
sodium sulfide are wide used in compound washing powder, vinylon, industrial sodium silicate, dyeing, dyestuff, auxiliary agent, glass, paper making, tanning, antisepsis for oil and gas pipeline, metal smelting, surface treatment, bulking agent industries and etc
» Posted by: Sichuan Meishan Xinyuan Chemical Co.,Ltd [China] China
[Sell] Textile chemicals View details for: Textile chemicals
1.pigment printing thickener RG-302
2. dye printing thickener RG-702
3. printing binder
4. universal self cross link self thickening printing binder
5. special binder for towel
6. paste material of crylic acid
7. glue spraying cotton binder
8.BangA paste
9. high efficiency refining agent
10.penetrating oil
11. penetrating agent
12. stabilizing agent of hydrogen peroxide solution
13. cleaner
14. hydrophilic organic silicon finishing agent CGF
15. amino silicon crude oil
16. amino silicon special emulsion
17. 20%-80% silicone micro-emulsion
18. organic silicon defoaming agent
19. latex agent S-80
20. industrial ammonia
21. reagent ammonia
The varieties of auxiliary agent produced by our company can meet the requirements of pre-handling to printing process to finishing in textile printing industry.
» Posted by: Weifang Ruiugang Chemical Co., Ltd [China] China
[Buy] 2, 2’-Bis(p-phenylaminophenoxy) View details for: 2, 2’-Bis(p-phenylaminophenoxy)
20 MT of 2,2’-Bis(p-phenylaminophenoxy)-diethyl ether WANTED
Dear Sirs,
We are interested in purchasing of 20 MT of the above thermostabilizer (N-1 molten, used in production of nylon cord for tyre and aircraft industries) on CIF port of Odessa (Ukraine) by sea or DDU Simferopol (Ukraine) by road terms.
If you can provide us with the product please advise.
Please take into consideration the main technical characteristics required as follows:
Formula: C28H28N2O3
Assay – 95% min; melting point - 101C min; volatiles – 0.25% max; insolubles in Caprolactam – 0.5% max; ashes – 0.45% max; Iron salts – 0.03% max; unbound Chlorine – 0.2% max.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Kind regards,
Christina Sapon
Chemproject Enterprises Ltd.

Tel: 380-652-276678
» Posted by: Chemproject Enterprises Ltd [Ukraine] Ukraine
[Sell] Barium, persulfate, potassium View details for: Barium, persulfate, potassium
Dear Sir or Madam.
We are one of the leadeing chemical plants in China and in a strong postion to supply any clients the following chemicals at very competetive price:
Barium Hydroxide,monohydrate98% at USD629/MT FOB Tinajin
Barium Chloride,Anhy98% at USD249/MT FOB Tianjin
Barium Titanate99% at USD5998/MT FOB Tianjin
Barium molybdate80% at USD2998/MT FOB Tianjin
Barium Flouride98% at USD899/MT FOB Tianjin
Barium Chlorate98% at USD1900/MT FOB Tianjin
Aluminium Hydroxide64% at USD199/MT FOB Tianjin
Sodium Sulfate,anhy99% at USD78/MT FOB Tianjin
Sodium Chlorate99.5% at USD489/MT FOB Tianjin
Potassium Chlorate99.5% at USD489/MT FOB Tianjin
Potassium Persulfate98.5% at USD858/MT FOB Tianjin
Sodium Persulfate98.5% at USD880/MT FOB Tianjin
Ammonium Persulfate98.5% at USD568/MT FOB Tianjin
Calcium Carbonate,light97% (white90%;325M)at USD80% FOB Tianjin
Potassium Chloride90% at USD188/MT FOB Tianjin
Magnesium Chloride43% at USD89/MT FOB Tianjin
Manganese Chloride98% at USD2019/MT FOB Tianjin
Calcium Chloride72% at USD129/MT FOB Tianjin
Sodium Nitrate99% at USD290/MT FOB Tianjin
Zinc Chloride98% at USD589/MT FOB Tianjin
Potassium Permanganate BP93 99.3% at USD899/MT FOB Tianjin
We believe that any of our items will be interested to you,Pls let us know,we will be glad to serve you.
Look forward to receiving your early enquries.
Best regards
» Posted by: Yangguang [China] China
[Buy] LABS View details for: LABS
For our customers we need LABS (Low klett). Please advise availability and quote in bulk ex-works/ex-pipe (For transport in Isotanks. This is a constant business for supply to multinational detergents manufacturers.
» Posted by: Cobalt ltd [Israel] Israel
[Sell] Ferro Phosphorus/Phosphoric Ac View details for: Ferro Phosphorus/Phosphoric Ac
We are pleased to offer you as follows:

1].Ferro Phosphorus
Commodity : Ferro Phosphorus
Specification: P 23-25% Min. Si 2% Max. C 1% Max.
Mn 2% Max. S 0.5% Max.
Size 0-100MM 90% Min. or as request.
Packing : In big bags of 1000kgs net each.
Usage : Steel-making and as phosphoric additive in casting process.
Price : USD 118/MT FOB Shengzhen,China.
2].Sodium Hextameta Phosphate Tech Grade
Commodity : Sodium Hexameta Phosphate Tech Grade
Specification: Total Phosphate (as P2O5) 68% Min.
Unactive Phosphate (as P2O5) 7.5% Max.
Insoluble matter in water 0.05% Max.
Iron (Fe) 0.05% Max.
PH Value 5.8 - 7.3
Packing : In PP+PE bags of 25kgs net each.
Usage : Used as soft water agent in the solution for printing and
dyeing and boiler; diffusant of papermaking, slow
corrodent, floating agent, dispersing medium, high
temperature agglomerant, detergent and soil analytical.
Price : USD 430/MT FOB Shengzhen,China.
3].Sodium Tripoly Phosphate
Commodity : Sodium Tripoly Phosphate
Specification: Na5P3O10 94% Min.
P2O5 57% Min.
Water insoluble 0.1% Max.
Fe 0.01% Max.
Density 0.40 - 1.0 G/Cm3
PH 9.2 - 10.0
Whiteness 90% Min.
Size (Residue on 1.00mm sieve) 5% Max.
Packing : In 25/50kg net PP woven bags lined with PE film bag inside.
Usage : Used mainly as chemical additives for making synthetic
detergent, and used in the industries of textile, paper-
making, food and petroleum as well as water softening
Price : USD 380/MT FOB Shengzhen,China.
4].Phosphoric Acid Tech Grade
Commodity : Phosphoric Acid 85% Min. Tech Grade
Specification: Apha 30 Max.
Content (H3PO4) 85% Min.
Chlorides (Cl-) 0.0005% Max.
Sulphates (SO4) 0.005% Max.
Iron (Fe) 0.002% Max.
Arsenic (As) 0.008% Max.
Heavy Metal (as Pb) 0.001% Max.
Packing : In 35 kgs net plastic drums.
Usage : It is used in phosphates, electroplating, chemical
polishing, complex fertilizer, etc.
Price : USD 330/MT FOB Guangzhou,China.

5].Phosphoric Acid Food Grade
Commodity : Phosphoric Acid 85% Min. Food Grade
Specification: Apha 20 Max.
Content (H3PO4) 85% Min.
Arsenic (As) 0.0001% Max.
Flourine (F) 0.001% Max.
Heavy Metal (as Pb) 0.001% Max.
Chlorides (Cl-) 0.0005% Max.
Sulphates (SO4) 0.008% Max.
Easily Oxidated Matter (H3PO3) 0.04% Max.
Packing : In 35 kgs net plastic drums.
Usage : Used for foodstuff, pharmaceutics and sugar industry. It is
used as sour odour agent in food industry.
Price : USD 350/MT FOB Guangzhou,China.

6].Yellow Phosphorus
Commodity : Yellow Phosphorus
Specification: P4 99.9% Min.
CS2 Insoluble 0.1% Max.
Packing : In new galvanized iron drums of 200kgs net each.
Usage : For manufacture of oxides of phosphorous and phosphides.
It is used in matches, drying agent, pesticide, perfumes,
dyes, and phosphates. For producing phosphoric acids and
phosphate, and used in mechanical, textile.
Price : USD 905/MT FOB Guangzhou,China.

Please note the above prices do not include the charges of ORC & THC.
Hope you are interested in our price and favour us with your order.
» Posted by: Shreeji International [India] India
[Buy] Buy PET Flakes View details for: Buy PET Flakes
We need PET bottle flakes with white color, washed, without caps and
labels. Or Pet unwashed. PVC transparent soft films or PVC compound, PVC
window and door profile. LDPE transparent film, ABS lump.
If your company can manufacture or supply the above goods, please send us
your pricelist and make me an offer.
» Posted by: Winner International Industries Limited [China] China
[Buy] The HDPE View details for: The HDPE
We import large quantities of post-industrial plastic scrap every year. We have interest in LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and PP films.
» Posted by: Winner International Industries Limited [China] China
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